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hORATIO DOW, aged fifty years, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis X.  Dow.  His wife was Lucy Taillon; he has three sons and five daughters.  He is of Irish and French descent, a Catholic in religion and an Independent in politics.
       His farm, consisting of 150 acres, situated Part Lots 9 and 10, Fourth Concession, Cornwall Township, has a live stock equipment comprised of 30 graded Holstein cattle, 5 horses, 20 swine and 100 fowl. Its yield, during an average year, is 900 bushels grain, 100 tons hay, 120 tons corn, 200 bushels potatoes. Mr. Dow is also a bee-keeper, having at present 8 colonies of bees.

Horatio Dow and His Farm Buildings
Horatio Dow and His Farm Buildings

       Mr. Dow's entire life has been spent in the occupation of farming. He has also been a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years — ever since it was organized. He delivers daily 550 pounds of milk to the St. Andrews Factory.
       Our subject has been three years in the Township Council, the third, 1916, acting as Deputy Reeve. Mr. Dow is again, this year, Deputy Reeve of Cornwall Township. He is one of the most popular farmers in this district.
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