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aMOS A. CRITES was born near Aultsville, Ont., November 21st, 1880. His parents were Amos Crites and Mary A. Myers, and his wife's maiden name was Lillis M. Rutley, by whom he has one son and one daughter. He is a Canadian by birth, an Anglican and a Conservative.
       His farm of 75 acres is situated West 3/4 Lot 30, Second Concession, Osnabruck Township. The live stock are as follows: 20 cattle, 3 horses, 10 swine,

Amos A. Crites, His Home and Barns
Amos A. Crites, His Home and Barns

and 50 fowl while the annual products are: 600 bushels grain, 30 tons hay, 6 acres corn, 50 bushels potatoes, including 1/2 acre fruit, and garden products for own use.
       Mr. Crites is a breeder of pure Holstein cattle. He has been eleven years in the occupation of farming, and a patron of the Cheese Board for the same time. His daily average of milk sent to the Wales Factory is 250 pounds.
       Mr. Crites' great grandfathers, on both sides, came to this country as U. E. Loyalists.
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