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rOBERT J. CRAIG, one of the best-known and popular residents of the East Front, is sixty-four years of age and was born in Glen Walter where he now resides.
       Mr. Craig is the owner of several large farms in the vicinity of Glen Walter, one of which is the Stone House Point farm, on which is located the historic stone house known all over Eastern Ontario as a landmark of early days. The history of this old house, situated on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, dates back over one hundred years and is shrouded in a glamour of romance.
       The farm occupied and operated by Mr. Craig is a splendid one and yields 900 bushels of grain and 130 tons of hay annually, besides 116 tons of corn, an acre of potatoes and turnips. There is a fine orchard of 50 trees of all varieties of apples. The farm is well stocked with 27 cattle, 17 yearling and two-year olds, besides 6 horses, 12 swine and a large number of fowl.

R. J. Craig and His Residence
R. J. Craig and His Residence

       Mr. Craig retired from active contracting — in which he has had a wide experience — some time ago, and has been farming for the past ten years. In 1917, the total number of pounds of milk drawn to the Cornwall City Dairy from his farm was 175,500 and 5,967 pounds of fat. Some of his individual cows gave 11,900 pounds of milk and 388 pounds of fat. Mr. Craig has been for ten years a patron of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board.
       Mr. Craig's residence and barns are among the finest on the Cornwall East Front. Both are electrically lighted throughout, power being generated by a local power plant.
       Mr. Craig's father's name was John Craig and his mother was Mary Wesley. He married Anna Alberta Ferguson. There are four sons and three daughters. He is a Presbyterian in religion, a Conservative in politics, and of Scotch descent.
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