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cORNWALL'S newest and most up-to-date garage, the East End Garage, Joseph Ledue, proprietor, is located at the corner of Gloucester and Water streets. Mr. Leduc is said to be the most experienced automobile repair expert in Cornwall. He accepts and satisfactorily finishes automobile jobs that other repair men refuse to tackle. He knows and understands an automobile as a watchmaker does a watch. Every part is an open book to him. He can, by looking at a car instantly tell what ails it.
       Mr. Ledue has just started his garage and repair shop but in doing so he is looking forward to big things — looking ahead to when the new Provincial Highway carrying its thousands of automobile tourists will pass close to his doors. For motorists arriving in Cornwall from the East, or departing from the West, his garage is the first and the last call. It is a good venture and bound to succeed. Even now he is kept busy with his skilled staff and is making many new customers by his speedy and satisfactory workmanship and courteous treatment.

Exterior View of East End Garage
Exterior View of East End Garage

       Mr. Ledue also specializes on painting cars, and a splendid illustration of the artistic work done by him is that of E. O. Poirier's car, for this work he uses Crown and Anchor paint for which Mr. Poirier is sole agent.
       This garage guarantees to do repair work 100% cheaper than any garage in Cornwall. This is a big order but they are prepared to fill it, and give satisfaction.
       All automobile accessories, tires, etc., etc., are always kept in stock, and a good stand for washing cars is a special feature of garage equipment. Automobilists should not forget Mr. Ledue and the East End Garage.
       Mr. Ledue intends shortly installing an acetylene welding machine for repairing breakages on automobile frames. Mr. Ledue understands perfectly the operation of this machine through long experience.
       When the new Provincial Highway is built the East End Garage will move to Brennans Corners to be in close proximity to the big tourist travel.
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