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hERBERT COOPER is proprietor and owner of the Glencoe Cheese Factory at Bonville. He is thirty years of age and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper. He married Grace Cain and is the father of two sons. He is an Anglican in religion, a Liberal in politics and a Canadian.
       Mr. Cooper farmed with his father until he was sixteen years of age when he started into the cheese business at the White Rose Factory, then operated by James Tobin. He remained at this factory for two years, leaving to go to the McGillivrays Bridge Factory where he worked for three years.

Home of Herbert Cooper
Home of Herbert Cooper

       Leaving this factory he acted as assistant to S. G. Lawson for one year at the Black River Factory, and was then engaged by W. O. Wert of Avonmore for one year.
       Mr. Cooper's next move was to Bonville where he worked for J. S. Myers for three years when he purchased this factory three years ago. Mr. Cooper has made a great success of his business since he purchased it, and his patrons have grown rapidly in number until now he has one of the largest factories on the Cornwall Cheese Board.
       Mr. Cooper's proficient knowledge of the cheese making industry and his energy and application ensure for him a bright future in the dairying industry in this district.
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