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 L. H. Clark
L. H. Clark nO article of personal attire conduces to comfort and appearance so much as a well-fitting pair of shoes, and no branch of trade is of greater importance. Hence the necessity that those engaged in the providing of foot-wear should be men of experience and practical ability.
       L. H. Clark has devoted a great many years looking after the human understanding, and at present enjoys the distinction of possessing the largest and most modern shoe shop in Cornwall, exclusively devoted to boots and shoes, and second to none in Eastern Ontario in appearance. The needs of the public are given every attention by the proprietor and his efficient staff.
       Mr. Clark was born in the South Branch, Cornwall Township, nursery of many of the ablest men in Canada in all walks of life, and is a son of the late Benjamin Clark. His shrewd native ability soon developed into keen business aggressiveness, and he developed a splendid example of one of Cornwall's prosperous business men.
       Mr. Clark's stock is such as would be expected from so well-appointed a store and includes everything that can appeal to the taste or fancy of the most exacting man or woman. Mr. Clark is a prudent buyer and eminently qualified by years of experience to be a competent judge of the needs of the public. He knows what to buy, how to buy, and when to buy. He has the exclusive agencies for many of the most well-known and celebrated makes of shoes.
       While handling all the finest grades of men's, women's and children's footwear, he also keeps medium grades. Trunks, valises, suit cases and kindred goods are a feature of the stock, and at all prices.
       Mr. Clark's business has been built up on sound principles, selling reasonably and invariably giving satisfaction. He has never betrayed the confidence of a customer and never will. This is the secret of his success.

Interior View of L. H. Clark's Shoe Store
Interior View of L. H. Clark's Shoe Store
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