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 Alex. Clark,
 Proprietor of
 Glendale Cheese Factory

Alex. Clark, Proprietor of Glendale Cheese Factory aLEX. CLARK is the owner and manufacturer of the Glendale Factory, perhaps the largest factory, in point of production, on the entire Cornwall Cheese Board. It is located just one mile south of the town of Williamstown, West 1/2 Lot 5, Second Concession, S. R. R., Charlottenburg Township. He also owns a 100-acre farm which he leases.
       Mr. Clark, who is thirty-eight years of age, is the son of Samuel Clark. His mother's name was Jane Black. He married Mary Bell and is the father of one son. In religion he is a Presbyterian, in politics a Liberal, and of Scotch-Irish descent.
       This factory, during the 1918 season, produced about 212,000 pounds of cheese, which represents approximately 2,228,600 pounds of milk.
       Mr. Clark's career in the cheese business is an interesting one. He started serving his apprenticeship at Glen Gordon in 1895, working there 2 1/2 years. From there he went to North Lancaster and thence to Edgar's Corners, 1899-1900. The following year he spent in British Columbia. The next three years Mr. Clark was manufacturing in the St. Charles Factory. Huntingdon County, Que., and also was for a season at the Bridge End Factory as maker. He was two years at the Glengarry Creams Factory, Glenbrook, 1906-7-8.
       Our subject rented the Glendale factory in 1908 and purchased it in the fall of the same year. He started at that time with an output of 45 cheese a week and since his purchasing the factory the production has increased by leaps and bounds until it now reaches the splendid total of 113 cheese a week during the flow. There are 58 patrons delivering milk at the factory.
       Much of Mr. Clark's success is due to his indomitable perseverance and pluck and his superior ability as a cheese maker. Mrs. Clark is not only his chief helpmate in life but also in the cheese factory and their united efforts have had much to do with placing their factory at the top of the Cheese Board list.

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