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  J. E. Chevrier
J. E. Chevrier j.E. CHEVRIER is one of Cornwall's most prosperous and progressive business men. Mr. Chevrier came to Cornwall from Vaudreuil in 1890 and started in the grocery business here on a small scale, subsequently conducting the Queens Hotel, returning to mercantile life again, and at present is confining his attention to the fuel business, dealing in Paristone Hard Wall Plaster, for which he is sole agent for the Ontario Gypsum Company. This company also furnishes agricultural lime by the carload. He is also sole agent for all roofing material of the Brantford Roofing Company and Bird & Son, Limited, Hamilton, Ont. Mr. Chevrier was at one time a wholesale dealer in fruit.
       Mr. Chevrier has made an unqualified success of his many and diversified interests in Cornwall, as is indicated by the fact that he is at present one of the largest property holders in Cornwall. Perhaps few men have taken a more active part in civic and political life in this district than Mr. Chevrier, and his name has been prominently mentioned on several occasions for both Provincial and Federal Parliamentary honors. He has, however, always refused to accept nomination.
       Mr. Chevrier has been honored by the citizens of Cornwall by being elected councillor, reeve for two terms, and mayor by acclamation in 1917. His entry into local civic affairs was as councillor in the center ward. He is credited with being one of the best mayors Cornwall ever had. Mr. Chevrier was elected President of the Stormont & Glengarry Liberal Association for 1918-19, which office he now holds.

St. Lawrence Block, J. E. Chevrier, Owner
St. Lawrence Block, J. E. Chevrier, Owner
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