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  Leander Cameron
Leander Cameron
lEANDER CAMERON was born on Cameron's Island in the St. Lawrence River, 11 miles East of Cornwall in 1872. He is the son of the late James Cameron and Mary Morris. Mr. Cameron is unmarried. He is a Presbyterian in religion, a Conservative in politics, and of Scotch descent.
       Mr. Cameron's farm consists of 140 acres, and he has been farming on this island, which is very fertile, all his lifetime. The livestock equipment of the farm is 25 cattle, 5 horses, over 100 sheep and 100 fowl.
       His farm yields annually 300 bushels of grain, 85 tons of hay, 25 tons of corn, 350 bushels of potatoes, and a large quantity of apples and vegetables. He produces 1,200 pounds of butter annually, also 80 gallons of syrup.
       The home of Mr. Cameron is beautifully located on the majestic St. Lawrence near the summer resorts of Stanley and Hamilton Islands. The fishing in this part of the river affords splendid sport during the season and in the fall duck hunting here brings large numbers of sportsmen.
       Mr. Cameron's brother, T. J. Cameron, well known in Cornwall and vicinity, has been for many years a director of the St. Lawrence Agricultural Society at Williamstown.

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