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seas were noteworthy. His Battalion recruited, trained, and sent over to England in drafts 1,100 men, while 1,200 others went over with the Battalion.
       Crossing to England on the S. S. Olympic, our subject's duties became even more strenuous. He was detailed to Caesar Camp, County Kent, where in June, 1916, the 59th Battalion sent the first draft of 500 men to France, other drafts following in July. At this time the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the 59th Battalion were transferred to the 38th Battalion West Sandelings.
       On July 6th, 1916, Colonel Dawson took command of the 46th Battalion in the Fourth Division, Major Cameron succeeding to the command of the 59th Battalion. While stationed at West Sandelings, his duties as O. C. of Troops called him to France. He transported over 1,200 troops across the English Channel.

Cattle of Major H. A. Cameron
Cattle of Major H. A. Cameron

       On December 23rd, 1916, he proceeded to France and to the Front and was in the trenches while there. While in Flanders he was attached to the Second Pioneer Battalion, and was from this transferred to the 28th Battalion, which relieved the 31st Battalion, then occupying dugouts.
       Major Cameron returned to England and was there notified that all commanding officers of depleted Battalions were to settle up their financial affairs before returning to Canada. He arrived in this country April 20th, 1917. Before leaving Canada and while in England he assisted in forming a Battalion Fund of $20,000 to be spent in the purchase of Victory Bonds, the interest and principal to be distributed among the nearest of kin of soldiers who had lost their lives at the Front, and those who were injured.
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