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his first factory in 1871, at Bainsville, in Glengarry county, and being a man of unbounded energy and enterprise, he had, in 1889, no less than 70 factories under his control. He was justly entitled to the appellation of "Cheese King," by which he was known for many years. The present writer was superintendent of this combination from 1883 to 1888. The Allengrove Combination, which pretty well covered the counties of Glengarry and Huntingdon, is now broken up.
       It was the practice for several years after the cheese factories were first organized, to deliver the milk twice a day. Mr. Macpherson claimed that he was the first manufacturer in America to receive the milk once a day only.
       There were many other lesser combinations formed, some of which are still in existence, while others have met the fate of the Allengrove.
       Many of the single factories are owned by the cheesemaker, and if he is a good man, the combination of cheesemaker and owner works out very well.

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