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bRANARD BUTLER is fifty-one years of age and although born under the Stars and Stripes is a naturalized Canadian. Mr. Butler has devoted his entire life to farming and has been eminently successful. He has, until very recently, farmed the 240-acre farm just east of Cornwall known as the French Homestead or better known to residents of Cornwall and others as the Butler place.
       This farm, under the skilful hands of Mr. Butler, was one of the most productive in the county. He has raised as much as a thousand bushels of grain and over a hundred tons of hay in a season.
       Mr. Butler was one of the largest patrons of the Glen Walter Cheese Factory, sending over 400 pounds of milk daily to the factory. He formerly delivered milk to residents of Cornwall and district, and latterly sold to Cornwall dealers.

Branard Butler and "Old Butler Place"
Branard Butler and "Old Butler Place"

       Mr. Butler, who has retired from farming to take up his residence in Cornwall, recalls with pride the well-stocked and well-appointed farm he operated. Over forty fine cattle, six horses, a number of swine and many fowl were a part of the farm equipment. A large apple orchard is situated close to the old Butler Place.
       The Butler Place is one of the oldest landmarks in Cornwall vicinity, being over one hundred years old. The late George H. Butler and his wife came in 1860 to Cornwall from Potsdam, N.Y., and took up their residence in what was then the French Homestead. This has been continuously occupied by the Butlers ever since with the exception of the last few years.
       Mr. Butler's father's name was Joseph H. Butler and his mother was Sarah Hazen.  He is unmarried.  He is a Methodist in religion and a Conservative in politics.
      Mr. Butler has always been regarded as one of the most progressive and substantial farmers in the district. He has served with credit as a director of the Cornwall Agricultural Society and as School Trustee.
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