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   J.C. Brault
J.C. Brault aN interior view of Brault & McDonald's up-to-date dry goods store the largest in Cornwall, is here shown. It is a bright, airy, spacious store with the most modern of electric light systems. There is 1,950 square feet of floor space on the main floor and 700 square feet on the second floor, where a large reserve stock is earned and kept in the best possible condition. This commodious place of business easily accommodates the throng of patrons who find a pleasure in shopping in its many departments by reason of the straightforward methods of the management, viz.:— one price system, money refunded when goods are not satisfactory, carrying of only first quality merchandise and keeping the store service, on the whole, as near perfection as possible.
       Brault & McDonald keep the public well informed of the frequent arrival of new merchandise in their weekly advertisements in both local newspapers, and these advertisements always ring true.

Interior view of Brault & McDonald's Store
Interior view of Brault & McDonald's Store
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