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  Kennet C. Blackwell
Kennet C. Blackwell kENNET C. BLACKWELL was born August 24th, 1894, at Gaspe, Que., and is, perhaps, one of the youngest patrons of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board, who has made a success of practical farming. He owns and personally operates the splendid 275-acre farm located on the River Road, River Raisin, just south of MacGillivray's Bridge, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry Co.
       Mr. Blackwell is one of the largest patrons of the MacGillivray's Bridge Cheese Factory, delivering an average of 400 pounds of milk to the factory daily during the season. He usually has a herd of about seventy fine cattle. He has been farming over six years and during that time has familiarized himself with every department of dairying and agriculture.
       Fifteen Hundred bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 225 tons of corn, and an acre of potatoes represents the annual production of this farm. He also has a large sugar bush. All that is latest and modern in farm appliances and conveniences are to be found on Mr. Blackwell's property, including silos, gasoline pumps, ice house, etc., etc. The farm is well-stocked with swine and poultry and other live stock. Six horses are used in the operation of the farm.

Residence of Kennet C. Blackwell, MacGillivray's Bridge
Residence of Kennet C. Blackwell, MacGillivray's Bridge

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