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James Benning
James Benning
jAMES BENNING, Williamstown, importer and breeder of high-class Ayrshire cattle, is one of the biggest farmers, both in point of experience and ability as an agriculturist, importer and breeder, as can be found in Eastern Ontario. He was born July 30, 1873, at St. Louis de Gonzague, Quebec. His parents were David Benning and Mary Annie Hall. He married Isabel Jean Findlay and is the father of two children. Mr. Benning is of Scotch descent, a Protestant in religion and a Liberal in politics.
       Mr. Benning has followed the occupation of farming throughout his lifetime and has specialized in the breeding of superior Ayrshire cattle. His efforts in this direction have been crowned with splendid success. Mr. Benning is essentially an optimist and a booster, and his great faith in the boundless opportunities of this section of the country as an agricultural and dairying centre is well known and serves as an inspiration to even cynical pessimists.
       The showing of Mr. Benning's famous Ayrshires throughout the world is a truly wonderful one. In the distant Orient, in Japan, he has travelled at the request of high officials of that country, making records wherever he went with these famous cattle, and bringing glory and fame to his native country, Canada.
       In the United States, at the great World's Fair, in Chicago, where the cream of the cattle world was on exhibition and judged by the best judges of all countries, the Red Ribbon indicating first prize and World's Champions gaily fluttered from the proudly-tossed heads of both male and female products of Mr. Benning's herd. He has also been a prize winner at both the Toronto and Ottawa exhibitions.
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