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william A. Anderson is forty-eight years of age and was born on the old Anderson Homestead, Cherry Hill, Cornwall Township, just east of Cornwall.
       Mr. Anderson, who has been farming thirty years, owns and operates a fine 112-acre farm, well stocked and under cultivation. He has 43 splendid cattle, 13 horses, over 100 fowl and a number of swine.
       Last year the farm yielded 500 bushels of grain, 70 tons of hay, 14 acres of corn and 100 bushels of potatoes. Mr. Anderson ships to Montreal ten gallons of cream daily. As an exhibitor of horses at the Cornwall Fair he has been many times a prize winner.
       The family biography of Mr. Anderson is an interesting one, and an old Bible in his possession traces his ancestry back to the time of his great, great grandfather, Benjamin Anderson, who emigrated to America in 1720.       Benjamin Anderson was born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1699, and on his arrival to this continent engaged in the fishing trade until 1735. He married Hanna Wilson, a native of Down County, Ireland, and started farming near Boston, Mass. He came to Canada as a United Empire Loyalist and settled on the farm now occupied by his great great grandson, William A. Anderson.
       Samuel Anderson, Mr. W. A. Anderson's great grandfather, settled in Cornwall in 1784 on half pay after serving seven and a half years in the Revolutionary War. He died October 6th, 1836.
       His grandfather was born at Cherry Hill, July 8th, 1782, and died January 7th, 1860, after having served as clerk of the District Court for many years. He married a sister of the late Colonel Vankoughnet.
       Thomas G. Anderson, Mr. Anderson's father, was also born on the Cherry Hill farm, in 1821, and died May 4th, 1901. He was a captain in Colonel Turner's regiment, serving in 1837-38.
       Mr. Anderson's mother was Marcia Shearer. His wife's maiden name was Maud Hamilton. He has one son. In religion he is Anglican, a Conservative in politics and of Irish descent. Mr. Anderson stands high in the community and is generally recognized as one of the substantial farmers of Stormont County.
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