Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board


H. B. Fetterly
Former Secretary-Treasurer
Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board

H. B. Fetterly, Former Secretary-Treasurer Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board A. J. Robertson, A. R. McLennan, E. J. Maloney, J. S. Baker, M. Birdsell, Joseph Tyo, W. Davey, J. G. Snetsinger, D. M. McPherson, W. O. Wert, J. Sauve, Wm. H. Dunkin, Gib. Crosbie, J. B. May, J. Welsh, S. J. McDonnell, Wm. Secord, A. R. McDonald, N. J. Fraid, N. Phillips, D. J. Gillies, D. J. McDonald, R. Larmour, L. E. Bailey, Wm. Hodge, A. A. Smith, J. E. Tallon, Alex. McDonald, Alex. McCracken, J. E. Snetsinger, E. H. Brown, J. A. McDougald, R. Runnions, John Bergin, H. McEwen, A. R. McDonald, D. A. Ross, W. H. Holdsworth, A. McMillan, J. W. Kennedy, A. A. Logan, Thos. Keenan, W. H. Winters, D. McIntyre, E. J. Cleary, J. Blanchard, J. Henderson, H. A. Morgan, H. Shaver, J. G. Marjerrison, J. D. Barnhart, J. G. Harkness, J. L. Groves, J. B. Tinkess, W. A. Craig, R. J. Craig, J. S. Myers, A. E. Cline, Nathan Copeland, W. Abrams, Fred Lowell and Col. Robert Smith.
      The history of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board, its growth and its vital importance can be vividly and graphically illustrated by a not odious but illuminating comparison with leading local manufacturing concerns in the approximate revenue disbursed by each. This comparison immediately pricks the bubble of illusion in which Cornwall manufacturing concerns have led people to believe that they were the backbone of the town. The revenue accruing through the Cheese Board is derived from one commodity, cheese, and not the many other products raised and sold by farmers. It is the farmer and the Cheese Board patron who is not only the largest money maker but also the largest legitimate money spender in the Cornwall district, and it is the farmer and the Cheese Board patron who is and has been the real producer of vital commodities, and these lines by a well-known poet are particularly apropos:
"Man builds his castles fair and high,
Wherever river runneth by;
Great cities rise in every land,
Great churches show the builder's hand.
Great arches, monuments, and towers.
Fair palaces, and pleasing bowers;
Great work is done, be't here or there,
And well man worketh everywhere;
But work or rest, whate'er befall,
The farmer he must feed them all."
J. A. Sangster
Active in Organization
Work in Early Days
J. A. Sangster, Active in Organization Work in Early Days
       These figures tell "Who's Who" in the industrial scheme of things locally. The approximate amount of money disbursed in factory salaries and to Cheese Board patrons, respectively, is as follows:
Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board (7 months' season) $1,500,000
(annually) 525,000
(annually) 360,000
Ives Modern Bedstead Co. (annually) 75,000
McGill Chair Factory (annually) 50,000
Beach Furniture Co. (annually) 50,000
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