Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board


W.A. Craig
Former Secretary-Treasurer
Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board

W.A. Craig, Former Secretary-Treasurer Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board written article for this publication, has said, "We too often overlook the debt we owe to those who struggled in earlier years with small things to bring about the better conditions which we are enjoying to-day."
       These are the names of the pioneers who made possible the formation of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board, and who will always be held in grateful remembrance by Cheese Board patrons, farmers and citizens generally:
       Archibald Denny, for nineteen years President of the Board, its President when it was organized and its President this year. The name of Mr. Denny will always be intimately associated with the Cheese Board. The activities of the Board have always centered about the capable and energetic figure of Mr. Denny. About his person have revolved the many and varied labours and interests of this organization. Mr. John A. Chisholm, in a specially written article in this publication, has paid fitting and eloquent tribute to Mr. Denny.

A.J. Robertson
Oldest Salesman on
Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board

A.J. Robertson, Oldest Salesman on Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board        Duncan Monroe, for two years President of the Board, and always active in "boosting" its usefulness and its importance.
       A. F. Mulhern, Mayor of Cornwall when the Board was organized, was the man who nominated Archibald Denny for president in 1898. That his judgment was vindicated is shown by Mr. Denny's many subsequent re-elections to this office and the unqualified success of the Cheese Board through his guidance.
       P. N. Tait, the first Vice-President of the Board, whose experience in practical pioneer work had much to do with drafting the rules and regulations adopted to govern the Board.
       W. S. Friend, the first Secretary-Treasurer of the Board, lent invaluable assistance in a clerical and advisory capacity in the many years he held this important office.
       William Gibbens, publisher of the "Cornwall Standard," who placed gratuitously at the disposal of the Board the valuable columns of his newspaper in boosting the new organization and in intelligently chronicling its work.
       Others of note on the roster who played important parts in pioneer work and attended the early meetings of the Board were: Andrew R. Foulds, D. A. Loney, J. A. Roys, Joel Eastman, Edward Cavanagh, Wesley Johnston, Wm. McPherson, Wm. Irvine, J. F. McGregor, P. F. Campbell, C. W. Young, Hugh McEwen, P. H. Thompson, J. Crawford, Chas. S. Baker, J. A. McRae, S. Wetherspoon, J. M. Carruthers, Thos. Gallager, S. G. Lawson, W. J. Crowley, Thos. McDonald, D. McDonald, Jas. Irvine, George W. Fickes, D. J. McNeil, J. W. McLeod, A. S. Plumley, Jas. Begg, J. J. McDonald, A. P. McDonald, J. A. McDonald,
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