Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board


A.J. Mulhern, Mayor of Cornwall
when Cheese Board was formed,
who nominated A. Denny for President

A.J. Mulhern, Mayor of Cornwall when Cheese Board was formed, who nominated A. Denny for President
To-day, it stands at the pinnacle of all organized Canadian Cheese Boards, not only as regards the amount of cheese actually boarded, sold and paid for at a maximum figure, but also for the superior quality of this commodity.
       The history of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board does not require the lengthy treatise of many pages of type to emphasize its greatness; its significance lies not in words but in accomplishments. In its short span of life, it has performed wonders and wrought miracles. The faith of its sponsors and organizers has borne fruit that will carry for all time the indelible imprint of a remarkable achievement in the cause of local dairying, commercial and industrial advancement. Its history, rather, is given splendid visual evidence by glimpsing in these pages the reproductions of the beautiful homes and fine farm buildings of its patrons and members. In sketching the accompanying biographies of the happy, contented and prosperous farmers whose broad and fertile acres have been acquired through their own initiative, and who through their own endeavors have risen to prominence and affluence, or of others who are living and "carrying on" in the Old Homestead hewn from the primeval forest by their adventurous ancestors many years ago.
Wm. Gibbens
Publisher of the Cornwall Standard

Wm. Gibbens, Publisher of the Cornwall Standard        Essentially through the organization and co-operation of its members, patrons, buyers and sellers, the price of cheese has mounted from 6 1/4 cents a pound, received in 1902, to 31 7/16 cents a pound, received this year. Loyalty to the Board has been a passion with its patrons; patriotism to its welfare has been their watchword and slogan. That this loyalty and patriotism has been generously rewarded is eloquently indicated by the tangible returns received measured to the seductive tune of dollars and cents.
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