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Harlow M. Stiles
Harlow M. Stiles tHE Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board was organized on the fourteenth day of May, 1898. The Board therefore celebrates, in the publication of its history in this volume, its twenty-first birthday. In attaining its majority, the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board may receive with pardonable pride and a certain degree of equanimity the congratulations of its many friends, wellwishers and patrons.
       The early struggles of the first patrons; the obtaining of capital with which to build factories; the securing of suitable appliances for the manufacture of cheese and delivery of milk; the hauling of milk for long distances over well-nigh impassable roads; the right of the Board to recognition among farmers; the trouble in securing adequate prices for cheese; the lack of shipping facilities; these and a hundred and one other hardships fearlessly undertaken and triumphantly overcome by its sponsors are but details in a story of one in many new ventures, but with this distinguishing difference, the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board became a permanent and successful institution.

Duncan Monroe, Former President
Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board

Duncan Monroe, Former President Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board
      It has grown from a lusty infant organization of a few factories and a handful of patrons to a strong and vigorous manhood with a present quota of about forty factories and over two thousand patrons. Its chief food as an infant, like other infants, was milk, but unlike other infants its chief diet still is and will continue to be milk. It has been fed on milk through the years, the good, pure, sweet milk produced in the centre of the greatest dairying section in America. It has been fed on milk and carefully reared by the skilled, nurturing, mothering care of the best farmers in the finest agricultural community in Canada, until the name and fame of its basic product, cheese, has heralded the splendid reputation of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board to the four corners of the globe.
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