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August 1, 1919
John A. Chisholm
Ex-Mayor and Ex-President
Cornwall Board of Trade

John A. Chisholm Ex-Mayor and Ex-President Cornwall Board of Trade - 007a he is, first and foremost and all the time, a man's man. It is impossible to think of him in connection with pink teas, or sociables, or knitting parties. He is masculine all through.
      If you have ever done any work, or have been on a committee with him — a worth while committee that had something worth while to do — you would understand something of the man's power of accomplishment. He is not a talker. He produces action. He is essentially a doer, a builder, a fact maker, an organizer, a welder of raw material into the useful, finished article. Out West, one time, I saw a sign, "If it's impossible, we do it." That must be his underlying principle, for he delights in overcoming obstacles and in making rough places smooth. He would convert a mine or canal dump into a rose garden; would take quarry waste and make stone walks out of it. In his hands nothing is useless, and give him any reasonable sort of yarn or thread, and he will turn out the cloth.
       His vision and breadth of view is as wide as the horizon, and in a flash he seems to regard any utility problem from all its sides and angles. There is nothing of the small parishioner, or, "our concession" about him.
       Entrust him with the conduct of some practical public movement, and he goes at it from the foundation up. He is a master of detail and leaves nothing to chance. He has an amazing faculty for choosing what is needed, and eliminating the unnecessary and superfluous. His Scotch thoroughness shows itself in everything he does. If he was a tailor, he would measure the goods before cutting the suit. If he was a carpenter, his roofs would never leak and his doors and windows would fit without jamming or rattling; If he built a fireplace or chimney, it would always draw and never smoke. If he was an architect designing a house and letting contracts, the contractor would have no bill for extras on you when the building was finished. And, there would be no rubbish or waste left to cart away. If he was a Finance Minister, there would be few supplementary estimates. Parliament would know at once just about what expenditure it had to face and provide for.
       He is one of those rare constructive minds moving swiftly and with unfailing accuracy, overlooking nothing and proceeding from point to point in regular and orderly sequence as his mental plan develops from its inception to its conclusion. He has imagination — lots of it — that indispensable quality in the man who would
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