Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board


tHE title of this volume clearly indicates its character. In collecting and preparing the material for the following pages, I have attempted to portray, in specially written articles, biographical sketches and photographic reproductions the leading facts relating to the origin, growth and present development of the Dairying Industry in the Cornwall District.
      In view of the vital importance of the industry to the farmers generally, and, through them, to the people at large, it would seem to be worth while to make a permanent record, before it is too late, of the more important events connected with its early history, and particularly of the loyal officers and patrons of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board, to whom dairying locally owes so much.
      I have taken great pains to verify dates and other facts, and fidelity to detail in both biographical sketches and photogravures has been an all-important factor in compiling this volume. No expense or time has been spared in the publication of this edition, and actual hardships have been experienced in gathering the necessary data.
      Some of the things mentioned may appear trivial, for it was hard to determine just where to draw the line between the important and the unimportant. No doubt there have been many items of interest omitted, and it may appear to some readers that a true proportion has not been observed in dealing with the subject. But, aside from this, I have endeavored to omit nothing essential in the early and later history of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board, especially as it relates to the biographies of its patrons. I can only plead to having done the best I could with the information available.
      One point which gave great difficulty and caused much delay was obtaining photographs of all of those who were connected with the early history of the Board, but the author believes this has been accomplished.
      The chief purpose of the author, in publishing this edition, is to place definitely on the dairy map, in black and white, the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board's activities and status. This volume aims essentially to "boost" the farmer and the Cheese Board patron, and the spirit of the author in this regard has been generally and cordially entered into by both farmers and merchants of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board District.
Cornwall, October 1, 1919

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