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Compiled by David R. McKnight


This is a list of subscribers in 1850 to a joint stock company called The Paris and Ayr Road Company. The company was formed to build a road from the Dundas Road in the Village of Paris, extending to the Village of Ayr.

Allchin, William

Ames, Nelson W

Andersen, Robert

Anderson, William

Armstead, Benjamin

Arnold, Charles

Arthur, Bradford

Auselerook/Auselbrook, Thomas

Baker, William

Bartley, O.

Barutenhisner, Peter

Battley, WilliamBennett, Daniel

Black, James

Boughton, Levi

Bristow, John

Brogan, John

Brown, William

Burrows, Richard W

Calder, james

Calderwood, John

Campbell, William

Can, David

Capron, Hiram

Capron, Walter

Capron, William

Carr, James

Charlton, Adam (of Dumfries, farmer, director)

Chittenden, George

Church, Daniel

Clark, Thomas

Clode, James

Clode, John

Coleman, Thomas William

Colquhoun, James

Colwell, Thomas

Currie, James

Curtis, William

Daly, Peter

Davidson, james

Dodd, Robert S

Dohman, William

Dutton, Joseph W

Easton, Alexander

Edgar, james

Finlayson, Hugh

Fischer, Robert

Fischer, Thomas

Fisher, Charles

Fry, George

Fulton, Robert

Fulton, Thomas

Gamble, Robert

Garron, Edward

Gaummon, William

Gibson, William P

Graham, John

Green, P

Hall, Robert

Hamilton, A

Hamilton, Classin

Hamilton, John

Hartop, Henry

Harvey, James

Hazel, Adam

Henry, John

Hood, Oliver

Hope, Thomas

Howell, BO

Hutchinson, James

Ireland, John

Jackson, MJ

Johnson, Harry

Johnson, W

Kelly, Philip

Kendry, David

Kilgour, Joseph

Kyle, Andrew

Laycock, James

Lekin, William

Lindsay, Robert

Lindwood, George

Logan, Patrick

Lore, Hugh

Lore, John

MaCartney, G.

Malone, James

Manly, Daniel (of Ayr, miller, director)

Manson, James

Manson, John

McCosh, John

McCosh, R.

McCrae, Hugh

McCrae, James

McCrae, William

McCrindle, James

McDonald, William

McGeorge, Charles

McGuffin, John

McKenzie, Robert

McLean, Neil

McLeary, Roger

McLeod, James

McLeod, Samuel

McNight, Thomas

McVicar, George

Melick, John

Miller, C

Mitchell, Charles (Paris wagonmaker, director)

Mitchell, David

Mitchell, George

Mitchell, John

Mitchell, Thomas

Mitchell, William

Montgomery, Robert

Moote, David

Mosser, Christian

Mulholland, Rosan

Muma, Christian

Murray, John

O'Neill, Daniel

Paten, William

Peuten, John A

Philip, Francis

Pollock, James

Purdy, Gabriel

Richmond, William

Ritchie, Alexander

Rochester, Andrew

Rochester, Charles

Rochester, Robert

Rochester, Thomas

Rodger, John

Rogers, Alexander

Rose, John

Rosenbough, Robert

Scarf, Christopher

Scott, Archibald

Scott, Michael

Shannon, John

Shepherd, Alexander

Simmons, G

Sinclair, Alesander

Small, James

Smart, WR

Smith, John

Smith, John Jr.

Smith, John Sr.

Smith, Omewerthz

Smith, Sebastian

Snowden, Sam

Spear, Daniel

Sposhisitode?, Alexander

Steward, Peter

Thom, William

Thomas, Amarathy

Thomson, William

Tinlater, William

Titchnerth?, William

Tolten, Daniel

Tragler, MH

Turnbull, David

Turnbull, Thomas

Veitch, George

Veitch, Thomas

Walker, John

Walker, Robert

Watson, John

Whitlaw, Charles

Willie, Robert

Wilsie, Nathaniel

Wilson, John

Wilson, Peter

Wolverton, Asa (Paris builder, director)

Wood, Thomas

Worthington, Warren

Wrigley, Sylvanus F.

Wyllie, Robert (of Ayr, Gentleman, director)



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