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    Created at 1907 statehood, it took its name from a historic Chickasaw tribal area in Mississippi, which is also mirrored by a county name in that state. The 1832 Treaty of Pontotoc Creek provided for removal of the Chickasaw to Indian Territory. Pontotoc is usually translated "cattail prairie" or "land of hanging grapes."
    The historic inhabitants of present Pontotoc County included the Quapaw and Wichita peoples and their ancestors. By the early nineteenth century Kiowa and Comanche from the south and west frequently moved through the area, as did Osage from the north. The 1834 Dodge-Leavenworth Expedition encountered an Osage hunting village near present Allen.
    County lands were originally granted by the U.S. government to the Choctaw by provisions of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830. In 1837 the Chickasaw were given rights within the Choctaw domain. In 1855 the Chickasaw obtained the right to establish their own government in an area approximating the middle one-third of the original Choctaw lands. At the same time, the western one-third was leased to the U.S. government for location of Plains tribes. In 1867 the Chickasaw government created four counties, including one named Pontotoc, which encompassed most of the northern one-third of the tribe's land as well as the land of the present county. Few Chickasaw settled in Pontotoc County until after the Civil War. There was abundant land for tribal family needs elsewhere, and the raiding activities of Plains tribes caused the northern and western limits of much of the Chickasaw domain to be known as "Scalp Alley." One notable Comanche raid took place in 1864 near present Jesse.
    The area's first settlers located around Boggy Depot, a stop on the Texas Road, in the 1840s. In 1850 the United States established Camp Arbuckle to offer protection for migrants passing through the area on the California Road. Delaware Mount, located south of Ada, was a noted feature on that route.
    Settlements, including large numbers of white intruders and lawless elements, began spreading through the county after the Civil War. The first post office was established at Stonewall in 1878. Center, Roff, Francis, Allen, and other communities were all settled by 1890, the year that Ada was founded.


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Oklahoma State Archives

  • Dept. of Libraries
    Third Floor
    200 NE 18th St.
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
    Phone: (405) 522-3579
  • The Oklahoma State Archives provides an excellent library of genealogy records including: Commissioner of Confederate Pensions Applications, 1915-33, Commissioner of Confederate Pensions Pension Files, 1915-49, U.S. District Land Office Homestead Registers, 1889-1908, Oklahoma Supreme Court Applications to the Bar, 1907-42, Oklahoma Board of Medical Examiners Deceased Files, 1907-86, Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy Deceased Pharmacist Files, 1907-75, and Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners Inactive License Files, 1921-84.

Oklahoma Genealogical Society Library and Archives

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    Phone: (405) 522-5225
  • The Oklahoma Genealogical Society maintains a library and archives that the public is allowed to visit. The Library and Archives contains over 62,000 volumes with emphasis on Oklahoma, Native American, and western history. In addition to these materials -- many of which are rare and out-of-print -- the library also houses a number of special collections.
County Clerk
100 West 13th St.
Ada, OK 74820
Phone (580)332-5763
Court Clerk
100 West 13th St.
Ada, OK 74821
Phone (580)332-5763

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