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William B. Moore. Since 1905 a member of the Muskogee bar, Mr. Moore has rapidly gained recognition as an able and thoroughly equipped lawyer. He is a man of liberal training and of broad experience, but practically since the age of sixteen has been dependent upon his own resources and efforts to advance him in the world. While the law has properly received the greater part of his talent and time, Mr. Moore has also been a factor in the public life of his home city and is also quite well known over the state.
William B. Moore is a native of South Carolina and was born at McColl, April 18, 1881, a son of Dr. Welcome A. and Mary A. (Woodley) Moore. Both parents were natives of South Carolina and were of Revolutionary stock. The first ancestors came from England to Virginia and thence by way of North Carolina and finally found homes in South Carolina. The Moore and Woodley families have lived for several generations in Marlboro County, South Carolina, and many of their members have been well known for their attainments in business and other affairs.
Mr. Moore’s father was by profession a dental surgeon, but was also a planter, and thus the son grew up on a South Carolina farm. His early education came from the public schools, and after completing high school he had to use his own resources and ingenuity largely to gain a higher education. He attended Wofford College at Spartanburg, South Carolina, and from there entered the Columbian University, George Washington University, at Washington, D. C., and also studied law in Georgetown University. While attending college at Washington he paid his way in a clerical position in the federal census bureau. From Georgetown he went West and entered the Kansas City Law School at Kansas City and after completing the course received the degree of LL. B. in 1903, and in the same year was admitted to the Missouri bar. Mr. Moore was engaged in practice in Kansas City for two years and thus came to Muskogee in April, 1905, with not only a thorough education but with metropolitan experience. Having passed an examination before the United States Court of Indian Territory, he was admitted by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma upon the erection of the State of Oklahoma, and has since been in active practice both in the state and federal courts. By successful connection with a large amount of important litigation, he has won an enviable reputation as a lawyer.
Mr. Moore is a staunch democrat, and while active in the support of measures of his party and for friends who were candidates for office, has himself never sought political honors. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and of the Muskogee Town and Country Club.