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Rev. Dr. Thomas Lloyd, D. D. For a number of years Doctor Lloyd was in the active work of the Episcopal Church in old Indian and Oklahoma territories, but for the past five years has lived retired and has his home at Alva. His has been a notable career of service and disinterested devotion to his high calling, and for that reason it should not pass without some mention and tribute in this publication.
Thomas Lloyd was born July 6, 1836, at Milford Haven, Wales, a son of Rev. Dr. John and Elizabeth (Evans) Lloyd. His father was a native of England, became an Episcopal clergyman at the age of twenty-three, spent his life in the ministry and died in England at the age of seventy-seven. He had eight children, four sons and four daughters, namely: David, William, John, Thomas, Matilda, Jessie, Jane and Anna, of whom the only survivor is Reverend Doctor Thomas.
Doctor Lloyd is also the only member of the family who came to America. He received his education in England and is a graduate of Caermarthen College, an Episcopal institution. The degree Doctor of Music was conferred upon him in 1877, and he was regularly ordained to the ministry in 1886. On coming to America he was first located in Canada, where he was a deacon in the Diocese of Quebec for ten years. Since then he has been located in the United States, and had charge of churches in various states. He came to Alva from Vinita, Indian Territory, in 1900, and was rector of the first Episcopal Church in Alva. He retired from the ministry in 1910, and is now a beneficiary. However, in 1914, he was partially recalled to public duty by election as a justice of the peace. In 1913 he had conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity by the College of Church Missions of Kansas City, Missouri, a branch of an English college.
On May 24, 1.S57, in Wales, he married Miss Marie Clay, daughter of Capt. William and Fannie E. (Griffith) Clay. Mrs. Lloyd was born in Wales July 4, 1838. To their marriage were born nine children, three sons and six daughters, as follows: Frederic E. J., who was born June 5, 1859, is now rector of an Episcopal Church in Chicago and served as a member of the Illinois Senate in 1913; John David, Thomas Henry, Gertrude Mary, Isabella Clay, Edith Fannie Elizabeth, all of whom are deceased; Evangeline Matilda, wife of Robert Gamble, of Alva, Oklahoma; and Monica Daisy, wife of Rev. D. C. Lees, rector of the Episcopal Church at Enid, and they have one child, Jane. Reverend Doctor Lloyd is a Scottish Rite Mason.