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John H. Rebold. During a residence of ten years at Okmulgee John H. Rebold has become very influentially identified with the business and industrial history of the city and surrounding country. He is an official and active in the management of several oil and lumber companies, is president of the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce, and also a director in the First National Bank of Okmulgee.
A Pennsylvanian by birth, when only a boy he became familiar with the work and activities of the eastern oil fields of the state, and it was his experience as a practical oil operator and producer that led him into Oklahoma when the fields about Tulsa had just come into prominent notice.
He was born on the Allegheny River at Mosgrove in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, September 2, 1872, a son of Henry and Margaret (Collar) Rebold. His father was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1848, and the mother in Armstrong, Pennsylvania. The mother died there May 16, 1910, at the age of fifty-five. Henry Rebold came to this country with his parents, locating at Bradys Bend in Pennsylvania, where he assisted his father in handling ore. Then with a brother John he went to Oil City at the time of the inauguration of the oil industry in that section of Western Pennsylvania, and secured a contract to haul oil at $4.25 per barrel and to haul coal at $1.25 per bushel. Much of these products of the wells and mines in Pennsylvania he rafted up and down the rivers and hauled across rough country to market. Subsequently he bought a farm in Pennsylvania and has lived a life of comparative quiet for many years.
John H. Rebold is the only one of six children living in the West. He grew up on his father’s farm, acquired a country school education, but left his studies at the age of fifteen. He then went into the oil country and handled teams in contract work, and from the age of seventeen to twenty was a tool dresser. He then bought a saw mill and engaged in the lumber business, cutting timber for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for three years. Once more he engaged in the oil and gas business, and his interests in this direction led him to come to Oklahoma and he arrived at the new Town of Tulsa on November 10, 1905, and since 1906 has lived in Okmulgee. For a number of years he has been a producer and contractor in the oil and gas district. While in Pennsylvania he did some extensive drilling for the Philadelphia Gas Company of Pittsburg, the American Natural Gas Company and the People’s Gas Company. Since coming to Oklahoma he has operated on his own account.
He is a director and treasurer of the Pine Creek Oil Company and Bradys Bend Oil Company; is director and treasurer of the Rebold Lumber Company. This company has its own mills and retail lumber yards situated at Okmulgee, Boynton and Morris. The source of lumber and the mills are in the mountainous district of McCurtain and Pushmataha counties, there being two mills and planing mill and cotton gin in those sections. From forty to fifty men are employed in this important lumber industry and Mr. Rebold also has the management of about the same number in his work as a contractor and oil producer.
In 1914-15 Mr. Rebold built one of the finest homes in Okmulgee County, at a cost of about $75,000, situated a mile east of the Frisco Depot. He has been president of the local Chamber of Commerce since it was organized and in politics is a democrat.
On September 28, 1894, he married Miss Laura Cornman. She died in Pennsylvania May 25, 1910. The seven children of their marriage are: Grant O., Jesse, Bryan, Annie, Joe, Harry and Catherine. On December 25, 1912, Mr. Beboid married Anna Bricken.