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Henry F. McLish. The owner of a splendid farm and ranch three miles east of Minco, Henry F. McLish is a sturdy representative of the original stock of Old Indian Territory. He is a native of the Chickasha Nation, his father a white man and his mother a full blood Chickasaw woman, and he is one of the members of the tribe who inherited a share of the great wealth so long held in common for the tribe, and has particularly distinguished himself by his ability not only to make secure the talents given him, but to use them thriftily and increase them by judicious and energetic use. He is one of the wealthy farmers of Grady County and has a family of which he may well be proud.
Henry L. McLish was born in the Chickasaw Nation in 1863, a son of Frazier and Julia (Tomtubby) McLish. His father was born in Tennessee of Scotch descent, and came to the Chickasaw Nation at an early date. He married Julia Tomtubby, whose parents were full blooded Chickasaws and came with the tribe when they emigrated from the country east of the Mississippi River. There were three children born to Frazier and Julia McLish. One daughter is now deceased, another is Mrs. Charles Stewart of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and the only son is Mr. McLish of Minco. Frazier McLish was a farmer and stock raiser and occupied a position of considerable importance in the old Chickasaw Nation, being captain of the Indian Militia. Both he and his wife died when Henry McLish was little more than a child.
Consequently at the age of thirteen Mr. McLish went to live with his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bond at Minco, and he lived with them and received a careful training under their direction until his marriage in 1894. Mr. McLish obtained most of his education at the Hawley Academy in Tishomingo under the direction of Doctor Hawley. His practical training came from Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bond. While living at their home he proved himself useful in all the branches of farming and stock raising, and each year was given a certain number of calves and colts, which were branded with his individual brand and constituted the nucleus with which he established himself in the stock business.
In 1894 Mr. McLish married Miss Cora Aber, daughter of J. W. Aber, who came from Illinois. After his marriage he started farming and stock raising on his own account at his ranch three miles east of the Village of Minco. There for more than twenty years he has continued to live and has prospered steadily, and while acquiring a fair share of material wealth has also reared a good family and has made himself a progressive factor in the life of the community.
Mr. and Mrs. McLish have four children. The three daughters are Nina, Lena and Clara, the last being the wife of Earl Johnston of Minco. The one son is Glenn McLish. It was an unusual distinction when all three of the daughters graduated in the same class at El Meta Bond College at Minco in 1913. The daughters took the full course of the college in the arts and sciences and also in music. The youngest daughter had made such progress as to be able to graduate with her older sisters.