Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook

                                   very early 1940's

      composed by Ella Mae Campbell, b. April 21, 1924, d. March 6, 2004



                                            Lillian Minyard Weds Calvin Grammer


Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Minyard are announcing the marriage of their daughter, Lillian to Mr. Calvin Grammer

is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Grammer of Chula Vista, Calif.

The groom is a brother of Henry Grammer, who married Louise Minyard in September.

The ceremony was read by W. E. Kelley, McAlester of Sat. Nov. 21.

The groom is working at Brown Construction Co. at McAlester.----November 21, 1942.




                                  Maudean Miller Is Bride Of James Edward Young


Miss Maudean Miller, daughter of Mrs. Maudean Miller and of Dr. F. A. Miller, Hartshorne, became the

bride of James Edward Young, Birmingham, Ala., son of Mrs. Lillian Young of Selma, Ala., and of the

late Dr. James E. Young, in an impressive ceremony in All Saints Episcopal church, McAlester, Friday,

May 22, at 3:30 o'clock.

The sacred vows were read by Rev. E. M. Lindgren before a flowed-decked altar.  Tall floor baskets with

pink and white roses and white snapdragons were artistically arranged.

During the ceremony soft organ music was played by Mrs. J. F. Fisher of McAlester.

The vows were read in the presence of the family and a few intimate friends.  Out of town guests were

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ogletree of Wichita and Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Henry of Heavener.

The bride wore a pink lace frock with black accessories and her corsage was of sweetheart roses, forget-

me-nots and baby breath.

After the ceremony a wedding supper was served in the home of Mrs. M. L. Henry, sister of the bride, and

of Dr. Henry.  Mr. and Mrs. Young will be at home after June 4 in Birmingham, Ala. after a wedding trip to

the deep south.

The bride is a graduate of Oklahoma University, Norman, where she was a member of the Gamma Phi

Beta sorority.  For two years she was a secretary in the F. B. I. office in Washington, D. C.

The groom attended Marion Institute and the University of Alabama.  He is employed in the Virginia-

Carolina Chemical Corp.----May 22, 1942.




                                           Pauline Ratliff Weds Silvia Sonaggera


Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ratliff of Lynwood are announcing the marriage of their daughter, Pauline to Mr. Silvia

Sonaggera of Wilburton on November 15 at Fort Smith, Ark.

They will be at home in Fort Smith where the groom is employed.----November 15, 1942.




                       Granddaughter of T. M. Whiting Weds Sunday in Ponca City


The wedding of Kathryn Whiting, daughter of Perry Whiting, Lake Charles, La., to Mr. Garnard Jones

was solemnized Sunday afternoon in Ponca City in the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. T. J. Cuzalina,

and Mr. Cuzalina, at 418 North Seventh street.

The vows were read by the Rev. G. Gerald Sias of the First Christian church in the presence of 50

guests, before the fireplace banked with greenery and large white chrysanthemums.

The beautiful setting in front of the fireplace contained a white pri dieu with tall baskets of white

Doty chrysanthemums and white candelabra holding lighted white tapers on either side.  From the

ceiling above the fireplace was an all-covering garland of fern and clusters of white pompons which

extended to the windows on either side.  The mantel of the fireplace held a fan-shaped arrangement

of chrysanthemums and pompons.  In the fireplace banked with palms, was a screen of greenery

which held vases of chrysanthemums.

Miss Jane Mosbaugh played nuptial piano music and accompanied Miss Louise Campbell who sang

"I Love You Truly."  The tapers were lighted by Miss Elma Jane Seaton.

The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore an afternoon frock of Sierra rose velveteen with

brown accessories.  Her brown hat had a short veil.  She carried a Bible covered with a shower

bouquet of gardenias and Fuji chyrsanthemums with white satin streamers and the flower petals.

She was attended by Miss Charlotte Taft, who wore a beige jersey, and Miss Velma Casey, in blue

velveteen.  The corsages were peach glamelias.

Mr. Jones' best man was Jack Teverbaugh and the groomsman, Doyle Davis.  The men wore du-

bonnet carnation boutonieres.

Mrs. Whiting wore a blue dress and her flowers were gardenias and briarcliff roses.  Mrs. G. L.

Jones, mother of the bridegroom, was attired in a black suit and her corsage was of white gar-

denias and pompons.  The dress of Mrs. Cuzalina, aunt of the bride, and hostess, was black and

she wore gardenias.

Mrs. W. H. Casey served the punch and Mrs. A. E. Taft cut the cake for the reception that followed

the ceremony.  Miss Rosemary Buetow and Miss Gertrude Daack were assistant hostesses.  Miss

Shirley Woodruff, cousin of the bride and Miss Martha Jackson assisted in the guest room and Miss

Mary Deane Vance presided over the guest book.  The large, decorated wedding cake, centered

the lace covered table.  White pompons and greenery garlanded the cake and the green was ex-

tended along the table.

The couple soon left for a week's wedding trip to Joplin.  The bride's traveling costume was a

brown suit.

The bride attended Cottey college, Nevada, Mo., last year and Oklahoma A. and M. college,

Stillwater, for a short while this fall.  She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Whiting of

Hartshorne.----October 18, 1942.




                           Mary Margaret Gordon Weds Private Emmett H. Mays


Mr. and Mrs. William Gordon of 3919 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, Colo., are announcing the marriage of

their daughter, Mary Margaret, to Private Emmett H. Mays, on October 17, in the chapel of the

Fitzsimons General Hospital.

The vows were read by Captain Henry Sears Thomson, U. S. Army Chaplain of the hospital.

The bride was dressed in soldier blue crepe with wine accessories and her corsage was of Ameri-

can Beauty roses.

Mrs. W. W. Guthrie, 1119 1/2 Cherokee, Denver, was matron of honor and wore beige crepe, with

black accessories.

Private Douglas McCall of Fitzsimons General Hospital was best man.

The bride is a graduate of Hartshorne high school of the class of 1942.  She is better known by her

friends and schoolmates as Susie.  She lived with her parents in Gowen until June when the

family moved to Denver.

The groom is the son of Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Mays of Nacadoches, Texas.  He will finish his course in

the study of X-ray at Fitzsimons hospital next week.----October 17, 1942.




                                  Margaret Worsham Marries In Kingman, Arizona


News has reached Hartshorne of the marriage of Miss Margaret June Worsham, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Sam Worsham, of Kingman, Arizona, to Mr. Harry Veigh of Ely, Nevada.

The vows were read on October 5 in Kingman.

The bride is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Willis, Hartshorne.----October 5, 1942.





                               Rose Ann Hendrix Is Bride Of John Leo Higgins


Mrs. T. J. Ratliff received word this week of the marriage of her niece, Rose Ann Hendrix, on

Sunday, September 27, at 3 o'clock to John Leo Higgins, in the Thousand Oaks Baptist church,

Berkley, Calif.

The bride's sister, Alice Hendrix, was bridesmaid, and her step sister's husband, Earl Reeves,

gave her away.

A reception was held in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hendrix, after the


The bride wore a blue dress with white veil and white accessories.  Her flowers were white


Mr. and Mrs. Higgins are at home at 592 33rd St., Oakland, Calif.----September 27, 1942.




                                    Pauline Boatright Is Bride Of Ralph Eller


Mrs. Elvira Boatright is announcing the marriage of the daughter, Pauline (Jackie), of Hazel

Park, Mich. to Mr. Ralph Eller, also of Hazel Park.

The vows were read in a simple ceremony Thursday, October 8, at 3 o'clock, in the home of

Rev. T. Earl, pastor of the First Baptist church of Ferndale, Mich.

Attendants were the bride's cousin, Miss Katherine Nichol, and Don Burrus, both of Hazel


The bride is a former resident of Hartshorne and has been employed in Hazel Park for the

last few months.

Mr. Eller is a native of Alplana, Mich. and is employed at Rotary Steel Co. in Detroit.

The newlyweds are at home at 23141 Crossley, Hazel Park, Mich.----October 8, 1942.




                              Moorene Moore Is Bride Of Arthur Westbrook


Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Moore of Haileyville are announcing the marriage of their daughter,

Moorene, to Mr. Arthur Westbrook, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Westbrook, Idabel, Okla.

The vows were read May 23 in the First Baptist church of Davenport, Okla.  Rev. Walf

Hamilton, former pastor of the First Baptist church of Haileyville, officiated.  The vows

were exchanged before an altar of ferns and baskets of white roses.

The bride wore a dusky rose redingote ensemble.  Her corsage was of white gardenias.

The couple will be at home at 220 Ramsey, Stillwater, Okla.

The bride was graduated from Haileyville high school and attended Oklahoma Baptist

University, Shawnee, where she was a member of the Hatharean Social club and

Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary sorority.  She has taught for the last four years in

the Haileyville public school and will receive her bachelor of science degree in edu-

cation at Oklahoma A. and M. college, Stillwater, this summer.

Mr. Westbrook is a graduate of Idabel high school and Oklahoma A. and M. college at

Stillwater, where he was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, Itta Naha club,

Aggie Society and Alpha Zeta, national honorary society.  He has taught for the last

three years in Haileyville high school.  Now he is engaged in aircraft inspection

training conducted by the National Defense Industrial School at Oklahoma A. and M.

                                                                                                    ----May 23, 1942.




                                 Fern Staley's Wedding To Be In Early July


Of interest to the editor's wife is the announcement of the approaching wedding of

her cousin, Fern Staley, Warrensburg, Mo., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Staley, in

early July to Aviation Cadet David Allen, of Independence, Mo.  The groom-elect is in

training with the navy air corps at Corpus Christi and expects to finish his course for

an ensign's commission about July 1.  He was graduated from the state college at

Warrensburg last summer and formerly taught in Leeton, Mo.

The bride-to-be is a graduate of the Warrensburg college.  She was a music major

and was a member of the Crescendo club, Alpha Phi Delta, and Kappa Delta Pi,

honorary fraternities.

Mr. Allen is a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a mathematics fraternity.

The wedding will be held in the Latter Day Saints' church in Warrenburg.----July 1, 1942.




                             Betty Braden Marries Don Routh In Shawnee


Miss Betty Braden, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Braden, Shawnee, became

the bride of Mr. Don Routh of Paterson, N. J. Sunday after the morning church ser-

vice in the First Presbyterian church of Shawnee, with her father reading the sacred


Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. John Braden of Tulsa.

The bride is a graduate of the McAlester high school.  She attended the University

of Oklahoma and the University of Indiana.  She is a member of Delta Gamma


Mr. Routh is assistant pastor of the First Presbyterian church in Paterson and is

taking college work at Princeton.

Mr. and Mrs. Routh are making their home in Paterson.

The Braden family moved this month from McAlester to Shawnee.----May 24, 1942.




                                 Mildred Darby Weds Gene Cummings


Miss Mildred Darby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Darby, Gowen, became the

bride of Mr. Gene Cummings, son of Mrs. R. I. Thrailkill, last Thursday afternoon

in the home of the officiating minister, Rev. J. O. Bennett.

Mr. Cummings is in the U. S. Army at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

After June 1 Mr. and Mrs. Cummings will be at home in San Antonio, Texas.

                                                                                                       ----May 21, 1942.




                            Carmel Sandlin Is Honored With Shower


Miss Carmel Sandlin, whose wedding to Milton James Johnston, Inglewood,

Calif., will be June 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada, was honored with a surprise

bridal shower Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Edna Neeley.

Miss Sandlin followed a string through the rooms of the house until she came

to a chest of miscellaneous gifts, ranging from coffee makers, ovenware, tea

towels and hot pads for the kitchen, to sheets and pillow cases for the bed-

room, to luncheon sets and a chest of beautiful silver for the dining room, to

towels and wash cloths for the bathroom.

Miss Darlene Schmieding, who has taught school with Miss Sandlin for several

years, read to her advise on keeping a husband, which had been written by

the guests.

A dainty ice course was served at the close of the evening.

Guests included Mrs. John Bain, Mrs. W. J. Layne, Mrs. William Mullins, Mrs.

Catherine Perry, Mrs. S. J. McGilberry, Mrs. W. D. Blackwood, Mrs. Larry

Murray, Mrs. Elmer Thrower, Mrs. W. J. Park, Mrs. John Lowerison, Mrs.

Kelley Moore, Mrs. T. F. Woods, Mrs. W. A. Byrne, Mrs. Roy Byrne, Mrs. W. P.

Katigan, Jr., Mrs. Albert Long, Mrs. Robert Gentry, Miss Irene Spradling, Mrs.

Margaret Adams, Mrs. K. J. LeFevre, Mrs. George Walshe, Mrs. R. K. Billings,

Miss Darlene Schmieding, Mrs. Charles Sivil, Galena Park, Texas, Mrs. Finas

Sandlin, and Sandra Sue Billings.

Gifts were sent by Mrs. Joe Ganner, Mrs. J. L. Ganner, Mrs. W. A. Polk, Miss

Lorene Watson, Miss Lavaughn Whitehurst, Misses Edith and Gertrude Rich-

ards, Mrs. C. H. Carleton, Miss Alice Taylor, Miss Judy Walshe, Mrs. Schuyler

Davidson, and Mrs. Mel Thompson.

Miss Sandlin left Wednesday for Las Vegas.----June 20, 1942.




                   Mrs. Kitchell's Nephew Weds In St. Louis


Mrs. J. R. Kitchell has received word of the marriage of her nephew, Leut.

Wm. T. Harrison, St. Louis, Mo., to Miss Billy Carmack, Monett, Mo. on

November 12.

Leut. Harrison is the son of Mrs. Kitchell's sister, Mrs. H. G. Harrison.

                                                                                 ----November 12, 1942.




                            Joner A. Bevans Dies Friday


Joner Augustus Bevans, 47, died early Friday at 2:15 a. m. at the family

residence on E. Lehigh.  He had been in poor health for more than three


Funeral services were held at the home Saturday at 10 o'clock with Elder

J. S. White and Elder T. E. Fitzwater of the Latter Day Saint church in

charge.  Burial was at Mountain Station cemetery beside the graves of

his two babies, Helen Marie, who died June 22, and Tommie Wallace, who

died two years ago.

Mrs. Bevans and six children survive.  They are Merlin, Elwina, Vonnie,

Alma, Junior, and Dale.  His mother, Mrs. Betty Bevans, Hartshorne, and

two sisters, Mrs. Robert Barrowman, Pitcher, and Mrs. M. A. Eastburn,

Parsons, Kansas, and a brother, John Bevans, Parsons, survive.  The

brother and sisters were here for the funeral.----August 15, 1942.




                            A. L. Siler Rites Are Saturday


Funeral services for A. L. Siler, 64, who died suddenly last Tuesday of an

attack of acute indigestion at his home in the north part of Haileyville,

were held Saturday at 2:30 o'clock at the Haileyville Baptist church with

Rev. M. W. Landers, the pastor, in charge.

Music was under the direction of Mrs. Landers and consisted of a solo by

Mrs. T. D. Culley, a number by a choir of the church, and a special quartet.

The body was held until Sunday morning for burial in the McAlester cem-

etery, awaiting the arrival of a son, Buford, from California.  He came

Saturday night.

Three daughters, Mrs. Georgia Sanders and Mrs. Mary Moran of Oklahoma

City, and Mrs. Charlotte Zukoski of Detroit, Mich. and three sons, Morris

Siler of Sheppard Field, Buford, of California, and J. C., at home also sur-

vive, as does the wife and companion.  Five grandchildren also survive.

                                                                          -----August 18, 1942.




             Mrs. S. C. Richardson Dies In Daughter's Home


Mrs. S. C. Richardson, 86, died Wednesday morning at 4:30 o'clock at the

home of her daughter, Mrs. Pearl Adams, south of McAlester, where she

had been bedfast for one month.

"Mother" Richardson would have been 87 years old on November 5.  She

was born at Wnynesboro, Texas, but had spent most of her life in this

section of the state.  Since February 2, 1900 she and her family had lived

in the Sulphur community.

Three sons and a daughter survive.  The sons are Fred Richardson and

Toach Richardson of Hartshorne, Jeff Richardson of Maderia, Calif., Route

2, and Mrs. Adams is the only daughter.  Twenty-nine grandchildren, 27

great grand children and four great great grandchildren also survive.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 3 o'clock in the Sulphur ceme-

tery, where her companion, John J. Richardson, who died in 1916, is

buried.----August 14, 1942.




                     Jerry Coussens Dies In Oklahoma City


Gerald (Jerry) Herman Coussens, three year old son of Mr. and Mrs.

Herman Coussens, Oklahoma City, died Tuesday night on the operating

table at Wesley hospital, Oklahoma City.

Funeral services were held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at Evans

Funeral chapel, Hartshorne, with Rev. T. P. Spear, Christian minister,

officiating.  A quartet composed of Mrs. Spear, Janice Thrower, Mable

Sweet, and Frances Key, with Dorothy Trueblood at the piano, sang

"Jesus Loves Me," "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam," and "Jewels."

Mr. Spear talked on Transplanting Flowers to God's Garden and quoted

the comforting Scripture, "Suffer little children to come nto me and forbid

them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Besides the parents, the baby is survived by an older brother, Conrad,

his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Sheeley, Hartshorne,

and his paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Coussens, Oklahoma


Burial was in Elmwood cemetery, Hartshorne.  Pallbearers were Mrs.

Coussens' sisters, Mrs. Dan Clemente and Mrs. Archie Bibbs, Mr. Coussens'

cousin, Geraldine McCullar, and Miss Ina Graham, Oklahoma City, who

had nursed the baby since he was six months old.----August 11, 1942.




                  W. M. Brown Dies In Veterans Hospital


W. M. Brown, of the Arch community, died Monday night at the Veterans

hospital in Muskogee where he has been ill for more than two months.

Funeral arrangements await the arrival of a son, Wm. Brown, Jr., from

Fort Jackson, S. C.  Two daughters, Juanita and Wilma, also survive.

Mrs. Brown is also left.----August 10, 1942.




                Mrs. S. E. Greear's Mother Dies Suddenly


Death came suddenly, in a heart attack, Friday to Mrs. Anna Bertha Faulk-

ner Moore, at her farm home near Haywood.

Mrs. Moore was the mother of Mrs. S. E. Greear of Haileyville.  She is sur-

vived by another daughter, Mrs. M. M. Smalling, and a son, H. D. Moore.

Funeral rites were Sunday afternoon at Humphrey's Funeral Home in Mc-

Alester with Rev. T. P. Spear, Haileyville Christian minister, in charge.

Music was provided by young people of the Haileyville and Hartshorne

Christian church, with Dorothy Rose Trueblood at the piano.

Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery, McAlester.  Pallbearers were Claude

Henderson, Elmer Gray, M. R. Collier, Albert Phillips, D.

Born August 3, 1874 at Covington, Ky.,  Mrs. Moore was married in March

1895 to John P. Moore at DeMossville, Ky.  In 1903 they moved to the

Haywood community.

Mrs. Moore had been a member of the Christian church for more than

40 years.----August 7, 1942.




                         Mrs. Pearl Dameron Dies In Colorado


News of the death of Mrs. Pearl Dameron in Pueblo, Colo., last Wednes-

day reached Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Sames late Friday.

Mrs Dameron was nurse at Jones Academy for several years.

She is survived by two sons and a daughter.

Details of her death were not given in the brief message to Dr. and Mrs.

Sames from Mrs. Dorothy Custis, daughter of Mrs. Dameron.----August 11, 1942.




                   Mrs. K. J. LeFevre's Father Dies Wednesday


Mrs. K. J. LeFevre recieved a message early Wednesday morning of the

death of her father, C. D. Smith, in Wapanucka a few minutes before.

She and Mr. LeFevre left immediately for Wapanucka to attend the fun-


Mrs. Smith and two other daughters, Mrs. Bess Scudder of Wapanucka

and Mrs. Lydia Grayson of Okmulgee, survive.----August 17, 1942.




Burial was made in Elmwood cemetery Friday of last week for the baby

son of Mr. and Mrs. James King.  Mrs. King will be remembered as

Ardell Bates, formerly of Bache.----May 9, 1942.




                             M. H. Wolfe, 75, Dies In Dallas, Texas


M. H. Wolfe, 75, died Wednesday, October 21, in Dallas, Texas, his

nephew and nieces learned here.

Mrs. Wolfe is the sister of the late Mrs. R. S. Miller, mother of Mrs. Carl

Dumbleton, Haileyville, Mrs. W. A. Hammond, Hartshorne, and Dr. Frank

Miller and Roy Miller of Hartshorne.

Mr. Wolfe was a religious philanthropist and was well known through-

out the Southwest.  Especially was he loved by members of the Baptist

church for his spiritual leadership.

Mrs. Dumbleton as a young woman in her teens spent most of her sum-

mers with her aunt and uncle in Dallas.----October 21, 1942.




                                Mrs. Maudie Payne Is Buried Saturday



Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at Evans Funeral chapel

for Mrs. Maudie Payne, who died early Friday at a McAlester hospital.

Rev. M. W. Landers, Haileyville Baptist pastor, was in charge.  Burial was

in Elmwood cemetery.

Mrs. Payne, born in Hartshorne in 1904, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. F.

Kline, is survived by her husband, Riley Payne, a son, R. C., her parents,

three brothers, Joe, Henry, and George Kline, and two sisters, Mrs. Ova

Blackburn of Cowden, Ill. and Mrs. Ruth Jones of McAlester.----October 2, 1942.




                             Mary Jane Muir Is Buried Monday


Funeral services were held Monday at 3 o'clock at the Haileyville Christian

church for Mrs. Mary Jane Muir, who died early Saturday evening.

Mrs. Muir had not been well Saturday and neighbors and friends had been

with her during the day.  But they left about six o'clock and Mrs. Stanton

Jones returned about nine o'clock, to find her dead.

Rev. T. P. Spear, pastor of the Haileyville church, preached a comforting

sermon on "Assurance."  Music was furnished by Miss Thelma June Steph-

enson and Miss Ruth Burgess, with Miss Vera Mae Stephenson at the piano.

They sang "Abide With Me," "Jesus, Savior Pilot Me" and "What a Friend

We Have in Jesus."

Burial was in Elmwood cemetery, Hartshorne, by the grave of her husband,

who was buried October 9, two years ago.  Pallbearers were Jesse Huskey,

C. B. Young, Ed Frashier, W. P. Calhoun, McAlester, and Oscar Glenn and

Floyd Baldwin, both of Wister.

Among those from out of town here for the funeral were Mrs. Lottie Heath-

cock, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Muir, of Wister, Mrs. Bridgewater, Mrs. Tom Welsh,

Mrs. Frank Elliott, Mrs. William Scherman, and Mrs. Walter Welch, of


Born February 4, 1901, Mary Jane Williams was married to Chester Muir in

August, 1921.  Two children were born to this union, Joanna and Lewis

Griffith, both of whom died in infancy.

Two brothers, Griff Williams, of Hartshorne, and Henry Williams of Kansas

City, and two sisters, Mrs. Lucy Pilant, of Dayton, Ohio, and Mrs. H. L. Ellis,

survive, as does a niece, Mrs. Roy Trueblood, of McAlester.

Griff Williams and Mrs. Trueblood were the only near relatives here for the

funeral.----September 26, 1942.




                        Willis Mathiews, Jr. Dies In Lynwood


Willis Mathiews, Jr., 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Mathiews, died at

the home of his parents in the Lynwood community early Monday morning.

Funeral rites were held Tuesday afternoon at the Lynwood school with Rev.

J. B. France, pastor of the First Christian church, McAlester, in charge.  Mrs.

T. P. Spear and Mrs. Wesley Lay sang "What a Friend We Have in Jesus,"

"Does Jesus Care" and "Abide With Me."  Burial was in Elmwood cemetery,


The youth is survived by three brothers and three sisters.

Baptized about two years ago as a member of the Christian church, he had

requested Rev. T. P. Spear to preach his funeral.  But Mr. Spear was unable

to leave his work at the Rock Island.  Until a few days before his death when

his eyesight became very dim, the boy read his Bible daily.

He had been ill for more than a year with a tumor of the spine.----October 19, 1942.




                                John M. Reagan Is Buried Tuesday


John M. (Hayes) Reagan, born December 19, 1909, died Monday morning at

7 o'clock at St. Mary's hospital, McAlester, after a lingering illness.  He had

been critically ill for four months and had been in the hospital since last

Thursday night.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the family

residence in Hartshorne with Rev. John Hunter of the Dow Holiness church

in charge.  Burial was in Elmwood cemetery.

Before he became ill Mr. Reagan was a farmer in the Sulphur community.

He is survived by his wife, who was Nina Skaggs before their marriage

June 27, 1939, his father, Hugh Reagan, three brothers and three sisters.

Two of the brothers are in the army.  Carl C. (Sandy) Reagan is stationed

in Hawaii and the father does not know where Chester (Scott) is since he

left Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., a few weeks ago.  The third son, Austin

Reagan, expects to leave for the Army very soon.  He was the only

brother here for the funeral.  Mrs. Esther Pippin, a sister, was at the

funeral, but two other sisters were not here.  They were Willette Jenkins

of Denison, Texas and Pearl Byrum of Brawley, Calif.----October 4, 1942.




                 Mrs. Jim L. Forsythe Dies Sunday Afternoon


Mrs. Jim Forsythe died Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at her home after

a lingering illness.

Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Evans Fun-

eral chapel with Rev. Harold Black, pastor of the Presbyterian church,

in charge.

Mrs. K. J. LeFevre and Mrs. George Walshe, with Miss Darlene Schmie-

ding at the piano, sang "Have Thine Own Way, Lord," "Lead Kindly

Light" and "Sun of My Soul."

Mr. Black read from Psalms and Proverbs, closing with the 23rd Psalm.

His text for the comforting sermon was taken from Acts 7:60, "He fell a-

sleep," telling of the death of the martyr, Stephen.  He said that just as

sleep is necessary for our health in this life, so is it essential that we

sleep in Death to obtain eternal life and be with Christ.

As day follows night, so after the night time of death is the beautiful

morning of resurrection for the saints, he declared.

Pall bearers were Carl Nick, Jim Williams, J. S. Martin, Mel Thompson,

Joe Rudisill, and Albert Long.

Dora Coffee was born May 20, 1887 at Colvard, Okla.  In 1907 she was

married to Jim L. Forsythe and since has resided in Hartshorne.

She is survived by her husband, two daughters, Lennie and Mary

Elizabeth Forsythe, of the home address, two sisters, Mrs. T. E. Metcalf

of Denison, Texas, and Mrs. Carl Logan of Burbank, Calif.

Out of town relatives here for the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Guy

Bates, Mrs. T. E. Metcalf and Mrs. MacKenzie, all of Denison, Texas.

                                                                       ----October 18, 1942.




                    Barnhill Rites Are Sunday

       Tony Barnhill Dies In Veterans Hospital


Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 p. m. at his home in Gowen

for Tony Harrison Barnhill, who died last Thursday in the Veterans

Hospital, Muskogee.

Rev. W. G. (Bill) Lucas of Wister officiated.  "Farther Along" and "God

Will Take Care of You" were sung by A. Hunt, Ben Neathery and Rev.

W. Seeds, with Mrs. William Gordon at the piano.

Tony Barnhill was born November 18, 1892 at Fort Smith, Ark.  He is

survived by his wife and daughter, Laverne, of the home address,

also his mother, Mrs. J. C. Hicks of Bogota, Texas, and a sister, Mrs.

Dora Main, of Palestine, Texas.

Other out of town relatives who attended the funeral were his cousins,

Alva Barnhill, Whorton, Texas and Will Allen of McAlester;  Mr. and

Mrs. John Morgan and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Colston of Hartshorne;

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Caudron of Kansas City, Kansas and J. C. Caldwell

of Bogota, Texas.

Pallbearers were Virgie Morris, Virgil Zaccanti, Harry Ziverk, C. A.

Deligans, E. A. Bennett and Mr. Mote of Wilburton.

Burial was in Elmwood cemetery with A. Lapp Funeral Home of

Wilburton in charge.                                  ---February 26, 1942




              Mrs. Alfred Mitchell Is Buried Friday


Funeral services were held Friday at 2:30 o'clock for Mrs. Alfred

Mitchell at Evans Funeral chapel, with Rev. M. W. Landers,

Haileyville Baptist pastor, in charge.

Mrs. Mitchell died at her home near Weathers Wednesday evening

after a lingering illness.

Mrs. Sam Mitchell, a sister-in-law, and Mrs. George Walshe sang

"The Old Rugged Cross," "Sometime We'll Understand" and "Face

to Face" with Mrs. Robert Gentry at the piano.

Mrs. Mitchell united with the Haileyville Baptist church seven years

ago and later transferred her membership to the Hartshorne church.

She is survived by her husband, three sisters, and four brothers.

Mr. Landers preached a comforting sermon based on 1 Corinthians

15.                                                            ---October 6, 1942




                Mrs. Bezinque's Rites To Be Friday


Funeral services for Mrs. Alph Bezinque, who died in San Jose,

Calif., will be held Friday morning at 9 o'clock at St. John's

Catholic church in McAlester.

Burial will be in Mt. Calvary cemetery at McAlester, beside her

husband, who died less than two years ago.

The Bezinque family was loved by Hartshorne people when he

directed a band here.  Later he was band director and organizer

or the State Prison Band.

Mrs. Bezinque was with her daughter, Miss Jennie Bezinque in

San Jose.                                                   ---October 23, 1942




            Mrs. Harvey Craig Dies In Kansas City


Mrs. Harvey Craig, 51, of Kansas City, Mo. died Monday at 12:30

o'clock, after a lingering illness.

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Craig of Hartshorne

and a sister of Mrs. Fred Whiting of the Shady Valley community.

Her husband, two sons and a daughter also survive.  The sons

are Harvey and Howard Craig and the daughter is Emma Jewell

Craig, all of Kansas City.

Her parents have been with her for two months and Mr. and Mrs.

Billy Whiting went to Kansas City Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred

Whiting were unable to go for the funeral, since Mr. Whiting is

recuperating from an appendix operation, and Mrs. Whiting is

not well.

Mrs. Craig spent her childhood days in Hartshorne and was

married here to Joe Harvey Craig of McAlester.--October 12, 1942




                T. W. Riley Rites Are Wednesday


Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon for T.

W. Riley at Snow, Okla., in Pushmataha county, by Rev. Archer,

minister of the Church of Christ.

Mr. Riley had lived in Pittsburg county for many years before

moving to Pushmataha county.

Surviving are his widow, two sons, Charles Riley and George

Riley, both of Snow, and five daughters, Mrs. Mary Davidson,

Bache, Mrs. Iva Shrum, Oklahoma City, Mrs. Juanita Connally,

Norman, Mrs. Anna McKinley, Shawnee, and Mrs. Louise Mc-

Kinley of Dale.  Twenty-five grandchildren also survive.

                                                                 ---September 23, 1942




            Giles F. Sparkman Dies In California


News reached Harshorne this week of the death in Stockton,

Calif., on September 22, of Giles Franklin Sparkman, 49.

Funeral rites were Saturday, September 26, at the Chapel of

the Palms, Stockton, and burial was at Park View cemetery.

A former resident of Hartshorne, Mr. Sparkman is survived by

his children, Mrs. John Dudley, Lloyd, Howard, Orvil and

Mildred Sparkman, all of Stockton, and Mrs. Harry Hebdon of

Oceanside, Calif.

The daughter, Mildred, was enroute to Florida to be married

when her father died.  She came back and the sailor to

whom she was engaged, came to Stockton and they were

married there.

Death was caused from a heart attack.




      Edith Marzuola Is Bride of Frank Antonelli


Miss Edith Marzuola became the bride of Frank Antonelli in

a simple ceremony Wednesday at 8 o'clock at the home of

Justice of the Peace W. E. Kelley in McAlester.

Mr. and Mrs. King Antonelli were attendants.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Marzuola,

Hailyville, and is a graduate of the Haileyville high school.

The groom is the son of Mrs. Jim Antonelli and he completed

his high school course in Hartshorne.        ---February 4, 1942




         Colleen Smith Weds Arnold Bookout


Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Smith are announcing the marriage of their

daughter, Colleen, to Arnold Bookout, son of Bob Bookout.

The wedding was solemnized in Atoka on August 4.

Mr. Bookout is stationed at Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas

in the Army Air Corps.

He was home for the week end.     ---August 4, 1940




       Jeanne VanMeter Weds James Johnson


Mr. and Mrs. Dave VanMeter are announcing the wedding of

their daughter, Jeanne, to Mr. James Johnson, son of Mr. and

Mrs. L. A. Johnson, which was solemnized last Thursday night

at Cambria, with Rev. Charles VanMeter, cousin of the bride,

reading the vows.

The bride is attending Hartshorne high school.  The groom

works for NYA in McAlester.              ---May 1, 1941




          Watts-Spears Wedding Is Announced


Miss Frances Watts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Clyde Watts of

New Hope, and Mr. Earl Spears, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D.

Spears, announced their marriage Sunday, which took

place January 16, 1941.

Mr. Spears is employed in Hartshorne and they will con-

tinue living here.                              ---January 16, 1941




     Johnye Bookout Weds Mose (Sonny) Watts


Mr. and Mrs. John Bookout are announcing the wedding of

their daughter, Johnye Lavaughn, to Mose (Sonny) Watts,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Watts, which was an event of

Tuesday night in Wilburton.

Temporarily the young people are with Mr. Watts' grand-

mother, Mrs. Ott, in the New Hope community.

The bride and groom are students at Hartshorne high

school, the bride a sophomore and the groom a junior.

                                            ---December 31, 1940




           Betty Duggan Weds Paul Curbow


Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Duggan of Lynwood community are

announcing the wedding of their daughter, Betty, to Mr.

Paul Curbow, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Curbow.

The wedding vows were read September 15 in Wilburton

in the home of the officiating minister, Rev. McCartney.

Witnesses were Miss Norma Aaron of Haileyville and

Mr. Ralph Shephard of Hartshorne.

Mr. Curbow graduated from the 1938 Hartshorne high

school class.  He is now employed in Clarksdale,


Mr. and Mrs. Curbow plan to make their home in

Arizona.                                    ---September 15, 1941




    Ruth Hutchison Weds William Housley


A wire reached Mrs. J. S. White, mother of the bride,

this week that Miss Ruth Hutchison was married to

William Housley on Friday, August 22, at Coeur Dalene,

Idaho, by Elder S. J. Fout.

The bride wore a dress of ashes of roses shade, with

blue accessories.  Her corsage was of carnations and


After the simple wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Fout entertained

with a reception.  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schierman were


Mr. and Mrs. Housley spent their honeymoon in

Spokane, Wash. and visited the Grand Coulee Dam.

                                                 ---August 22, 1941




Tommie Bookout Is Bride Of Louis Sheeley


Miss Tommie LaVelle Bookout became the bride of

Mr. Louis James Sheeley Saturday at 2 o'clock at the

Methodist parsonage with Rev. Melvin Miller, the

Methodist pastor, officiating.

Attendants were Mrs. Sheeley's sister, Mrs. Mose Watts,

of McAlester, and Mr. Edsel Bookout.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Book-

out, and is a graduate of the Hartshorne high school.

The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Sheeley

of Hartshorne.  He is with the U. S. Army, stationed at

Camp Barkley, Abilene, Texas.  They plan to establish

a home in Abilene.

                                 (No date written in)




                                            Marriage Licenses

                                               (From Wilburton)


Frank Langley, 24, to Margie Hopper, 16, both of Hartshorne,

December 4, 1940.

A. F. Dear, 30, Wilburton, to Louise Busetti, 18, of Hartshorne,

December 7, 1940.




(This is a Handwritten Notice)

Bertha Lackey married to Mr. Cecil Secreat on April 11, 1941

at 7 o'clock.  He is a sailor.




 Louise Parker Is Honored With Shower Saturday


Miss Louise Parker, whose wedding to Sherrill Agee, will be

an event of Thursday night, (tonight) at 8 o'clock in the Meth-

odist church study, with Rev. Melvin Miller, pastor, officiating,

was honored with a shower in the home of Mrs. J. S. Martin

Saturday afternoon.

A poinsetta lace table cloth, crocheted by Mrs. Martin, cover-

ed the table, centered with a May pole from which streamers

in pastel shades radiated.  Under the streamers were piled

the gifts.  The dainty refreshments carried out the pastel

color note.

Guests for the afternoon were Miss Parker, Mrs. Sarah Park-

er, Mrs. H. A. Agee, Mrs. S. C. Agee, Mrs. Anna Hardy, Mrs.

E. C. Trueblood, Mrs. Fannie Gibson, Mrs. George Chron-

ister, Mrs. Mollie Woods, Mrs. John Machunis, Mrs. Bob

Booth, Mrs. Glenn Hall, Mrs. Ben Miller, Mrs. Catherine

Perry, Mrs. J. W. Martin;

Billie Jeanne Martin, Virginia Perry, Jimmie Dean Stand-

erfer, Mary Lou Parker, Wanda Agee, Marie Pool, Freda

Rudisill, Vedua Rudisill.

Those sending gifts were Mrs. Bob Bookout, Mrs. Pauline

Wilson, Mrs. Anna Patterson, Mrs. Johnye Louise Long,

Miss Vivian Haley, Mrs. John Deller, Mrs. J. E. Abernathy

and Norma Jean, Mrs. Standerfer, Mrs. Lonnie Parker,

Catherine Ganner, Marjorie Gilliam, Mrs. Ledbetter, and

Elsie Alice Martin.

Miss Parker is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Parker.

Mr. Agee is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Agee of Rt. 2,

Hartshorne.  The young couple have a home already

furnished in the Sulphur community.   ---May 15, 1941.




            Devota Cecil Weds Keith McCall


Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cecil of Gowen are announcing the

marriage of their daughter, Devota, of Phoenix, Arizona,

on February 9, to Mr. Keith McCall, of Phoenix.

Mrs. Cecil attended four years of high school in Hart-


Mr. and Mrs. McCall are making their home in Phoenix.

                                                        ---February 9, 1942.




        Winnie Britton Weds Leonard Riley


Miss Winnie Britton, Gowen, became the bride of Leonard

Riley Saturday, February 7, at 6 p. m., in a mission at San

Antonio, Texas, where Leonard is with the Headquarters of

Third Army.

The wedding was simple with a few close friends present.

Mr. and Mrs. Riley are at home at 223 Mason Street, San


Both are graduates of the Hartshorne high school.

                                                          ---February 7, 1942.




Lora Elizabeth Bennet Weds Billy Rose Deligans


The wedding of Miss Lora Elizabeth Bennet, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. E. A. Bennet, Cambria, to Mr. Billy Rose Deligans,

son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Deligans, was solemnized Saturday

at 8 o'clock in the home of the bride's parents.

Rev. Tom Lucas of Adamson read the sacred vows, using the

single ring ceremony.  The vows were exchanged before an

improvised altar of ferns and fall flowers.

The bride wore a blue chiffon velvet dress with veiled hat.

Her shoulder corsage was of pink carnations.  For something

old the bride wore a broch which belongs to Mrs. Joseph

Deligans, grandmother of the groom.  She carried a hanker-

chief which her father had sent her mother when he was in

World War I.

Attendants were the bride's sister, Miss Osa Bennett, and Mr.

James Arthur Hunt.

The wedding march was played by Mrs. Frank Burnett.

At the informal reception which followed the wedding, punch

and the wedding cake were served.

The bride was valedictorian of the 1940 class of the Hart-

shorne high school and has attended Eastern Oklahoma

college, Wilburton, for one year.

The groom is a graduate of Hartshorne high school and of

Eastern Oklahoma college, Wilburton.

The young couple left Sunday for Durant to enter South-

eastern State college.

Guests at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bennett and

family, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Deligans, Mrs. Osa Null, Mrs. Steve

Barnes and children, Mrs. Mae Harrison and daughter,

Wanda, Mrs. William Goodart, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Deligans

and daughters, Louise and Joan, Miss Helen Ratliff, J. O.

Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bennett and family, Mrs.

Charlsie Huddleston and Mary Ellen, Mrs. Mary McGowan,

Miss Josephine Machunis, Mrs, Frank Burnett and children,

Mr. and Mrs Joe Sivil, Miss Maxine Elliott, Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Hunt and sons, Mrs. Jack Cummings and Carole

Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dennett, Mrs. Lige Ford, Bobby

Deligans, Tony Regalski, Mrs. Mollie Evicks, Mrs. Adam

Evicks and daughter, Mrs. Jake Johnson and children,

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lackey, Miss June Bishop, Tony

Ferbison, William Vermillion, Joy, Clifford and Jimmie

Bennett, and Mildred Ann Walker.   ---August 30, 1941.




                           (Handwritten Notice)

Clifford D. Jones, 21 of Talihina married to Johnnie L. Machernee,

21 of Hartshorne.  Married December 19, 1940 at Wilburton.




      Louise Morris Weds Adolph Shamasko


Miss Biddie Morris of Gowen is announcing the marriage of her

daughter, Louise, to Mr. Adolph Shamasko, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Sigmon Shamasko, of Craig, on Saturday, August 23, in Chicago,


The vows were read by the Rev. Father Bolin at 10o'clock at St.

Columkille church on Grand Avenue and Paulina street, Chicago,


The bride wore a beautiful white frock of marquisetta over satin

and a fingertip veil of net.  Her arm bouquet was of white roses

and lilies of the valley.  For the bride's entrance, Lohengrin's

Wedding March was played.

The bride's sister, Mrs. Joe Kubricki, was matron of honor.  She

wore a frock of peach net and carried red roses and lilies.  Ted

Rice was the groom's best man.

The bride, who graduated in the class of 1938 from Hartshorne

high school, attended Eastern Oklahoma A. and M. college,

Wilburton, for one year.  She is now employed with the Guard-

ian Electric Manufacturing Co.

Mr. Shamasko is a graduate of the Haileyville high school class

of 1938.  He was a member of the football team for four years

and played basketball for three years.  He is now employed at

the Nicro Steel Co.

A reception followed the ceremony in the home of the bride's

sister, Mrs. Kubicki.

Mr. and Mrs. Shamasko are now at home at 825 N. Hermitage,

Chicago, Ill.                                                 ---August 23, 1941.




       Merrell Mitchell Weds James Milton Grey


Announcement reached Hartshorne this week of the wedding

of Mrs. Merrell Mitchell to Mr. James Milton Grey, both of

Oklahoma City, on Tuesday, September 30, at 8:30 o'clock in

the living room of Rev. James B. Burnside, 3136 N.W. 27th

street, Oklahoma City, pastor of the Second Presbyterian


Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodness, also of

Oklahoma City.

The bride wore a black pin stripe suit with gold accessories

and a gardenia corsage.

Mrs. Goodness wore a gray suit with green accessories.

Mrs. Grey is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Thompson

and was reared in Hartshorne where she completed her

high school work.  She has had art training in Kansas City

and for several years has been a commercial artist in

Oklahoma City.  Mrs. Grey also attended Wolfe School of

Costume Design, Los Angeles, Oklahoma College for

Women, Chickasha, and the Woodbury school, Los Angeles.

Mr. Grey is the son of Mrs. C. E. Grey and the late C. E. Grey

of Chilocco, who for 35 years was in the Indian service. 

James Grey is an architectural designer.  He was graduated

from Marysville high school, Marysville, Wash. and Cameron

College at Lawton.  He is owner of the Modern Drafting

Service and he and Mrs. Grey are associated in business

together, with offices at 914 Braniff Building, Oklahoma


Mr. and Mrs. Grey are living temporarily at 2114 Stonewall,

Oklahoma City.                               ---October 30, 1941.




Stallings-Grice Vows Are Read Here Sunday


In the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David G.

Stallings, the wedding vows were read Sunday at 2 o'clock

by Dr. L. C. Walter, Oklahoma City, retired Presbyterian

minister, for Miss Tom Ed Stallings and Mr. Harwood

Vinson Grice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harwood Newman Grice,

Dallas, Texas.

The sacred vows were exchanged before the fireplace in

the living room, which was banked with ferns, and flanked

on either side with tall baskets of large white mums.  The

couple knelt on a white satin prie dieu for the wedding


Prenuptial music was played by Mrs. E. R. Jolly, McAlester,

who played the nuptial music at the wedding of the bride's

parents.  Her numbers were "Because," d'Hardelot;  "O

Promise Me," Carrie Jocobs Bond;  and Lohengrin's

Bridal Chorus, Wagner.

The bride was radiantly beautiful in an afternoon frock of

R. A. F. blue wool, with which she wore black accessories.

She carried a white Bible covered with gardenias, which

were later made into a corsage.

The traditional "something old" was a pin belonging to

her great grandmother and a hankerchief, which had been

carried by the bridegroom's mother and grandmother at

their weddings.

Attendants were Miss Joan Stallings, sister of the bride,

and Mr. Jim S. Cook, of Dallas, Texas.  Miss Stallings wore

a blue crepe dress with navy accessories and her corsage

was of pink rosebuds and tuberoses.

A reception followed the ceremony when guests were

members of the wedding party and a few friends of the


The three tiered wedding cake centered the dining table

and this was served with ice cream by Misses Darlene

Schmieding, Lavaughn Whitehurst, and Elsie Alice Martin.

The cake was placed on a mirror, and was surrounded

with ferns and tube roses.  Napkins bore the names, Tom

Ed and Vinson.

Miss Pauline Fenton, Tulsa, a cousin of the bride, had

charge of the guest book.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom left for Hutchins,

Texas, where Mrs. Grice has been teaching, and where

they are establishing a temporary home, until they move

to Dallas for their permanent home.

Mrs. Grice is a graduate of the Hartshorne high school.

After attending Gulf Park college, Gulfport, Miss., she

went to Southern Methodist University, Dallas, where

she graduated.  She was a member of Delta Delta


Mr. Grice is also a graduate of Southern Methodist

University.  He was a member of the Lamba Chi Alpha

social fraternity and of Alpha Theta Phi and Beta Gamma

Sigma honorary fraternities.  He is employed at the

Republic National Bank of Dallas, Dallas, Texas.

Out of town guests included the groom's parents, Mr. and

Harwood N. Grice, Mr. and Mrs. Waddell Moursand, Jim

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wallace, Jr., Dallas, Texas,

Mrs. Paul Fenton and Miss Pauline Fenton, Tulsa, Mr. and

Mrs. J. W. Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Riedt, Mr. and Mrs.

E. R. Jolly, McAlester, and Mr. and Mrs. George Green,

of Haileyville.                             ---May 9, 1942.




Virginia Ruth Claycomb Married James M. McKenzie


Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Claycomb of 1401 W. 23rd Place, Tulsa, are

announcing the wedding on February 6, of their daughter,

Virginia Ruth, to Mr. James M. McKenzie, also of Tulsa.

The vows were read at 7:30 o'clock on Friday, February 6, in

the home of Rev. Bascom Watts, pastor of Boston Avenue

Methodist church.  Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Skeele

of Tulsa.  Mrs. McKenzie and Mrs. Skeel were former school-


The bride wore a pale blue dress with white eyelet collar

and black accessories.  Her flowers were a corsage of

gardenias.  For something old she wore a brooch that be-

longed to her great grandmother.

Mrs. Skeele wore a dress of blue sheer wool with a corsage

of red roses.

Mrs. McKenzie was born and grew to high school age in

Hartshorne.  At that time she moved with her parents to

Tulsa, where she completed her high school education at

Daniel Webster high school.  Since graduating last spring,

she has been employed in the office of the Family Service

Laundry of West Tulsa.

Mr. McKenzie, who has lived in Tulsa for four years, is

employed at the Spartan Aircraft Factory.

The couple will be at home at the Alden Apartments,

1111 S. Denver, Tulsa.                   ---February 6, 1942.




      Mogene Mitchell Weds Leotis Woods


The wedding of Miss Mogene Mitchell of Higgins to Leotis

Woods of Hartshorne was solemnized Saturday, December

6, in the McAlester Christian church with Rev. Charles F.

Schwab, pastor, reading the vows.

Attendants were Ouida Davis of Gowen and Lee Lawson

of Hartshorne.

The groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Woods, enter-

tained with a wedding supper.

The groom was recently released from the U. S. Army,

where he spent two years as a corporal.  He is expecting

a call to go back to the Army, since the outbreak of the

war.                                                ---December 6, 1941.




        Jo Dollins Is Bride Of Robert E. Doan


Miss Jo Dollins, daughter of O. O. Dollins, Alamagordo, N.M.

became the bride of Robert E. Doan in Norman Saturday

night, where the vows were read by Rev. Roy O'Brien, pastor

of the Norman Christian church, in his home.

After graduating from high school here, the bride attended

Southeastern State college, Durant, for two years and when

her father went to New Mexico for his health, she accom-

panied him there, where she met Mr. Doan.

The groom is the son of Mrs. Don L. Doan of Alamagordo.

At present he is a cadet in the air corps and is stationed at

Cimarron Field, Oklahoma City.

Temporarily Mrs. Doan is here with her brother, O. O. Dollins,

Jr., and Mrs. Dollins.                             ---May 9, 1942.




     Gracie Mae Kelly To Marry Paul McCurley


Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kelly of the Higgins community are announcing

the approaching wedding of their daughter, Gracie Mae, to

Sargeant Paul J. McCurley of Las Vegas, Nevada, which will be

an event of May 26 at the Post.

The groom is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John McCurley of

Fort Smith, Ark.

A bridal shower was given recently to honor Miss Kelly in the

home of Mrs. Ted Cooper.  Guests included Mary Frances Hubert,

Mrs. John Hubert, Grace Doshier, Alice Mitchell, Alice Thompson,

Alma Ruth Ott, Mrs. Alza Mitchell, and Mrs. C. H. Kelly.  Gifts were

sent by Dorothy Lee Giles, Mrs. Harvey Gilreath, Mrs. Winney

McCaslin, Mrs. Beulah Doshier, and Mrs. Noah Thompson.

                                                                 ---May 13, 1942.




      Ruby May Stamper Weds Carl Hugh Sawyer


Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hammond gave a happy home wedding to Miss

Ruby May Stamper, 25, of Washita and Carl Hugh Sawyer, 28, of

Apache, Friday at 5 o'clock, when the young couple asked Justice

of the Peace Hammond to read the vows.

The groom was in soldier's uniform and is stationed at Fort Sill in

the Field Artillery School.

Mrs. A. E. Carlock and her sister, Mrs. B. O. Patterson, witnessed

the reading of the vows.

After the ceremony Mrs. Hammond served cookies and coffee and

pictures were taken of the bride and groom and of Mr. and Mrs.


The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stamper of Washita

and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sawyer of Seminole.

They went into the Kiamichi mountain country for their wedding

trip, after which the groom returned to Fort Sill and the bride to

Washita.                                                  ---March 20, 1942.




           Laura Marie Karas Weds Louis Marchese


The wedding of Miss Laura Marie Karas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

John Karas, to Mr. Louis Marchese was solemnized Sunday, July

5, at 9 o'clock Mass at St. Teresa's Catholic church in Gowen with

Rev. Father Boguslaus Jacaszel officiating.

The bride wore a white gown and fingertip veil.  Her arm bouquet

was an orchid and white carnations.

Louise Norwich was the bridesmaid and Mary Louise Goodart the

train bearer.  Pete J. Bullitt was best man.

The wedding march was played by Mrs. Margaret Volturo and the

Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament sang.

A reception for relatives and close friends was held after the cere-

mony at the home of the bride's parents.

Mrs. Marchese is a graduate of the Hartshorne high school and

has been working in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Marchese are now at 1820 S. 55th Court, Cicero, Ill.

                                                             ---July 3, 1942.




               Mrs. Jess Suter Is Buried Sunday


Mrs. Jess Suter of the Arch community died Friday at 3 o'clock in

St. Mary's hospital, McAlester, after giving birth to a still born son

on the Tuesday before Friday.

Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at

Evans Funeral chapel with Mr. A. Bristow, Church of Christ min-

ister, from N. McAlester, in charge.

Mrs. Suter was Lillie Taylor before her marriage, the daughter of

the late Luther Taylor.  Besides the husband she leaves six child-

ren, ranging in age from 4 to 18.

A brother, Robert Taylor, of the Higgins community, and a sister,

Mrs. Bertha Watson, of Oklahoma City, were here for the funeral.

                                                                 ---December 20, 1940.




              Infant Is Buried In Sulphur Cemetery


Donnie Ross, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Burrell, of the

Arch community, was buried in Sulphur cemetery Wednesday

afternoon, Rev. T. P. Spear, Christian minister, officiating.

                                                                 ---May 15, 1940.




       Garland M. Lasater Is Drowned In Wyoming


News of the sudden death of Garland M. Lasater, drowned re-

cently near Cody, Wyo., while attempting to ford the Shoshone

river on horseback, came as a distinct shock to the many friends

in this county of Mrs. Lasater, who was Miss Ruth Sawyer before

her marriage.

While attending school here, Mrs. Lasater lived for a time with

Mrs. Belle Miller.                                    ---June 5, 1941.




          Legion Funeral Held For Thomas Chivolek


Funeral services for Thomas Chivolek, 52, who died Saturday

in the Veterans hospital, Muskogee, where he was taken

Thursday, were held Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the

Hartshorne Methodist church with Rev. Melvin Miller, pastor,

in charge.

A World War Veteran, Mr. Chivolek had lived in Hartshorne

for 20 years.  The Nathan Plunkett American Legion Post had

charge of the services at the church and at the cemetery.

Born in Austria, Mr. Chivolek came to America at the age of

10, settling in Pennsylvania.  After the War, he came to

Hartshorne and married Miss Anna Russell of Wilburton.

His widow and three children, Thomas, Jr., Cle?? Chivolek,

and Ollie Ann Chivolek survive.            ---August 30, 1941.




       "Aunt Callie" Skinner Is Buried Sunday


Funeral services for Mrs. Stephen A. Skinner, "Aunt Callie,"

was held Sunday at 3 o'clock at the Evans Funeral chapel

with Rev. G. M. Everett, McAlester, in charge.

With Mrs. George Linney at the piano these comforting

hymns were sung:  "In the Sweet Bye and Bye," "Does

Jesus Care?" "Shall We Gather at the River," and "What

a Friend We Have in Jesus."

Pall bearers were Mayor J. S. Martin, F. B. Pitchford, Nor-

man James, J. B. Nichols, Joe Gornik, and Charley Book-


Burial was in Elmwood cemetery, where "Uncle Steve,"

the bereaved husband, was sexton for several years, un-

til a fall three years ago made it impossible for him to

work any longer.

Nancy Caroline Clark was born on May 31, 1874 in

Tennessee and on August 3, 51 years ago, was married

to Stephen A. Skinner in Madison county, Ark.  The

funeral was held on the 51st anniversary.

They came as young people to Indian Territory and lived

for many years near Wild Horse Creek in Latimer county.

They moved to Hartshorne in 1922 and have been living

in the same house since that time.

No children were born.  Besides the husband, two sisters,

Mrs. Betty Bevins and Mrs. Amanda Johnson, and two

brothers, James Wesley Clark, and Johnnie Clark, Red

Oak, survive.

Though she had not been well for several years "Aunt

Callie" became critically ill with ptomaine poisoning a

week before her death at 4:30 p. m. on Friday, August 1.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Skinner are members of the Free Will

Baptist church and had their membership in the church

at Blue.                                          ---August 1, 1941.




    Wm. M. Brown Rites Are Friday Afternoon


William M. Brown, 54, who died at the Veterans hospital,

Muskogee, Monday night, was buried Friday afternoon at

Elmwood cemetery, Hartshorne, following the funeral rites

at Evans Funeral chapel at 2:30 o'clock.

Rev. George R. House, Indianola, pastor of the Arch Church

of Christ, officiated.  Music was furnished by a choir of church

members who sang "Never Grow Old," "How Beautiful Heaven

Must Be," and "In the Sweet Bye and Bye."

Mr. House based his sermon on the text, "Blessed are the dead

which are in the Lord."

The son, William M. Brown, Jr., from Fort Jackson, S. C., saluted

the flag draped casket of his father as the pallbearers carried the

casket to the hearse for burial.  Pallbearers were Adrian Taylor,

Sim Mason, Gene Bruton, Edgar Bruton, Ed Pilgrim, and Albert


Mrs. Brown and two daughters also survive.   ---August 17, 1942.




      Mrs. Neeley's Brother Dies In Claremore


Mrs. Edna Neeley received the sad message in the night Satur-

day of the sudden death of her brother, Clarence P. Crudup,

superintendent of the Claremore schools.

When a blood clot in the blood stream reached his heart,

death came to him, unexpectedly.

Mrs. Crudup was entertaining at bridge Saturday evening and

Mr. Crudup complained of feeling not well and asked her to

get some one else to play his hand at the bridge table.  He

went to bed with a book to read and later was found dead by

his daughter.

Funeral rites were held Monday morning at 10 o'clock in the

Claremore high school auditorium, where he had spoken so

many times in his 13 years as a school man in Claremore,

first as high school principal, later as superintendent.  Arm-

istice day services, previously scheduled for 11 o'clock in the

high school auditorium, were cancelled as were plans for a

high school homecoming Friday.  School remained closed

all week.

The body was taken to Durant, where his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

R. L. Crudup, live, and a second funeral service was held in

the Methodist church at Durant at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morn-


Mr. Crudup is survived by his wife and three children, Robert

Lee, a freshman at A. and M. college, Stillwater, Johnnie Lou,

15, and Joan, 11.  He is also survived by two brothers, H. E.

Crudup of Tulsa and R. E. Crudup, principal of the McAlester

high school, and four sisters, Mrs. Neeley, Mrs. R. K. McIntosh

of Tahlequah, Mrs. William M. McVeigh of Durant and Mrs.

Jack Brooks of Gonzales, Texas.

Mrs. Neeley's daughters, Martha, and her son, Claud, went

with her to the funeral.                         ---November 9, 1940.




         Rites Are Monday For Pioneer Mother


Funeral services for Mrs. Frank Ranallo, 85, who passed away

early Saturday morning at her home here, were held Monday

morning at 9 o'clock from the Holy Rosary Catholic church.

Burial under the direction of the Evans Funeral Home took

place in the family plot by the side of her late husband, who

died a year ago, and her son, Joe, in the Catholic cemetery.

Pallbearers were her five grandsons, Frank, Angelo, John,

James, Thomas, and Ted Sitter.

Mrs. Ranallo came to Hartshorne 45 years ago from Italy with

her sons, Lige and Joe, to join her husband and establish a

home here in territory days.  She had been in ill health for

over three years.

Survivors are one son, Lige Ranallo, nineteen grandchildren,

five great grandchildren, and one sister, Mrs. Frank Collechie.

Five of the grandchildren were unable to attend the funeral:

Mrs. G. C. Burk, Central Valley, Calif.;  Mrs. J. B. Oliver, Detroit;

Joe Ranallo, Jr., who is in the army, Mary and Betty Ranallo

who are Carmelite Nuns in Oklahoma City.  Her sister was not

able to come either.                              ---June 6, 1942.




          Mrs. J. R. Wiser's Rites Saturday

Former Teacher's Mother Dies At Daughter's Home Here



Death came to Mrs. J. R. Wiser, 70, Thursday afternoon of last

week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. E. Valentine, a few

hours after another daughter, Miss Johnye Wiser, Drumright

teacher, came with the news that she had rented a home there

for herself and her mother.

Mrs. Wiser had been ill for some time but seemed apparently

better Thursday.

Born in Alma, Ark., Bonnie Busheart was married to J. R. Wiser,

who preceded her in death 10 years ago.

Six children were born to this union, five of whom are living.

They are Mrs. J. E. Valentine, Hartshorne, Mrs. Carl Phillips,

Porum, Miss Johnye Wiser, Drumright, Robert Wiser, Norman,

and Fay Wiser, Ada.

Miss Wiser had been a teacher in the Hartshorne schools for

10 years, resigning in September to go to Drumright.

Funeral services were held Saturday at 2:30 o'clock at the

Evans Funeral chapel with Elder A. Bristow, pastor of the

Haileyville Church of Christ, officiating.  Music was furnished

by Daisy Hall, Ola Faye Hayes, Chloe Price, and Sam Strange.

They sang "Rock of Ages," "Heaven Holds All To Me," and "In

the Sweet Bye and Bye."

Mr. Bristow spoke of the loyalty of Mrs. Wiser to the church.

He read a part of 1 Thessalonians 4 for the opening Scripture

and his sermon was filled with references to comforting


Burial was in Elmwood cemetery by the grave of her husband.

Pallbearers were Joe Long, Gus Sadler, Murl Hinman, Marvin

Trammell, J. E. Abernathy, and W. H. Killebrew.

All the children were here for the funeral.  Among the other

out of town relatives here for the funeral were Mr. and Mrs.

W. M. Stevens of Muskogee, Bill Wiser, of Havanna, Ark.,

Orville Wiser and his sister, of Checotah, Mrs. Harve Wiser of

Fort Worth, Roy Benefield, of Dallas, Texas.

Miss Kathleen Burnett, who teaches school in Drumright, was

here for the funeral, and returned to Drumright with Miss

Johnye Wiser Sunday afternoon.                ---No Date Listed




               James T. Anderson Rites Sunday


Funeral rites for James T. (Tommie) Anderson, 74, who died

Friday in McAlester, were he was taken from his home in

Haileyville when he became ill, were held Sunday morning at

Evans Funeral Chapel.

Rev. C. E. Jackson, local Baptist minister, officiated and music

was sung by Mrs. Sam Mitchell and Mrs. Joe Ganner, with Miss

Janice Thrower at the piano.                         ---July 17, 1942.




         Mrs. Zach Blackwell Hears Death's Call


A heart attack proved fatal last Tuesday for Mrs. Zach A. Black-

well, living on N. 13th street, Hartshorne.

Her husband was with her when death came.

Funeral rites were held at the home Thursday with Rev. Pallas

Johuson, Methodist minister, in charge.  Burial was in Ti ceme-

tery under the direction of Humphrey Funeral home.

Born October 4, 1871 in Hunt county, Texas, Mrs. Blackwell was

a resident of Pittsburg for 23 years.

Besides the husband, she is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Hazel

Sinyard, Weathers, two sons, Alfred Morgan of Sulphur and

Stanley Blackwell of Hartshorne, three brothers, L. J. Murray of

Caddo, John Murray of Blanchard, and Henry Murray of Chand-

ler, 17 grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and one great

great grandchild.

The Blackwells had moved to Hartshorne from the Ti commu-

nity last January 26 to be near a doctor for Mrs. Blackwell.

                                                              ---August 11, 1942.




       Cartwright's Brother Dies In Wapanucka


Dewey Cartwright, Wapanucka, brother of Congressman Wil-

burn Cartwright, died Friday at the family home at Wapa-


Congressman Cartwright was called home from Washington

by the fatal illness of his brother, who had been chauffeur

for his father, Rev. J. R. Cartwright, a Baptist minister, who

has appointments in Johnston, Atoka and Coal counties. 

Born May 21, 1900 at Cleveland, Tenn., Dewey Cartwright

had never married.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. A. B. Justis of


Besides the parents, Dewey Cartwright is survived by these

brothers and sisters, Congressman Cartwright, Floyd Cart-

wright of Wapanucka, Mrs. G. P. Mathes, Dallas, Texas,

Kenley S. Hilton and W. C. Chunn.

Cartwright, Shafter Cartwright, both of Wapanucka, Mrs. C.

A. Montgomery, McAllen, Texas, Clifford Cartwright, We-

woka, and Keith Cartwright, Hugo.     ---August 7, 1942.




           Mrs Robert Bradley Dies In Ohio


News reached Hartshorne this week of the death in

Cambridge, Ohio of Mrs. Robert Bradley, 84, who lived at

one time in Hartshorne.  She is the mother of C. D. Brad-

ley of McAlester.  In February she and her husband had

celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary.

The Jeffersonian, Cambridge, Ohio, carried this item

about her death:

Mrs. Addy Watkins Bradley, 84, died Monday at 7:45 a.m.

at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Allie McCauley, 919

Jefferson Ave., following an illness of about one year.

Her condition was serious about three weeks.

She was born in Chauncey, Athens county, a daughter

of William and Mary Craig Watkins and was the last of

this family.  She was a member of the Chauncey Metho-

dist church.

Most of her life was spent in Athens.  However, she re-

sided in Oklahoma from 1910 to 1925, moving from

there to Guernsey Co.

Besides her husband, Robert Bradley, she leaves the

following children:  Mrs. Dora McCauley, Fresno, Calif.;

Mrs. Bessie Kilbreath, Zanesville;  Mrs. Allie McCauley,

Cambridge;  Mrs. Ella Davis and Mrs. Vinnie Walters,

Canton;  Mrs. Edith Brown, Roswell, N.M.;  Willis Brad-

ley, Toronto, Ohio, and C. D. Bradley, McAlester, Okla.

Twenty-five grandchildren, 34 great grandchildren and

three great-great-grandchildren also survive.  Two

daughters are deceased.         ---June 8, 1942.




    J. H. Valentine Dies In Sacramento, Calif.


News has reached Hartshorne of the death in Sacramento,

Calif. on Tuesday of J. H. Valentine, father of Mrs. Ashel

Garrett, of Wilburton.

The body is being brought to Hartshorne by a daughter,

Rose Bass, of Littlefield, Texas, who was with her father

when he died.  The body is expected to arrive Thursday

and services will be conducted by Evans Funeral Home.

Valentine, a former resident of Hartshorne, is a nephew

of Misses Alice and Ida White, of Hartshorne.

A son, Tom Valentine, who is in the Navy, was temporarily

in Philadelphia, when news came of his father's death,

and he will be here for the funeral.  ---June 10, 1942.




             Harold Harris Funeral Sunday

     Accident Victim Dies 24 Hours After Shot


Funeral rites for Harold Edward Harris, 11 year old son of

Mr. and Mrs. George Harris, Hartshorne, fatally shot Wed-

nesday in an accidental discharge of a Smith and Western

pistol in the hands of his friend and neighbor, Jerry Law-

rence, were held Sunday at 2 o'clock in the Hartshorne

Methodist church.

The youth died in Albert Pike hospital, McAlester, Thurs-

day, just before six o'clock, almost 24 hours to the minute

from the time of the accident in the back room of the

William Morris home, grandfather of Jerry Lawrence.

Conscious to the very last, the boy declared that Jerry was

not to blame, and to the very end, he kept begging his

mother not to cry, and kept hoping that Mr. and Mrs.

Morris were not sick because of the accident.

The two boys were in the room alone when Jerry, 14, a

freshman student at the Hartshorne high school, showed

the younger lad his granddad's pistol, which would some

day be his own.

"Is it loaded?"  asked Harold.

"No,"  replied Jerry.

"Let me see it,"  said Harold, and he reached for the barrel,

as Jerry held the gun.  Somehow the trigger was released

and the bullet entered Harold's body, going clear through.

"Jerry, it was loaded,"  Harold cried.

He was rushed to the McAlester hospital where everything

possible was done to save his life.  But to no avail.

Rev. Melvin Miller, who is now teaching a defense course

at Waco, Texas, was called home to preach the funeral

sermon, for Harold Harris was a faithful attendant at the

Methodist church.  The minister was deeply touched and

his voice choked at times, as he spoke of his dream that

Harold might someday be a Moses or a Joshua to lead the

people of this community to a closer walk with God.

His text was:  "I am the resurrection and the life.  He that

believeth on me though he were dead, yet shall he live;

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never


The church was crowded with friends and relatives of both

families, and many more stood on the outside.

The Methodist and the Christian church choirs furnished the

music with Dorothy Trueblood at the piano.  The first hymn

was "Whispering Hope."  Billy Pat Katigan and J. R. Dellar

sang "Fairest Lord Jesus."  Two other songs were sung by

the choir, "In the Garden" and "Safe in the Arms of Jesus."

Mrs. Ed Patterson played the piano accompaniment for the

duet by the two boys and also played the march as the

friends passed by the bier.  Rev. T. P. Spear, pastor of the

Christian church, read the Scripture, 1 Thess. 4:13-18, and

Rev. Pallas Johnson, the new Methodist pastor, prayed.

The many flowers were beautiful.

Active pallbearers were Gerald West, Jack Wade, Eugene

Savage, Harold Crowder, Max Surry, and John Sprankle.

Honorary pallbearers were playmates of Harold:  Billy Pat

Katigan, J. R. Deller, John Mahnker, Buddy Bibbs, Tommie

Woods, Sonny Lester, Sonny Smith, and Jackie Allen. 

Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery, McAlester.

Survivors include the parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Harris,

and three brothers, George, Jr., Lloyd, and Albert Harris.

Jerry Lawrence's mother, Mrs. Pearl Lawrence, of New

York City, and his aunt, Mrs. Inez Lawrence, of Wichita,

Kansas came for the funeral.       ---April 9, 1942.




            Mary Moltzen Rites Are Friday


Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Hailey-

ville Presbyterian church for Mrs. Mary Moltzen, who died

Wednesday afternoon at the home of a daughter, Mrs.

Dwight Bell, in McAlester.

Rev. T. P. Spear, Christian minister, officiated talking on

"Security."  He used some of Mrs. Moltzen's favorite

Scriptures, including the 23rd Psalm and the 14th chapter

of John.

Music was furnished by Mrs. Gerald Riedt, Mrs. T. P. Spear,

Miss Ruth Burgess, and Miss Vera Mae Stephenson, with

Miss Nelma Reed at the piano.  Hymns sung were "Rock

of Ages,  "Beautiful Isle" and "Lead Kindly Light."

Pallbearers were T. W. Lewis, O. J. Burdick, Lorren Bur-

dick, A. A. Clanton, J. W. Keith, and Paul Willis, the latter

of McAlester.

Mary Louise Seeman was born in Iowa on August 4, 1866.

She was married to Fred John Moltzen in 1888.  He pre-

ceded her in death in October of 1932.  One son, George

Moltzen, gave his life in the service of his country in

World War I.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Laura Yockstick,

of East St. Louis, Ill., Mrs. Elsie Bell of McAlester, and a

son, Carl F. Moltzen, of Chicago, Ill. and six grandchildren

and seven great grandchildren.  A sister, Mrs. Sarah

Shadduck, of Coleman, S. D. and a brother, Marks See-

man of Green Island, Ia., also survive.

She and her husband became a member of the Pres-

byterian church in 1932.  She served as Worthy Matron

of the Order of Eastern Star in which she still held her


At the grave the Stars had charge of the service.  Mrs.

Dewey Heard, acted as Worthy Matron, Miss Nelma Reed

as organist, Mrs. Lizzie Mayberry, chaplain, Mrs. S. M.

Jones as Worthy Patron, Mrs. T. P. Spear, Adah, Mrs.

Glen Hall, Ruth, Mrs. J. B. Smith, Esther, Mrs. Amelia

Stark, Martha, Miss Anne O'Nesky, Electa, and Mrs. C. E.

Garrett, Associate Matron.              ---August 3, 1942.




   Mrs. Edna Neeley's Father Dies In Durant


R. L. Crudup died at his home in Durant Wednesday morn-

ing, three days before his 83rd birthday.

His daughter, Mrs. Edna Neeley, a teacher in the Harts-

horne high school, had planned to help him celebrate

his birthday.  Instead she and her daughter, Martha, were

called to Durant by his fatal illness Tuesday night.

Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in

Durant Thursday.

Mrs. Ruby Gentry has been substituting for Mrs. Neeley

this week.

The aged man was also the father of R. E. Crudup,

McAlester high school principal.  Four daughters, two

sons, and the aged companion survive.---March 25, 1942.




Last Rites Friday For James Henry Valentine


Final rites were held Friday at 3:00 p.m. for James Henry

Valentine who passed away June 6 in Sacramento, Calif.,

in the chapel of Evans Funeral Home here with Herbert

M. Pierce, pastor of the First Baptist church of Wilburton,


Mr. Valentine was born June 10, 1883, at Slate Springs,

Miss., the eldest son of James McPherson Valentine and

Rosa Belle White Valentine.

He became a Christian in early boyhood and joined the

New Hope Baptist church near Slate Springs.

On December 24, 1903, he married Miller A. Ligon, who

preceded him in death in 1923.  To this union eight

children were born, six of whom are living.

He came from Mississippi to Hartshorne in 1913 and

placed his membership in the Ridgeway Baptist church.

He resided near Hartshorne until 1930 when he moved

to West Texas and from there to Sacramento, where he

remained until death.

He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. J. H. Gallian, of

Sacramento, Mrs. J. A. Garrett, of Wilburton, and Mrs.

W. E. Bass, of Littlefield, Texas;  three sons, James Elmo

of San Jose, Calif., Thomas, of the U. S. Navy, and

Henry, of Sacramento.  He is also survived by his mother,

Mrs. Rosa Belle Valentine, a sister, Mrs. Edward Skelton,

both of Slate Springs, Miss.;  three brothers, J. K., of D'ho,

Miss., C. E., and Alton, of Cleveland, Miss. and two aunts,

Misses Alice and Ida White of Hartshorne.

Children present for the funeral were Mrs. Bass, Mrs.

Garrett and Thomas, the remainder of the children having

attended a previous funeral service held in Sacramento

last Monday.  Interment was in Elmwood cemetery.

                                                     ---June 6, 1942.





     Mrs. C. E. Kingrey Is Called By Death

       Funeral Rites Are Sunday Afternoon

Funeral services were held Sunday at 2:30 o'clock at Evans

Funeral chapel for Mrs C. E. Kingrey, 73, who died suddenly

early Friday morning at her home on E. Kali Inla avenue.

The chapel was filled with loved ones and fragrance of

flowers drenched the room.  Services were short with Rev.

Pallas Johnson, pastor of the Methodist church, in charge.

There was no music.

Burial was in Elmwood cemetery.  Rev. T. P. Spear had the

commital prayer at the grave.  Active pallbearers were R. L.

James, Jim Williams, E. W. Hall, John Machunis, J. W.

McPherson, and I. C. Gunning, the latter of Wilburton.  Hon-

orary pallbearers were Mrs. Daisy Hall, Mrs. E. W. Hall, Mrs.

Bob Booth, Mrs. John Dellar, Mrs. Carrie Carleton, Mrs. John

Machunis, Mrs. Osa Null, Mrs. Pippin and Mrs. Phillips.

Born in Sparksville, Ky., Georgia Sparks was married to

C. E. Kingrey in Sparksville.  They came to Oklahoma in

1908 and have made their home in Hartshorne since 1912.

The husband and one daughter, Mrs. Ed Patterson, survive,

as do two sisters, Mrs. F. C. Wheeler, Gradyville, Ky. and

Mrs. J. W. Simpson, Breeding, Ky., and one brother, M. S.

Sparks, Galena Park, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Sparks came Friday evening to attend the

funeral.  They left again Monday.

Among those from out of town who came to attend the

funeral were Mrs. J. O. Schuster and daughter, Elaine,

Mrs. Burl Neal, and Mrs. Emma Roy of Oklahoma City, Mrs.

Laura Hayes of El Reno, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wilder of

McAlester, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ganner and daughter,

Dorothy, and Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Gunning, of Wilburton, and

Mr. and Mrs. Cy Aldridge of Poteau.    ---September 23, 1942.




                     (Handwritten Notice)


Barbara Sue Agee, 10 month old daughter of Mr. and

Mrs. Sherrel Agee died in Duncan on Monday, the 23rd

of November 1942.




                     (Handwritten Notice)


Mrs. J. S. Martin Rites are Sunday for she died Friday

November 20, 1942.




Mary Frances Kernell Weds Lieut. Robert Lane


Miss Mary Frances Kernell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S.

Kernell, Shawnee, was united in marriage to Lieut. Robert

Augustus Lane, son of Mrs. Susanne Lane of Little Rock,

Ark. and S. A. Lane, of Russellville, Ark., in an impressive

ceremony Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in the First Presbyterian

church at Shawnee.

The single ring ceremony was read by Dr. Donald A. Hyde,

former pastor on the church in the presence of about 200

relatives and close friends.

As the guests assembled nuptial music was played by Miss

Ramah Lee Smith.  As the candles were lighted, Mrs. Ed-

ward Caraway of Tulsa and Mrs. William Nicholson played

"Ah Sweet Mystery of Life."

Norman Green, soloist, sang "Ave Maria," Schubert, and

"I Love Thee," Grieg.  Miss Smith played the traditional

wedding marches for the processional and recessional

and Gounod's "Ave Maria" was played softly as the vows

were spoken.

The bride was lovely in her wedding gown of ivory faille,

fashioned in colonial style with pointed bodice gathered

at the front, sweetheart neckline edged at the base with a

ruffle of lace, leg of mutton sleeves, tight below the el-

bows and tapering to lace trimmed points over the hands.

The hooped skirt was very full and caught by tiny bows in

scallops below the knees, showing the crinoline under-

dress trimmed with rows and rows of lace.  The skirt had

a long train over which the two-tiered veil of illusion fell

from a scalloped halo of illusion backed with a ruffle of

lace.  She carried a white Bible, topped with white

orchids and stephanotis and tiny ribbons.  Attached to the

shower bouquet was the wedding ring of her late grand-

mother, Mrs. Leona A. Jones.

For "something borrowed" the bride wore a crystal pen-

dant, a family keepsake belonging to Mrs. Clark Martin,

her "something old" was a pin worn by her mother at her

wedding.  She also carried a lace handkerchief that Mrs.

M. C. Hoard had carried at her wedding and her "some-

thing blue" was a blue heart and a new dime, worn in

her shoe.

Lieutenant Lane was in white full dress uniform and full

evening dress was worn by the other men of the wedding


Mrs. H. S. Kernell, mother of the bride, was gowned in

nile green crepe, decorated with flowers of the material.

She wore a turban of pale pink maline, pink gloves, and

a shoulder corsage of pink glamellias.

A dinner gown of poudre blue chiffon, with silver acces-

sories, was worn by Mrs. S. M. Lane, Little Rock, Ark.,

mother of the bridegroom.  Her corsage was of orchids.

A reception for the relatives, close friends and out of

town guests was held by the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

H. S. Kernell, at their home, 527 W. Wood St., Shawnee,

immediately after the ceremony.

Music was furnished during the reception by Miss Letty

Jo Culley and Tommy D. Culley of McAlester.

Lieutenant and Mrs. Lane left during the evening on a

wedding trip to Hot Springs, Ark.  On their return they

will be at home at Jacksonville, Ark.

The bride's going away costume was a tailored suit of

yellow gaberdine with white chiffon blouse, British tan

felt hat and accessories in the same shade.  She wore

an orchid corsage.

Born in Haileyville the bride spent her little girl days

there, moving later to McAlester where she graduated

from high school.  She attended Oklahoma College for

Women, Kansas university at Lawrence, and A. and M.

college, Stillwater, where she received her BFA degree

in piano.  She has also taken work on her master's de-

gree at the University of Oklahoma.  She moved two

years ago with her parents to Shawnee.

Since last August she has been employed in civil ser-

vice at the Midwest Air depot at Oklahoma City.

Lieutenant Lane is a graduate of Culver Military acad-

emy, Culver, Ind., and of the school of business admin-

istration at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

He is a lieutenant, junior grade, stationed at the Ord-

inance camp at Jacksonville, Ark., near Little Rock.

Mrs. Tom Culley, Miss Letty Jo Culley and Tommy D.

Culley, Mrs. John Strait, and Miss Marguerite Strait

attended the wedding.               ---June 5, 1942.




   Miss Olive Stevens Weds Fred Boethen


Miss Lily Olive Stevens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mar-

shall Stevens, 247 North Thompson Street became the

bride of Fred William Boethin, McAlester, son of Mrs.

Wilma Lorenz of Gowen, Oklahoma, Saturday, Octo-

ber 3.

The ceremony was solemnized in the home of Mr. and

Mrs. F. C. Powell, 705 South 8th St., McAlester, with Rev.

Auguie Henry, pastor of the First Baptist church, offici-

ating at the single ring ceremony, in the presence of

close friends of the couple.

Mrs. Wilma Pate, McAlester, sister of the groom, was the

bride's only attendant and Sam E. Nigh, McAlester, was

best man.

The bride wore a suit of soldier blue with brown acces-

sories and her corsage was of pink rose buds.

Mrs. Boethin, a graduate of Vinita high school, attended

Eastern Oklahoma A. and M. college Wilburton, and is a

graduate of Central State college.  She is at present

teaching in the Golden Rod school.

Mr. Boethin is a graduate of Hartshorne high school and

Eastern Oklahoma A. and M. college.  He is employed

as an engineer at the Naval Depot at McAlester.

                                                  ---October 3, 1942.




     Bobbie Jones Weds Demma Lee McClary


Mrs. Effie Jones, 905 Fifth Avenue, Venice, Calif., is announ-

cing the wedding of her son, Bobbie Jones, to Miss Demma

Lee McClary of Yale, Okla., on September 19.

Mr. Jones is employed as rodsman by the Dupont Powder

Co. at Chouteau, Okla.

He and his wife are making their home in Tulsa.

                                               ---September 19, 1942.




Mable Irene Brookins Is Bride of G. P. Crockett


On October 5 at 7:00 o'clock in Phoenix City, Alabama, Miss

Mable Irene Brookins became the bride of First Lieutenant

G. P. Crockett.  Rev. W. H. Cook read the vows for the

beautiful double ring ceremony.

The bride was lovely in soldier blue with luggage accessories.

Her corsage was sweetheart roses.  She had as her attendants

her sister, Miss Hazel Brookins and Mrs. Prather McKenzie, of

Columbus, Ga.  They wore black with matching accessories.

Prather McKenzie was the best man.

Mrs. Crockett is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. F.

Brookins of Columbus, Ga.  She attended Slocomb high

school and is a graduate of Jordan Vocational School, Colum-

bus, Ga.

Lieut. Crockett is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Crockett of

Haileyville, Okla.  He is a graduate of Haileyville high school

and later attended Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee,

before entering the Army in 1936.

They visited the groom's parents here from Thursday until

Tuesday and left to make their home in Fayetteville, N.C.

near Fort Bragg where Lieut. Crockett is stationed as a mem-

ber of the parachute troops.               ---October 5, 1942.




Mary Ellen Huddleston To Wed Ernest Bridgewater


Mrs. Charlsie Huddleston is announcing the engagement and

approaching marriage of her daughter, Mary Ellen, to Mr.

Ernest Bridgewater, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bridgewater, of

615 E. Wyandotte avenue, McAlester.

Miss Huddleston is a graduate of the Hartshorne high school

and is now employed at Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.,


Mr. Bridgewater graduated from the McAlester high school

and attended Eastern Oklahoma A. and M. college at Wilbur-


He has been employed with the Brown-Bellows Construction

Co., McAlester, but left Monday for Oklahoma City to enlist

in the Navy.                                    ---October 1, 1942.




   Ann Langley Is Bride Of James Ferman Greene


Mr. and Mrs. Dave Langley of Powhatan, Ala. are announcing

the marriage of their daughter, Ann, to James Ferman Greene

on September 19, with Rev. Self of Wegra, Ala. officiating.

The bride wore a military brown suit with brown accessories.

Her corsage was of pink rosebuds.

She was attended by her sister, Mrs. Melvin Moro, who came

from Tennessee for the wedding.  Others who attended were

Mrs. Virginia Montgomery, Richard Montgomery, Maxine

Newell, Opal Sparkman, Edna Robbins, and Gladys Hays.

After a few days in Birmingham, the bride and groom are in

Powhatan, Ala.                                ---September 19, 1942.




Semeskie-Pasesas Wedding Is Saturday, October 3


In pretty rites at 5 o'clock Saturday, October 3, Miss Frances

Semeskie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Semeskie, Hart-

shorne, became the bride of Mr. Charles John Pasesas, Jr.,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pasesas, 10626 Edbrooke avenue,


The ceremony was read by the Rev. Father E. S. Keough of

the Holy Rosary church, 113th and South Park avenue.

The bride wore a street length dress of powder blue velvet

with corresponding accessories and a corsage of white roses.

Mrs. Mary Pasesas, sister-in-law of the bridegroom, was her

only attendant.  She wore royal blue velvet with black ac-

cessories and a corsage of red roses.

Ben Pasesas served his brother as best man.

Mrs. Pasesas, mother of the bridegroom, wore aqua lace

with black accessories and a corsage of gardenias.

The bride's parents were unable to attend the wedding due

to the illness of her father.

Following the ceremony, a dinner and reception was held

for the immediate families and close friends at the home of

the bridegroom's parents.

The bride attended Hartshorne high school for a time and

later was a companion for Mrs. C. S. Wingate.

The groom finished the eighth grade in Hartshorne.  He is

now employed at the Ammunition Containers' Corporation

in Harvey, Ill.

The newlyweds are at home at 11258 Vernon Avenue, Chi-

cago.                                               ---October 3, 1942.




Gwendolyn Sue Hamilton Bride of John David Norris


Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hamilton, 214 E. Wyandotte, McAlester, are

announcing the marriage of their daughter, Gwendolyn Sue, to

Mr. John David Norris, son of Mrs. T. T. Norris, Krebs, and the

late Dr. Norris.

The vows were exchanged in Pawnee, Okla. on September 25

with Rev. Bradshaw officiating.

Mrs. Norris, who spent her girlhood days in Hartshorne, is a

graduate of the McAlester high school and attended Oklahoma

A. and M. college, Stillwater, this summer.

Mr. Norris also graduated from the McAlester high school and

attended Oklahoma A. and M. college, for two years, where he

was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Both are employed by the Brown-Bellows Construction Co. 

They are at home at 300 West Adams, McAlester.

                                                           ---September 25, 1942.




Betty Jane Caldwell Weds Cadet Bruce Laurence-Katz


An announced reached the editor and wife this week from Lt. Col.

and Mrs. Virgil Eugene Caldwell, Tyler, Texas, of the marriage of

their daughter, Betty Jane, to Cadet Bruce Laurence-Katz, United

States Army Air Corps, on Saturday, October 31, at Tyler, Texas.

While stationed in McAlester Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell were guests of

the Thrower family.

Lt. Col. Caldwell, who was a Major when they were making their

home at the Aldridge hotel, McAlester, was a boyhood chum of

Elmer Thrower, The Sun editor, in Westville, Okla.

                                                             ---October 31, 1942.




Miss Emma Lou Frost, English teacher in the Haileyville high school,

became the bride of Mr. R. E. Carleton, Stratford, Friday evening,

October 16, at 6 o'clock, in a quiet ceremony in the Oak Avenue Bap-

tist church, Ada, with the groom's brother, Rev. Gus Carleton, pastor

of the Baptist church in Duncan, reading the vows.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Frost of Healdton and

makes her home in Haileyville with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Garrett.  She

will continue to teach in Haileyville.

She has her B. A. degree from the Oklahoma College for Women,

Chickasha, and has done graduate work at Oklahoma University.  At

Chickasha she was a member of a national literary sorority, Chi Delta

Phi, and a member of Hypatia, college honor society.

Mr. Carleton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carleton, Stratford, and is

a teacher in the Pauls Valley school.

He is a graduate of East Central college, Ada, and has attended

Oklahoma University for his graduate work.

                                                            ---October 16, 1942.




        Durant Girl Weds Cadet Mitchell Bisanar


The wedding of Miss Josephine Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Maud

Wilson, 424 West Locust street, Durant, to Cadet Mitchell Bisanar,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bisanar, 701 South A street, Mc-

Alester, was solemnized Saturday night, October 3, in the post

chapel at Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas.

The bride was graduated from Durant High school and attended

Southeastern State college, Durant, where she was a member of

Phi Kappa sorority.

Cadet Bisanar attended Oklahoma Military academy at Claremore

and Southeastern State college, Durant.

Mrs. Bisanar will continue as secretary to Judge Ferguson in Du-

rant until after Cadet Bisanar graduates from training at Randolph


Cadet Bisanar is the nephew of Sam Mitchell, Miss Sue Mitchell,

Alfred Mitchell, and Mrs. G. A. Riedt of Hartshorne.

                                                        ---October 3, 1942.




         Osa Bennett Marries James Hunt Friday


The wedding of Miss Osa Bennett, commercial teacher in the

Hartshorne high school, to Mr. James Hunt was an event of Fri-

day night, October 9, in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and

Mrs. E. A. Bennett.

Rev. J. T. Lucas of Bowers read the vows.

The bride is a graduate of Eastern Oklahoma A. and M. college,

Wilburton, and has attended Southeastern State college, Durant.

She became a teacher in the Hartshorne high school this fall.

The groom, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hunt, Gowen,

is a graduate of Eastern college, Wilburton, and is now employ-

ed at the naval ammunition depot near McAlester.

                                                           ---October 9, 1942.




       Lucile Davison Weds Walter Penn Rogers, Jr.


Announcement has been made of the wedding of Miss Lucile

Davison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davison, Kiowa, to

Walter Penn Rogers, Jr. of Roxboro, North Carolina.

The vows were read in Washington, D.C. Saturday, August 8,

at 6 o'clock, by Rev. John S. Briggs of the Fifth Baptist church,

a cousin of the groom.

Mrs. Rogers is a graduate of Kiowa high school and the Uni-

versity of Oklahoma School of Journalism.  She has been

employed in the Government offices in Washington with the

Bureau of Public Relations.

Mr. Rogers is with the U.S. Army, Headquarters Co., Washing-

ton, D.C.

Mrs. Rogers is a sister of Mrs. Howell McGee, Idabel, who

lived here from January until June, while her husband was

high school principal.                       ---August 8, 1942.




     Freda Cottrill Is Bride Of Earle Hackbarth


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cottrill, Dow, are announcing the wedding

of their daughter, Freda, to Earle Hackbarth, Harrisburg, Ill.,

on Saturday night, August 8, at 8:00 p.m. at the First Methodist

church in Harrisburg.  Dr. C. C. Hall, minister of the church,

read the vows and organ music by Mr. Reed consisted of these

nuptial favorites, "Because," "I Love You Truly," and "O Pro-

mise Me."

Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Benson were the only attendants.

Mrs. Hackbarth wore a navy blue tailored linen suit with white

accessories.  Her flowers were white gladioli.  She is a grad-

uate of the Haileyville high school and had been a nurse at

Lindsey-Johnson-Shirley hospital in Pauls Valley.

Mr. Hackbarth, the son of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hackbarth, Sealy,

Texas, received his education in Texas, at Southwestern Uni-

versity and Texas University, where he received his degree in

geology.  He is employed with the Texas Oil Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Hackbarth are at home at 320 West Church St.,

Harrisburg, Ill.                                         ---August 8, 1942.




   Jean Deligans Brings Bride Home For Visit


Mr. and Mrs. Jean Deligans of Houma, La. are here for a 12

day stay with Jean's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Deligans.

Before their marriage last Thursday in New Orleans, La.

Mrs. Deligans was Miss Alma Talbot.  Her home was in

Houma, but she had been working in New Orleans.

                                                             ---August 13, 1942.




Catherine Strong, daughter of Mrs. Daisy Strong, Haileyville,

joined the ever increasing number of navy brides on Satur-

day evening, July 25, when she married Patrick M. Wheeler,

formerly of Ada, Okla., now a Yeoman in the U.S. Navy at

Norfolk, Va.

The vows were read at the residence of William J. Self, a

friend of the bride's family, at 5124 5th St., N. W., Washington,

D.C.  Rev. William E. LaRue of the Takoma Baptist church


The bride wore a black crepe street length frock, trimmed

with white lace.  She wore a Juliet cap of seed pearls and a

corsage of red rosebuds and lilies of the valley.

The bride's sister, Miss Ella Mae Strong, the maid of honor,

wore a blue two-piece suit and a corsage of pink rosebuds.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler attended East Central State college,

Ada, for two years.  Mr. Wheeler was assistant football

coach at the college, while he was a student at the school.

Mrs. Wheeler also attended the Chillicothe, Mo. business

college before going to Washington to accept a civil ser-

vice job.  She will retain her position.  Mr. Wheeler has

already sailed.

Guests at the wedding included Mrs. Ollie Muckelvane

Griffin and her daughter, Mildred Louise, cousins of the

groom, Miss Margaret Hays, cousin of the bride, Mr. and

Mrs. Clifford Warren and daughter, Joyce Ann, Miss Mar-

cella Heard, formerly of Haileyville, Miss Ruth Lindsey,

Miss Lelia Edwards, Miss Louise Grimes, Miss Patsy Sum-

mers, Miss Ruth Sherrill, Miss Trevor Hoffman, Miss Helen

Zalesak, Miss Kate Kennedy, Pete J. Ahlfield and Ben C.


The groom's parents live in Gainesville, Texas.

                                                           ---July 25, 1942.




   Rose Marie Bennett Is Bride of Jack Morris


Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bennett are announcing the marriage of

their daughter, Rose Marie, to Mr. Jack Morris of Wichita,


The wedding was an event of August 18 with Rev. Tom

Lucas officiating.

Mrs. Morris will shortly join her husband who is employed

by Aircraft Welders, Inc.                     ---August 18, 1942.




          Adeline Kline Weds Robert Dunn


The wedding of Miss Adeline Kline to Mr. Robert Dunn was

solemnized Wednesday afternoon in the home of the offici-

ating minister, Rev. T. P. Spear.

The bride's mother, Mrs.  Beatrice May, and the groom's

mother, Mrs. Alex Dunn, and Mrs. Sam Bailey witnessed the

reading of the sacred vows.

Mr. Dunn is working with his father at loading shale east of


The young couple will make their home in Hartshorne.

                                                        ---August 6, 1942.




  Belva Frakes Is Bride Of Earnest Claycomb


Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Frakes of the Craig community are an-

nouncing the marriage of their daughter, Belva, to Mr.

Ernest Claycomb, son of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Claycomb, of

Morenci, Arizona, on Sunday, June 7, at Wilburton.

The single ring service was performed by Rev. T. P.

Spear, Haileyville, Christian minister.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Menasco, the latter a sister of the bride,

were the only attendants.

The bride graduated from the Haileyville high school in


The groom attended Hartshorne high school, later serving

a term in a CCC camp in Colorado, before going to Arizona.

Mr. Claycomb returned to Arizona, Mrs. Claycomb remain-

ing here for awhile with Mr. and Mrs. Menasco.

                                                      ---June 7, 1942.




                       Military Secret Is Aired


Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Heard of Haileyville are announcing

the wedding of their daughter, Marcella, to Sergeant

Alvin Presson, Enid, Okla., which was an event home of

the officiating minister, Rev. Pallas Johnson.

After a brief Ozark tour, Mr. Presson will return to Mus-

kogee, where he is stationed at Camp Gruber, and Mrs.

Presson will report back to Washington, where she is

working in the war department, on August 20.

Mr. and Mrs. Presson are both graduates of the Hailey-

ville high school.  After their high school graduation,

Mr. Presson took a business course in Enid and Mrs.

Presson attended a business school in McAlester.

The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Presson of

Enid.                                              ---August 13, 1942.




              Lois Storrie Weds Jack Irvin


In a simple single ring ceremony in the home of the

officiating minister, Rev. Pallas Johnson, Miss Lois

Storrie of Carbon became the bride of Mr. Jack Irvin

Friday evening.

The bride is a graduate of the Hartshorne high school.

Among the attendants at the wedding were the bride's

mother, Mrs. Janet Storrie, her sister, Miss Marion

Storrie, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Irvin, Bill Carleton, and Mr.

and Mrs. Giacomo.

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin will be at home at Kremming, Colo.,

where Mr. Irvin is working.           ---July 13, 1942.




     Emily Jeanne Hawk Weds Oliver Stewart


Announcement has been made of the wedding on Saturday,

July 18, in All Saints Episcopal church, Pasadena, Calif., of

Miss Emily Jeanne Hawk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mallory

Hawk, Springdale, Ark., to Mr. Oliver Morgan Stewart, Pasa-

dena, Calif.

The bride, who taught school in the Lone Oak school north

of Hartshorne last year, is an accomplished musician.  A

former resident of McAlester she made her home with the

Elmer Thrower family for six weeks this spring when her

family moved to Springdale.  She attended Christian college,

Columbia, Mo., the University of Oklahoma, Norman, and

received her degree from Central State college, Edmond.

At O.U. she was a member of Delta Gamma sorority.

Mr. Stewart is the son of Mrs. C. V. Stewart, McAlester.  He

is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he was

a member of Phi Kappa Sigma and Sigma Pi Sigma.  He is

now an aviation cadet in the Army Air Force, studying

meteorology at the California Institute of Technology at

Pasadena, where the young couple will make their home.

                                                            ---July 18, 1942.




       Bryant-Hixon Wedding Is Announced


Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bryant of Las Cruces, N. M. are announcing

the marriage of their daughter, Alice, to Mr. James T. Hixon of

Phoenix, Arizona.

The Christian church at Deming was the setting for the wedding

ceremony, with Rev. Francis L. Wheeler officiating.

The couple spent a short wedding trip in Carlsbad and El Paso.

The groom expects to receive his assignment in the U.S. Naval

service soon.

The Bryant family formerly lived in the Sulphur community here.

Mrs. Bryant writes:  "We like New Mexico fine.  Have a good lo-

cation and fine weather as a rule, but like others, we get lone-

some for Oklahoma at times."                     ---August 12, 1942.




   Rosemary McClure Is Bride Of Joe Frank Myers


Miss Rosemary McClure, Sheffield, Ala., became the bride of Joe

Frank Myers, Gowen, Wednesday evening in McAlester.

The bride has been here visiting her grandfather, Owen McHugh,

and her aunt, Mrs. C. D. Finley.  She is the daughter of Mr. and

Mrs. William McClure.

The groom is a 1942 graduate of the Hartshorne high school.  He

is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Myers, Gowen.

The young couple are at home in McAlester, where the groom is

working for the Public Service Co.              ---August 5, 1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Earl Spear are announcing the birth of a daughter

on Saturday, February 14.                                   --1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Barnes are the proud parents of an 11 pound

son, born Friday night.                                       ---August 22, 1941.




Mr. and Mrs. J. R. (Cotton) Davis are announcing the birth of a son

born August 9, who has been named Jeary Ronald.  --1941.




Mr. and Mrs. David Haley are announcing the birth of a daughter,

who has been named Helen Genevieve.  Mr. Haley is now em-

ployed in Los Angeles, Calif.                                 --1941




Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Stacy of the Blue community are announcing

the birth of a son on August 1 who has been named Tommy Ray.





Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore of Tulsa are announcing the birth of

a son, born August 6.  Mr. Moore is the brother of Mrs. Eddie

Simonoski of Hartshorne.  The baby has been named Johnnie

George.                                                                 --1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Allen of Detroit, Mich. are announcing the

birth of a son.  Mrs. Allen was Lauretta Milton before her marriage.

                                                                          ---August 6, 1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Parker are announcing the birth of a son on

Saturday, June 13.                                               --1942.




Mr. and Mrs. John Lance are announcing the birth of a son on

April 9.  The baby has been named John Henry.      --1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Dee McCullar are announcing the birth of a daughter

on May 12, who has been named Maxey Lee Karen McCullar.





Mr. and Mrs. Frank Semeski are announcing the birth of twin sons

Monday.  Mrs. Semeski and the babies are at St. Mary's hospital,

McAlester.  Before her marriage Mrs. Semeski was Miss Freda

Tomlin.  The babies have been named Frankie Gene and Freddie

Dean.                                                           ---March 2, 1942.




The Hartshorne Sun Congratulates these parents:


Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Rager of Dow upon the birth of a daughter

on April 27.


Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Goodall of Hartshorne upon the birth of a

daughter on April 27.  Before her marriage, Mrs. Goodall was Miss

Lola Gragg.


Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Cecil of Ti upon the birth of a daughter on April

30.                                                                      --1941.




The Hartshorne Sun Congratulates these happy parents:


Mr. and Mrs. Leon Riley of Gowen upon the birth of a son, Donald

Leon, on October 5.  Before her marriage Mrs. Riley was Mavis

Wolford.                                                              --1941.




The Hartshorne Sun congratulates these happy parents:


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McBride upon the birth of a son, Jimmie Ray,

on September 2.


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Langley upon the birth of a daughter on

September 2.


Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sitter upon the birth of a son on September 2.


Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Williams upon the birth of a daughter on

August 31.


Mr. and Mrs. Leroy South upon the birth of a daughter, Virginia

Bell, on August 26.                                            --1941.




The Hartshorne Sun congratulates these happy parents:


Mr. and Mrs. John Winifred Sparks of the Buffalo community

upon the birth of twin sons, Joe Lawrence and Jack Richard,

on August 14.


Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dunagan of Wilburton upon the birth of a

son on August 16.                                         --1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Louis Huffman, Hartshorne, are announcing the

birth of a daughter on Sunday night.  Mr. Huffman is in a

McAlester hospital from injuries received at the naval am-

munition depot more than a month ago.  He broke his leg in

a fall.                                                            ---October 4, 1942.




Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Grey of Oklahoma City are announcing

the birth of a daughter on Monday, October 5.  Mrs. Mel

Thompson went to the city Monday to be with her daugh-

ter for several weeks.  Mrs. Grey and Jane Lynn are at

St. Anthony's hospital.                              ---October 5, 1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jones are announcing the birth of

daughter on Thursday, October 22.  The baby has been

named Ellen Kay.                             ---October 22, 1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davidson are announcing the birth of a

daughter, born Sunday morning, who has been named

Karen Leon.  Private Davidson is here on furlough from

Camp Swift, Texas to see his new daughter.

                                                       ---October 18, 1942.




Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yost are announcing the birth of a

14 pound son, born October 12, at 4:30 p.m. at Detroit,

Mich.  Before her marriage Mrs. Yost was Miss Gertrude

Bidock, daughter of Mrs. Gertrude Bidock, Hartshorne.

                                                      ---October 12, 1942.




                       (Handwritten Notice)

Mr. and Mrs. John Polli of McAlester, Rt. 4 are announ-

cing the birth of a son on Wednesday, November 17, who

 has been named John Louis Polli.  The baby was born at

St. Mary's hospital, McAlester.  Before her marriage, Mrs.

Polli was Teresa Gentila.               ---November 17, 1942.




                       (Handwritten Notice)

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Bibbs are announcing the birth of a

daughter on November 20, who has been named Norma

Sharon.                                         ---November 20, 1942.




"There's a box of toys on the attic floor

That Mother and I won't save any more,

The piggie bank, and the little toy train

The bright red wagon, and the model plane

A handful of marbles, a rusty knife

The lost report card that came to life,

A Teddy bear that's a trifle thin

(How many times have we tucked him in

And ruffled that tousled sleepy head

As he put up a fuss about going to bed.)

A catcher's mitt and a broken bat---

A fishing rod--and an old felt hat---

A letter 'with love' from Mary Sue

Our son's first girl---and the real one too.

The envelope from his very first pay

We'll never forget that momentous day

He barged in the kitchen intensely alive

And tossed on the table--two tens and a five.

His hands were blistered, his back was sore.

Now here was a man--not a boy any more.

A clipping---quite small but itsmeaning so great

'Miss Mary Sue Cullen today sets the date.'

And here as in contrast, an entire front page,

December the seventh, Pearl Harbor, and rage

"Well, son went to war and in our last goodbyes

We laughed and we joked at the tears in our eyes.

It wasn't so serious---He'd be gone for awhile

But he'd soon be back with that same boyish smile.

There were thousands going, yes, just like our son,

But Mother and I really saw only one.

Our little boy was marching away---

He would come back--but how soon---what day.

And then we went home and with Mary Sue

We planned all the things that we would do

To make his return a gala affair,

'Patriot'party---with flags everywhere.



Our hearts are heavy with unshed tears,

And we're looking back over many years.

And we're seeing things in a different light

As Mother and I sit here tonight.

The only prayer within our heart

Is that we all will do our part

The only word that we will heed

'Victory' and may God grant speed.


There's a box of toys on the attic floor

That Mother and I won't save any more

For the grandson we wanted can never be--

His father died for the Land of the Free!"




George Norris, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Norris, Estherville, Ia.,

was inducted into the Army September 24.

He sends this poem:


                Mama's Boy

You say he can't stand the army,

The life is so rough, how sad,

Do you think that he's any better

Than some other Mother's lad?

You brought him up like a baby.

He doesn't smoke is your brag.

If the others were like him, well

What would become of our flag?

You say let the roughnecks do the fighting,

They are used to beans and stew.

But I'm glad I'm classed with the roughnecks

Who fight for the Red, White, and Blue.

You can thank God the stars in Old Glory,

Are not blurred with any such stains,

Because there are ten million roughnecks

That carry red blood in their veins.

They go to drill in bad weather,

Come in with a grin on each face,

While your darling sits in the parlor

And lets a "man" fight in his place.

You're right, we do smoke and we gamble,

But we fight as our forefathers did,

So go warm the milk for his bottle,

Thank God that we don't need your kid.




"Flesh and blood friends are necessary to a full life.  Then, too,

there is the other kind of friend, the inanimate, although we do

not always think of them as such.  Ellen Rice has spoken for me

about this kind in her lines--"


         "The Old Coffee Pot"


The old coffee pot is blackened and worn,

And its handle is broken and soiled,

And its dented old sides are battered and scarred,

Showing all the years it has toiled.


But it stands there so brave in its place on the shelf

And thinks of the days that are past;

Of the glorious days when it sparkled and shone

And its handle was sturdy and fast.


And it smiles as it thinks of those days, long gone

When 'twas held in the hands of a miss;

And remembers the time she became rosy red,

When asked by her swain for a kiss,


And the days of the parties that afterwards came,

When fair ladies came laughing and gay;

Each bringing gifts for the sweet little bride

To use in her home some near day.


And how, one dark night, it had given its cheer

To a man, whose dark fear turned to joy,

When the doctor announced, in a jovial tone,

"Brace up, it's a fine ten-pound boy."


And the old coffee pot, though it's blackened and worn,

And its handle is broken with age

Still smiles, as it thinks of its life that has been

Chuck full to the very last page.




                       51 Selectees Pass Exam

          Draft Board Lists The Ones Who Passed

Local draft board 2, of which Paul Sterling is clerk, has made

public this list of selectees who recently passed army exam-


Of 70 men sent up, 19 were rejected.

The selectees who passed are:

Howat Arthur Masterson, John Stallings Woodward, Tecumseh

Moore, Joe Howard Wieneke, Frank Butch Semeski, Hartshorne;

Jimmie Cirar, Louie Van Ellis, Rt. 1, Hartshorne;  William Doug-

las Lancaster, Thomas Azzie Smith, Jack Alvis Strange, Harts-

horne, Rt. 2;

James William Hall, acting corporal, Mathew Earl Mabry, Joe

Winfield McGahen, and Edwin George O'Day, Haileyville;

Henry Irwen Cloud, George DeFrange, Sylvester Joseph De-

Giacomo, Charlie Eddie Dungan, Paul Silva, Earl Harrison Byrd,

and William Phillips, Krebs;

Lloyd Lester Farrell, Russell Boyd Farrill, Sebe Jones, Manford

McIntosh, Paul John Gibbons, Quinton;  Aaron Arthur Gaines,

Frank Lonzo Basden, Paul Ward Roberts, Clyde Richard Ary,

Edgar Vernon Burns, Quinton, Rt. 2;

Jessie Haws, Jake Audrey Eldridge, George Logan Williams,


Eddie Leon Wood, Dow;  Johnny Alfred Loden, Cyrus Langs-

ford Ellis, Bache;

William Cody Camp, Jr., Edwin Alberson, Weathers;  Oved

Delbert Blevins, Crowder;  Ernest Marsh Reed, Rt. 1, Crowder;

Marion Wilson Coltrane, Homer Lee Creel, Rt. 3, McAlester;

Adolphus Nelson, Paul Ervin Sartin, Rt. 4, McAlester;  Edward

Allen, Dallas Milton Mouser, Rt. 5, McAlester;

Vance James Brown, Blocker;  Ralph Edward Wilcox, Blanco;

Everett Vacil Ellison, Rt. 1, Eufaula;  Henry Arl Reynolds, Al-





             44 Leave Today For Examination

     Men Go To Tulsa For Physical Examination

Paul Sterling, clerk of the local draft board No. 2, released

a list of 44 names of men who left Thursday for Tulsa to take

their Army Physical examination.  They will return the 6th to

wait until they are called.

Men from Hartshorne listed were Frank Langley, James

Merle Brown, transferred to Tulsa, Arthur Henry Rich, Henry

Leonard Thornton, transferred to Oklahoma City, John Isaac

Huddleston, Victor Stachmus, Clyde Frank Morris, Wallace

Willis James, now living in Poteau, John Marion Buffo, Arn-

old Dee Pool, transferred to Sulphur.

From Pittsburg, Okla. are Thomas George Williams, Everett

Thomason, and Robert E. Lee, transferred to Los Angeles,


Krebs men listed are Melton Henry Sadler and Murel James


Crowder men leaving are Ted Newton Hope, Rt. 1, and

Jackson B. Nale.

Others listed are Ben Pearce, Eufaula, Rt. 1;  John Migdat,

Alderson;  Ebert Ervin Whittington, Dempsey L. Z. Huggins,

Quinton, and George Doctor, Quinton, transferred to Phoe-

nix, Arizona;  Eual Vernon Pollard, Rt. 2, Quinton;

Clint David Matthews, Weathtrs, Leonard Ray Wallace,

Weathers, and transferred to Dallas, Texas, William Arthur

Jones, Weathers;

Lee Ennis Linker, Wilburton;  James Taft Hamilton, Blanco;

William Henry Logan, Stapp;  Edgar L. Shaffer, Leon Coffee,

both of Canadian;

Clyde Forrest Murphree, Wesley, Charley F. Smith, Rt. 5,

McAlester;  Johnnie Bernardi, Rt. 5, McAlester;  William

Alford Rowe and Eugene Alfred Allen, Ti, Okla;

Cecil Garcia, Dow;  Dr. Earl Dorrough, transferred to El Reno;

Harold Alfred McCloud, McAlester, transferred to Stillwater;

Cleto Herron, Eufaula, transferred to Madera, Calif.;

Charles Eugene McClure, transferred from Sheffield, Ala.;

Norton Lazarus, transferred from Sherman, Texas;  Jesse

William Dunham, transferred from Pittsburg, Calif.;  Benny

Nick Zena, transferred from Detroit, Mich.




                    Local Men Pass Army Exam

     Seven Whites and Four Colored to be Inducted

Seven white men and four colored men have passed their final

army examinations, it was announced this week by Paul Sterling,

clerk of Local Draft Board, No. 2.

Four colored men were sent to the examining and reception cen-

ter in Tulsa recently and all four of them passed.  They were Clemit

Conrad Shores, Hartshorne, John R. Jones and Waymon Hardin

Atchison, Jr., Rt. 5, McAlester, and Charles Will Butler, Alderson.

Waymon Atchison went directly to the Army since he did not de-

sire to take the 14 day furlough.  The other three are now on fur-


Of 10 white men sent for their army examination recently, seven

passed the test.  They were Charles Hamier Sivil, Hartshorne;

John Crittendon Siler, D. B. McFarland, and Roy Joe Dunham,

Haileyville, the latter transferred from Pittsburg, Calif., John Mar-

tin Fabry, Jr., Alderson, Gene Doctorman, Pittsburg, and Bob Ed-

ward Massey, Quinton.





















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