Pioneers of Muskingum County, Ohio

This is a new addition to the Muskingum Biographies. It is reserved for biographies of residents who left their mark on Muskingum County early in history of the county. To be considered for inclusion here, the resident must have moved to the county before 1830 as an adult. We will accept Biographies of any residents but this area is special. The families that came before 1830 were responsible for clearing most of the forests from the county and turning it into an area supporting Agricultural, Mining and Business activities. They also are the forebearers of many of the counties later residents.

If your ancestor fits this criteria and you would like to share with other Muskingum County researchers, please submit the biography (see below for more information) to Denny Shirer. What better way to recognize the contributions of your ancestor than including a biography of him/her here.

A biography must be more than just a few facts about your ancestor. It should be a narrative that does include facts about him/her but goes beyond those facts and helps to put flesh on bone and help us to realize what their life was like and what contributions they made to the county, even if it was only adding their DNA to the Muskingum gene pool. You don't have to write this biography yourself if you can find one already written in a book that is in the public domain. Anything that is protected by a valid copyright is off limits although it can be summarized and sections lifted from it as long as it is quoted verbatum and the source is cited.

What will not be accepted is a list of facts and dates that are not in a narrative. I cannot write this for you. Please read some of the biographies included here to get an idea of how they should be written.

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