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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Record of Deaths for year ending Mch 31, 1908 Probate Court, Lake County O. 189 .
Madison ConcludedJune 24 
Buch Mary15030F 1907Oct.18S  7MadisonMadison, O.
    WBrain FeverMadison, O.
Colby Orrilla Lee15031F 1907Nov.1W8114MadisonNew Lyme, O.
 Farmer  WRheumatismMadison, O.
Murphy Lora A.15032F 1907July12S60  MadisonMiddlefield, N.Y.
 Farmer  WCancerMadison, O.
Pope Matilda15033F 1907Apr.26W871024MadisonColumbus, N. Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Duncan James15034M 1907July19M62  Madison 
    WHeart DiseaseMadison, O.
Griswold (not named)15035M 1907Oct.10S   MadisonMadison
  G. G. GriswoldKate AdlardWStill BornMadison, O.
Harper (not named)15036M 1907Nov.7S   Madison 
  Frank HarperFlora FankbonerWStill BornMadison, O.
Miner Nathan E.15037M 1908Jan.6M61624MadisonWayne
 Farmer  WAccidentMadison, O.
Wood Harold E.15038M 1907Dec.13S2157Oberlin, O.Madison
 School Teacher  WScarlet FeverMadison, O.
Bidlake F. L.15039F 1908Mch.24M5011MadisonRipley, N. Y.
    WTumorMadison, O.
Dodge Augusta15040F 1907Sept.9M74119MadisonGeorgia, Ver.
    WHeartMadison, O.
Freshley15041F 1908Jan.1S   MadisonMadison
  Wm FreshleyIda HanselWStill BornMadison, O.
Groken15042F 1908Mch.20M59526MadisonRome, O.
    WApoplexyMadison, O.
Philpott Anna15043F 1908Jan.2M71318MadisonEngland
    WHeart DiseaseMadison, O.
Young Elizabeth M.15044F 1908Mch.18S6106MadisonPainesville
    WC. S. MeningitisMadison, O.
Mentor Village
and Township
Corning Nelson David15045M 1907Nov.14M7682Collinwood, O.Mentor Village
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMentor Village
Dille Geo. Washington15046M 1907Apl.7M70321Mentor Village 
 Painter  WDropsyMentor Village
Harris Riley H.15047M 1907Sept.10M5278Mentor VillageMentor Tp.
 Farmer  WCancerMentor Village
O'Neill Terrance15048M 1907Sept.15S  2Mentor VillageMentor Village
    WChild BirthMentor Village
Parkhurst Frank E.15049M 1907June29M34513Mentor VillageW. Winfield, N.Y.
 Barber  WCancerMentor Village
Roberts Marcus F.15050M 1908Mch.21M72722MentorMunson, Ohio
 Farmer  WCystitisMentor Village
Bradley Emily Corning15051F 1907Apr.4W7710 Mentor VillageMentor Village
    WPneumoniaMentor Village
Hayford Mary R.15052F 1907June24W69414Mentor VillageChester Tp.
    WHeart DiseaseMentor Village
Johnson Rose Mary15053F 1907July2M65919Mentor VillageN. Y.
 Housekeeper  WHepatitisMentor Village
Richmond Marie Helen15054F 1908Mch.19S14112Mentor VillageCleveland, O.
    WTuberculosisMentor Village
Sawyer Mary15055F 1907Nov.21W   Mentor VillageBirmingham, N. Y.
    WTyphoid FeverMentor Village
Tribby Nancy Starky15056F 1908Mch.3W778 Mentor VillageHuntsburg, O.
    WLa GrippeMentor Village
Wright Malissa M.15057F 1907June4W7018 Mentor VillageLeroy, O.
    WDiabetisMentor Village
Sawyer Vernon C.15058M 1908Jan.12W778 Mentor VillageMentor
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMentor
Bell Helen F.15059F 1908Mch.13M621013MentorConcord
    WBright's DiseaseMentor
Harrington, Laura A.15060F 1907Sept.29W71  MentorChardon
Jones Mary15061F 1907Dec.16W46614MentorMentor
Lowrey Victoria15062F 1907May13S 1011MentorMentor
Rexford Josephine15063F 1907Nov.14M55814MentorMentor
    WConsumption of BowelsMentor
Snell, Rebecca15064F 1907Nov.11S2077MentorMentor
 Clerk  WHeart DiseaseMentor
Durban William15065M 1908Mar.4M84210Mentor Tp.England
 Farmer  WOld AgeMentor
Record of Deaths for year ending Mch 31, 1908 Probate Court, Lake County O. 189 .
Mentor Concluded'1908 
 June 24 
Poor Clarissa J.15266F 1907July28W7053Mentor Tp.Windham, O.
    WConsumptionMentor Tp.
Eddy Martha A.15267F 1907Nov.27M681117WilloughbyIllinois
    WHeart DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Painesville City
Avery Charles A.15267 *M 1908Mch.22W91229PainesvilleEnfield, Ct.
 Retired  WOld AgePainesville
Finneran Raymond15268M 1908Jan.14S 510PainesvillePainesville
    WWhooping coughPainesville
Lemmon George15269M 1908Mch.3S105 PainesvilleCleveland
 School Boy  WNot knownPainesville
Malouze Gnizio [?]15270M 1908Jan.29   23PainesvillePainesville
Parmly James L.15271M 1908Jan.31M7558PainesvillePerry
 Retired  WHeart DiseasePainesville
Reed J. O.15272M 1908Mch.11M75213PainesvilleChardon
 Retired  WUnknownPainesville
Turner Wm. L.15273M 1907Oct.17M73119PainesvilleWickliffe
 Retired  WBright's DiseasePainesville
Williams Don15274M 1908Mch.8M73122PainesvilleLeroy
 Retired  WObstruction of BowelsPainesville
De Iorio Domenico15275M 1907Aug28M27  PainesvilleItaly
 Laborer  WAccidentPainesville
Penavario James15276M 1908Jan.6M65  PainesvilleItaly
 Laborer  WUnknownPainesville
Avery Matilda15277F 1907June25M8489PainesvillePittsburg, Pa.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePainesville
Corbett Gertrude15278F 1908Mch.2S1072PainesvillePainesville
 School Girl  WHeart DiseasePainesville
Kimmel Delia15279F 1907June17M43  PainesvilleNot known
 Housekeeper  WCancerPainesville
Lynch Mary15280F 1907May4W60about PainesvilleIreland
 Housekeeper  WDropsyPainesville
Martin Rose15281F 1907Apr.7M2821PainesvillePainesville
 Housekeeper  WTyphoid FeverGeneva
May Mary A.15282F 1907Apr.5W75611PainesvilleErie Co., Pa.
 Housekeeper  WUnknownPainesville
Medley Phyllis15283F 1908Mch.5  111PainesvillePainesville
Morgan Bridget15284F 1907Dec.25S76  PainesvilleIreland
 Domestic  WOld AgePainesville
Mulqueeny Ellen15285F 1908Feb.18M48213PainesvillePainesville
 Housekeeper  WGall StonesPainesville
Gates Freeman15286M 1907Aug8M779 PainesvilleTrumbull
 Farmer  WHeart DiseasePainesville
King Richard B.15287M 1908Jan.9S3  Painesville 
Radcliffe Fred W.15288M 1908Feb.4W55216PainesvilleHambden
    WBrain InflammationPainesville
Vrooman Joel B.15289M 1907Dec.28M63  Painesville 
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverPainesville
Van Luven J. H.15291 *M 1907Aug13M69  Painesville 
 Oil Merchant  WParalysisPainesville
Van Luven Ray15292M 1907July31S2  Painesville 
    WWhooping CoughPainesville
Warren Ford Allen15293M 1908Jan.16S186 Painesville 
    WCancer of bonePainesville
Wilson Orlando C.15294M 1908Feb.16W69  PainesvillePainesville
    WHeart DiseasePainesville
O'Brien Paul15295M 1908 *Jany.30S 73Painesville 
    WWhooping coughPainesville
Amidon Adeline15296F 1908Jan.25W7647PainesvilleGeneva
Craig Fannie15297F 1907May28M45  Painesville 
    CHeart DiseasePainesville
Callender Abigail15298F 1907May7W94  Painesville 
Deschene Anna15299F 1907Mar. W40  Painesville Hospital *Willoughby
Doty Rhoda152100F 1908Feb.18W   Painesville 
Geddy Margaret152101F 1908Jan.25W78216PainesvilleChillicothe
    CHeart DiseasePainesville
Gray Della B.152102F 1907Oct21M37  Painesville 
    WHeart DiseasePainesville
Hopper Dolly152103F 1908Jan.27M53  Painesville 

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