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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Record of Deaths for the year ending Mch 31, 1907 Probate Court, Lake County, O., 1907.
Willoughby Township1907 June 10 
Worralls Steven S.146226M 1906July7W8364WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 Lumber Dealer  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Warner Jofpher146227M 1906June4W948 WilloughbyNew York State
 Retired  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Wilson Levi A.146228M 1906May17M56  WilloughbyOhio
 Carpenter  WAsthmaWilloughby, O.
Wilder Sidney B.146229M 1906May6M72  WilloughbyPenn.
 Retired  WLungsWilloughby, O.
Bliss Cornelia146230F 1906Sept.25M56218WilloughbyWickliffe, O.
 None  WDysenteryWilloughby, O.
Burns Nellie D.146231F 1906July14S25  WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 Domestic  WDiabetisWilloughby, O.
Dewey Julia M.146232F 1906July15W7754WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 Retired  WConsumptionWilloughby, O.
Excell Ellen P.146233F 1906Dec.24W86117WilloughbyEngland
 Retired  WHeart failureWilloughby, O.
Humphreys Helen146234F 1906Oct.2S84422WilloughbyWinchester Center, Conn.
 Retired  WAccidentWilloughby, O.
Gilmore Geraldine146235F 1906Sept.13S 715WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 [check mark]  WCholer InfantiumWilloughby, O.
Lagrutto Susie146236F 1907Mch.7S 4 WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 [check mark]  WUnknownWilloughby, O.
Miller Diana L.146237F 1906Oct.?W85  Willoughby?
 Retired  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Metcalf Adelaide146238F 1906Dec.30W75120WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 Retired  WStomachWilloughby, O.
Pruesoms (no name)146239F 1907Jan.27S  1WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 NoneJoe TruesomsMary D. EriscoWUnknownWilloughby, O.
Priebe Helena146240F 1906Aug.17S747WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 [check mark]  WCholer InfantiumWilloughby, O.
Ryan Susan146241F 1906Aug.? S73(?)  WilloughbyIreland
 House maid  WHeart failureWilloughby, O.
Gritz Gertrude146242F 1906Sept.2M39  WilloughbyPainesville, O.
 None  WBlood poisonWilloughby, O.
Waite Agnes N.146243F 1906Dec.25S445WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 None  WAppendicitisWilloughby, O.
Hannuel John146244M 1906Dec.17M49  WilloughbyTownawanda, N. Y.
 Blacksmith  WPoisonWilloughby, O.
Laube Geo.146245M 1907Jan.19S296WilloughbyWilloughby, O.
 No  WDiphtheriaWilloughby, O.
Eddy Harriet A.146246F 1907Mch.11M67  WilloughbyMentor, O.
 Housewife  WDropsyWilloughby, O.
Schmidt Dora146247F 1906Oct.31W83  WilloughbyGermany
 Housewife  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Sears Baby146248F 1907Mch.27S  30WilloughbyWilloughby
 No  WBlood PoisonWilloughby, O.
Ferrell David C.146249M 1906May12M80  WilloughbyOnida, N. Y.
 Laborer  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Green Horace146250M 1906Aug.17M70517WilloughbyCaledonia, N. Y., Livingstion Co.
 Farmer  WCatarrh of StomachWilloughby, O.
Hadlock John146251M 1907Jan.22W6824WilloughbyMass.
 Carpenter  WHeart troubleWilloughby, O.
Jurasek Francis146253 *M 1907Mch.5S 18Willoughby 
    WUnknownWilloughby, O.
Kathon Andrew146254M 1907Mch.25M45416WilloughbyAustria
 Mechanic  WHeart troubleWilloughby, O.
Pike H. M.146255M 1906Apl.30M4263WilloughbyMayfield
 Farmer  WApoplexyWilloughby, O.
Saxton Perry146256M 1907Feb.24M7728WilloughbyPerry, Genisee Co., N. Y.
 Farmer  WHeart troubleWilloughby, O.
Taylor LaRoyal146257M 1906Sept.20M7943WilloughbyClaridon, O.
 Farmer  WConsumption lungsWilloughby, O.
Walters John146258M 1906June21W67  WilloughbyCleveland, O.
 Mechanic  WBright's diseaseWilloughby, O.
Willis Lucius146259M 1907Mch.24W81920WilloughbyChester
 Farmer  WMortificationWilloughby, O.
Brichford Hattie146260F 1906Dec.23M56 17WilloughbyWilloughby
 Farmer's wife  WHeart troubleWilloughby, O.
Inigley Jane146261F 1907Mch.28W947 WilloughbyIreland
 Farmer's wife  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Record of Deaths for year ending Mar 31st 1908, Probate Court, Lake County, O., 189 .
Concord TownshipJune 24 
Hodges Irwin H.1481M 1907Aug.4M7601ConcordN. Adams, Mass.
 Farmer  WConsumptionConcord
Manley Harmon L.1482M 1908Jan.19M59026ConcordConcord
 Carpenter  WHeart DiseaseConcord
Hill Lillis1483F 1907Nov5M52925ConcordMentor
 House wife  WCancerConcord
Kirtland Township
Booth P. Henry1484M 1907Dec.10M82622KirtlandNew York State
 Farmer  WPneumoniaKirtland
Boda Albert1485M 1907Dec.29S5910 KirtlandNetherland
 Gardner  WPneumoniaKirtland
Brockway Franklin1486M 1908Mch.22M862 KirtlandNew Lyme, O.
 Gardner  WLa GrippeKirtland
Fenner Carl1487M 1908Mch.23S 2 KirtlandKirtland
 ~  WAsthmaKirtland
Green Royal P.1488M 1908Jan.16M833 KirtlandElisburg, N. Y.
 Carpenter  WNot givenKirtland
Martin Lafe1489M 1908Mch.5M57  KirtlandKirtland
 Farmer  WSuicideKirtland
Morris Joseph14810M 1907Sept.15W95  KirtlandEngland
    WOld AgeKirtland
Sperry Peter V.14811M 1907Apr.24W93  KirtlandYork State
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtland
Parks Orlean14812M 1908Mch.4S  1KirtlandKirtland, O.
    WHeart DiseaseKirtland
Blair Ellen S.14813F 1908Jan.11W751 KirtlandMass.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaKirtland
Crawford Lizzie14814F 1907July31M4046KirtlandOil City, Pa.
 Housekeeper  WTuberculosisKirtland
Otis Esther Amy14815F 1908Feb.24W66  KirtlandConcord, O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionKirtland
Leroy Township
Donovan Cornelius14816M 1908Mch.15W6664LeroyNew York City
 Stone Mason  WHeart FailureLeroy
Nighman Stephen Leonard14817M 1908Mch.31S 51LeroyLeroy
    WHeart FailureLeroy
Isume C. L.14818M 1907July8M60127LeroyLeroy
 Farmer  WMeaslesLeroy
Brown, Lena Mina14819F 1907Sept.11S19729LeroyLeroy
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionLeroy
Weed, Ann M.14820F 1908Feb.10W8410 LeroyConcord Twp.
 Housekeeper  WDropsyLeroy
Madison Township
Allen Horace P.14821M 1907Sept.5M69Dec8MadisonMadison
 Blacksmith  WNot specifiedMadison
Barnes David14822M 1907Dec.13W86213MadisonBoone, N. Y.
 Justice  WOld AgeMadison
Kimball Carolina Nash14823F 1908Aug.29M6667MadisonPeru, Mass.
    WNot specifiedMadison
Woodworth Winnefred R.14824F 1908Mch.28S   MadisonMadison
    WNot specifiedMadison
Flint Edwin14825M 1907Oct.12M60 3MadisonHarpersfield, O.
 Farmer  WDropsy of ChestMadison
Grey George14826M 1907May21M84727MadisonHarpersfield, N. Y.
 Farmer  WRheumatismMadison
Platts Franklin14827M 1907Sept.22S69  MadisonMadison, O.
 Farmer  WDropsyMadison
Sheppard John T.14828M 1908Mch.21M631014MadisonCleveland, O.
 Farmer  WPeritonitisMadison
Snedeker Nelson N.14829M 1908Feb.17W7510 MadisonTrumbull, O.
 Farmer  WApoplexyMadison

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