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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Record of Deaths, for year ending Mch 31st 1907 Probate Court, Lake County, O. 1907
Mentor ContinuedMay 31 1907 
Foster B. S.13866M 1907Jan14W89 28MentorSeneca Falls, N. Y.
    WOld AgeMentor, O.
Neill W. M.13867M 1907Mch.25M69511MentorNealtown, Pa.
 Carpenter  WHangingMentor, O.
Pierson Rex A.13868M 1906Aug.29S10118MentorKirtland, O
    WPeritonitisMentor, O.
Randall Carl S.13869M 1906Nov.30M3256MentorChardon, O
 Farmer  WTonsilitisMentor, O.
Shaffer C. A.13870M 1907Jan.28S15218MentorCleveland, O.
 Student  WPeritonitisMentor, O.
White Austin F.13871M 1906Aug.29S49 MentorAlpena, Mich.
    WDiabetisMentor, O.
Tanswell Margaret Sobey13872F 1907Feb.28W69 3MentorEngland
    WParalysisMentor, O.
Cole, Chas. C.13873M 1906Oct.15M45521Mentor Twp.Mentor
 Farmer  WBright's DiseaseMentor, O.
Krause Ernst G.13874M 1907Feb.1M571115Cleveland, O.Cincinnati
 Coal Merchant  WApoplexyMentor, O.
Barr Marjorie13875F 1906Apr.16S  1Cleveland, O.Cleveland
  John C. BarrChristina ReulsonWStill BornMentor, O.
Proudfoot Ida M.13876F 1906Dec.24M5210 MentorCleveland
 Housewife  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Lett Elizabeth13877F    M     
    WConsumptionMentor, O.
Painesville City
Grant Philip13878M 1906Dec.21S2215PainesvillePainesville
    WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Howard Peter13879M 1906Dec.7M65  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WBright's DiseasePainesville, O.
Ingraham Soloman13880M 1906May7MUnknown  PainesvilleSouth
 Laborer  COld AgePainesville, O.
Mullen Michael13881M 1907Mch.14M83  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Oliver Lyman13882M 1907Jan.11M4062ClevelandConcord
 Carpenter  WAccidentPainesville, O.
Colgrove Margaret13883F 1906Nov.24W86226PainesvilleMexico, N. Y.
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Kile, Zilpha Kile13884F 1906Aug.23W81211PainesvillePhelps, N. Y.
    WParalysisPainesville, O.
Lee, Eliza A.13885F 1906Nov.2W71217AshtabulaJefferson, O.
    WBrain DiseasePainesville, O.
Naylor Eliza13886F 1906Nov.7W7307PainesvilleIreland
    WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Proper Ella C.13887F 1907Jan.30S 18PainesvillePainesville
    WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Ryan Helen13888F 1906Nov.15S9425ClevelandPainesville
    WEndocarditisPainesville, O.
Wagner Mary Lena13889F 1906Sept.8   8PainesvillePainesville
    WConvulsionsPainesville, O.
Bechtol Ernest13890M 1906Dec.21S19  PainesvilleBryan, O
    WMurderedPainesville, O.
Carter Lawrence Dale13891M 1906July29S 6 PainesvillePainesville
  Geo. CarterMarion CarterWUnknownPainesville, O.
Hugh Alonzo H.13892M 1906Dec.24M78  PainesvillePenn
 Mechanic  WParalysisPainesville, O.
Hann Jacob13893M 1906May12S11  Painesville 
    WTyphoidPainesville, O.
Mathews Frederick13894M 1906Dec.11S2  PainesvillePainesville, O.
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Mahoney Chas.13895M 1906Dec.31M24  Painesville 
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Pool, James A.13896M 1906Mch.17M   Painesville 
    WDisease of lungsPainesville, O.
Proper, J. M.13897M 1906Oct.2S1  PainesvillePainesville
  Joseph Proper WUnknownPainesville, O.
Sullivan John T.13898M 1907Jan.17S38  PainesvillePainesville
    WDropsyPainesville, O.
Tuttle William13899M 1906Mch.17S65  PainesvillePainesville
    WHangingPainesville, O.
Travers Chas. E.138100M 1906Dec.30M56  Painesville 
    WHeart FailurePainesville, O.
Allen Lucia Preston138101F 1907Mch.29M463 PainesvilleMadison
    WTuberculosisPainesville, O.
Bonnar Mary E.138102F 1907Feb.21M552 PainesvilleCuyahoga Falls
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Bail Sarah138103F 1906Nov.19M678 PainesvillePenn.
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Deschene Anna138104F 1907Mch.19M395 PainesvilleWilloughby
    WCancer of stomachPainesville, O.
Record of Deaths, for year ending Mch 31, 1907 Probate Court, lake County, O. 1907
Painesville City
Gray Cornelia H. M.140105F 1907Feb.21S69  PainesvillePittsburgh, Pa
Holland Hattie140106F 1906Jan.5M28  PainesvillePainesville
Holley Mrs. Cloe140107F 1906Dec.6M63  PainesvillePainesville
    WHeart DiseasePainesville
McCoy Clara140108F 1906Jan.30W73  Painesville 
Kelley Margaret140109F 1906  W43  PainesvillePainesville
    WStomach troublePainesville
Manley Josie E.140110F 1906Mch.27M54  Painesville 
    WHeart troublePainesville
Molyneaux Marie140111F 1906Dec.26W82  Painesville 
    WOld AgePainesville
Stockwell Betsey140112F 1906Sept.7W91 3PainesvillePerry
    WOld AgePainesville
Ames John G.140113M 1907Feb.13M44  PainesvilleMentor Twp.
 Carpenter  WParalysisPainesville
Andrews, (no name)140114M 1907Jan.25S   PainesvillePainesville
  Ford W. AndrusBessie M. CollierWHeart DiseasePainesville
Jones, Trevor Powell140115M 1906Oct.31S 6 PainesvillePainesville
    WHeart DiseasePainesville
Jackson Gloster140116M 1907Feb.23WUnknown  ClevelandVirginia
 Laborer  COld AgePainesville
McCarthy James140117M 1906Aug.27M73  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WOld AgePainesville
Wood Lewis J.140118M 1907Jan.30M36  Irvington, Ind..Illinois
 Attorney-at-law  WParalysisPainesville
Coddington Nellie G.140119F 1907Jan.4S11  PainesvilleMayfield, O
Hoyt Caroline W.140120F 1906May15W79  PainesvilleMilford, N. Y.
    WOld AgePainesville
Herrick Florence Belle140121F 1906Dec.16S2197PainesvilleRed Cloud, Neb.
 Nurse  WCancerPainesville
Johnson Lucia Augusta140122F 1907Feb.26   1PainesvillePainesville
Taylor Lavinia140123F 1906Apr.7M5310 PainesvilleLawrence Co., O.
Taylor Lavinia140124F 1906May12S14  PainesvillePainesville
    CTyphoid FeverPainesville
Taylor Mabelle L.140125F 1906Nov.15S16  PainesvillePainesville
    CInflamation BrainPainesville
Whitney Pauline P.140126F 1906Oct.24S16 PainesvillePainesville
Brennan Edward140127M 1906Oct.21M5810 PainesvilleIreland
 Flagman  WPneumoniaPainesville
Blackwell, (no name)140128M 1906Nov.19S  4PainesvillePainesville
  Harry BlackwellLavinia HurlburtWJaundicePainesville
Brinker Cleland E.140129M 1906Feb.2S 82PainesvillePainesville
Goff James P.140130M 1906June3W795 PainesvilleIreland
 None  WHeart DiseasePainesville
Harmon Morris140131M 1906Aug.24M69  PainesvilleIreland
 None  WCatarrh of StomachPainesville
Jerome Joseph140132M 1906Nov.6M784 PainesvilleNew York State
 Carpenter  WApoplexyPainesville
Patton Andrew140133M 1906Aug.25S1117PainesvillePainesville
    WCholer InfantumPainesville
Pohl August T.140134M 1907Jan.21M6910 Painesville 
 None  WDropsyPainesville
Riley James140135M 1906Jan1M38  YoungstownRandolph, N. Y.
 Engineer  WHemorrhagePainesville
Sutton (no name)140136M 1906Sept.3S---PainesvillePainesville
  Jos. H. SuttonLydia M. BurrWParalysisPainesville
Trulsen Lars140137M 1906Oct.10S59120PainesvilleNorway
 Lumberman  WAsthmaPainesville
Ward, Emanuel140138M 1906Dec.19M664 Soldiers Home, Sandusky, O.Unknown
 None  WDiabetisPainesville
Belden Ida J.140139F 1906June9M497 Farmington, OFarmington, O.
 Housewife  WBright DiseaseFarmington, O.
Brennick Bridget140140F 1906Nov.26M63  PainesvilleIreland
 Housewife  WBlood PoisonPainesville, O.
Cook Eleanor J.140141F 1906Sept.24W6171Painesville HospitalClaridon, O.
 None  WCancerPainesville, O.
Elyea Edith May140142F 1906Nov.28  2 Hospital(Cleveland)Painesville
 HousewifeMichael LynchMary CallaghanWNot knownPainesville, O.
Jones Ellen Ruth140143F 1906May11M347 Conneaut, OPainesville
 Housewife  WTuberculosis of bowelsConneaut, O.
King, Pauline140144F 1906Dec.8W68615PainesvilleChagrin Falls, O.
    WParalysisPainesville, O.
Norton Janet140145F 1907Feby.13S78  PainesvilleConnecticut
 Housewife  WHemorrhage of StomachPainesville, O.
Loomis Georgia140146F 1906July3S  1PainesvillePainesville
  Henry S. LoomisElsie N. St.DennisWStill BornPainesville, O.

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