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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Record of Deaths for year ending March 31st Probate Court, Lake County, O., 1906
Fairport Concluded1906 
 June 21 
Kozack, Eva12239F 1905Nov.18S 1 FairportFairport
Myllymoresi Marcia12240F 1905June15S  9FairportFairport
Kyykoli, Halsey E.12241F 1905July14S  4FairportFairport
Somppi Martha12242F 1905Aug19S  8FairportFairport
    WWhooping CoughFairport
Stern, L.12243F 1905Mar13M58  FairportHungarie
    WHeart DiseaseFairport
Trask, Meolor12244F 1905Mar.28S23  FairportHungarie
Winegar Mrs. C12245F 1905Aug10W80  FairportHungarie
Walli, Ida12246F 1905Aug23S99 FairportHungarie
Czenjicaloy P12247F 1905Nov.22S 9 FairportHungarie
    WCholera InfantumFairport
Konnisto Mary12248F 1906Jan9S  2FairportHungarie
    WPremature BirthFairport
Konnisto Mary12249F 1906Jan16M25  FairportFinland
    WTyphoid feverFairport
Stubic Delia12250F 1906Feb4M38  FairportFairport
    WHeart DiseaseFairport
Hamn Lizzie12251F 1906Mar12M32  FairportFinland
    WTyphoid FeverFairport
Mitchelson Mary12252F 1906Mar22S3  FairportFairport
Fredebaugh Emeline12253F 1906Mar M59  FairportFairport
Root Eliza P.122 *F 1906May4W63  Fairport 
This supported by affidavit filed Dec. 18 - 1906
Kirtland Township
Corlett ----12254M 1905Dec22S   ChardonChardon
  Corlett Thomas W.Rhodes May ElizaWStill bornKirtland O.
Franz Frank12255M 1905Apr12S45  KirtlandBohemia
 Laborer  WAlcoholismKirtland O.
Hamon Reuben P.12256M 1906Feb3W91113KirtlandGranville, O.
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtland O.
Hoffman John J.12257M 1905May21M7855KirtlandMayfield, O.
 Farmer  WMeningitisKirtland O.
Makynari Nelson12258M 1905Apr4W8542KirtlandCattaraugus Co., N. Y.
 Retired  WOld AgeKirtland O.
Parks Horace12259M 1905Oct25W8182KirtlandKirtland
 Farmer  WHeart failureKirtland O.
Paul John12260M 1906Jan.4M52 11ClevelandToronto, Canada
 Tinner  WAccidentKirtland O.
Upham B. S.12261M 1905Aug17M8598KirtlandMadison Co., N. Y.
 Carriage Maker  WOld AgeKirtland O.
Beck ---12262F 1905May7S   KirtlandKirtland, O.
  Beck, E. L.Griffith L. M.WStill bornKirtland O.
Criswell Sarah J.12263F 1905Apr.4W71122KirtlandRipley, O.
 Housekeeper  WHeart failureKirtland O.
Parks Laura12264F 1905Aug5M71115KirtlandKirtland O.
 Housekeeper  WCancerKirtland O.
Wisner Mary J. E.12265F 1906Feb.18W79  KirtlandKirtland O.
 Housekeeper  WHeart failureKirtland O.
Leroy Township
Harrison John12266M 1905July14M74 29LeroyBuffalo, N. Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeLeroy, O.
Jerome David12267M 1905May M78  LeroyPainesville
    WParalysisLeroy, O.
Ostrander Solomon12268M 1905Nov.24W78  LeroyGlenn N. Y.
 Farmer  WParalysisLeroy, O.
Lace Ribert12269M 1905Nov.16M75228LeroyIsle Man
 Farmer  WBright's DiseaseLeroy, O.
Bates Addison12270M 1905Dec16M73109LeroyLeroy
 Farmer  WDropsyLeroy, O.
Baker Dmeris Lucetta12271F 1906Mar26W80  LeroyPerry O.
    WOld AgeLeroy, O.
Callow May Lena12272F 1905June27M27527LeroyHampden
    WPuerperal FeverLeroy, O.
Manchester Antionette12273F 1905Oct6 68  LeroyChagrin Falls
    WHeart DiseaseLeroy, O.
Record of Deaths for year ending Mch 31st Probate Court, Lake County, O., 1906
Madison Township1906 
 June 22 
Carnahan Oscar12474M 1905Sept15W656 MadisonWatsburg, Pa.
 Carpenter  WDropsyMadison
Henry Emington12475M 1905Dec31M75521MadisonBluntisham, England
 Farmer  WConsumption of BowelsMadison
Rand Harry C.12476M 1906Feb.22M758 MadisonMadison, O.
 Farmer  WHeart-FailureMadison
Allen Almarena12477F 1905May21W83  MadisonShelbourne, Mass
 Housewife  WLa GrippeMadison
Griffen Bridget12478F 1906Feb.18W75  MadisonIreland
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaMadison
Haskell Harriet B.12479F 1906Feb.14W899 MadisonHartford, Conn
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaMadison
Stratton Roxanna12480F 1905Dec12W83  MadisonMadison, O.
 HousewifeMillerEsther McDonaldWOld AgeMadison
Clark James H.12481M 1905Sept1M737 MadisonEngland
 Retired Oil Dealer  WDiabetisN. Madison
DeForest Chas. H.12482M 1905Oct1M80625MadisonMorristown, N. J.
 Farmer  WCancerN. Madison
Hotchkiss Carlos W.12483M 1906Jan6M5610 MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WKilled by carN. Madison
Vrooman Harry C.12484M 1906Jan9M37716MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WObstruction of BowelsN. Madison
Wheeler Corvin B.12485M 1905July28S4117MadisonMadison
    WCholera Infantum 
Bennett Mrs. Walla (Jennie C.)12486F 1905Sept3M521011MadisonThompson
 Housewife  WPeritonitisMadison
Frank Hattie E.12487F 1905Sept1S70  MadisonNew York
 Seamstress  WApoplexyMadison
Graves Cynthia12488F 1906Jan10M686 MadisonMadison
 Housewife  WPneumoniaMadison
Shidler Hannah12489F 1905Mar22W63  MadisonDeGraff, O.
    WOld AgeMadison
Basquin Inez Maud12490F 1905Sept27S28421MadisonMadison
 School TeacherAlvin O. BasquinMartha PrenticeWRheumatismMadison
Morrison Mary12491F 1905Feb18M58120MadisonThompson
 FarmerH. DeweyEmeline MosleyWLa GrippeMadison
Mentor Township
Blish George12492M 1906Mch.20M72120Mentor VillageConcord Tp.
 Farmer  W Mentor Village
Lynch Gordon12493M 1905Aug6S 8 Mentor VillageMentor Village
    WCholera InfantumMentor Village
Riley Augustine12494M 1905May17S56  Mentor VillageCounty Mayo Ireland
 Laborer  WHeart DiseaseMentor Village
Sawyer Orando12495M 1906Feb.14M69114Mentor VillageMentor Twp
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMentor Village
Cleveland Mary A.12496F 1906Jan.1M76228Mentor VillageFort Plain, N. Y.
 Housekeeper  WPleurisyMentor Village
Murray Caroline Antionette12497F 1905Dec.19M72 19Mentor VillagePainesville, O.
 Housekeeper  WHeart DiseaseMentor Village
Schmidt Louise12498F 1905Jan24W83318Mentor VillageStrelitz, Germany
    WOld AgeMentor Village
Parker E.12499M 1905Mch.15W60  Mentor 
Pierson Arthur S.124100M 1905Nov.29M60  Mentor 
McFerron William124101M 1905Aug.30 74  Mentor 
Rippin Ambrose124102M 1905Aug.29W68  Mentor 
Slitor E. D.124103M 1905      Mentor 
Booth Mary Etta124104F 1905Mch.30M   Mentor 
  Harry W. Munson *Amanda Wilson *WPneumoniaMentor
Cleveland Jane Munson124105F 1906Feb.22M66222Mentor 
   * *WHeartMentor
Nowlen Maranda J.124106F 1905Apr.22S65  Mentor 
Root Lydia124107F 1905Mch.26S81  Mentor 
Sampson Martha124108F 1905Apr.8M65  Mentor 
Barrett Polly124109F 1905Dec.12W9076Mentor Twp.N. Y. State
 RetiredLemon CopleySally CooleyWOld AgeMentor
Jennison Geraldine124110F 1905Sep26S1 14Mentor Twp.Mentor Twp
  A. V. JennisonMinnie WatersWCholera InfantiumMentor
Jennison Mabel124111F 1906Mar.15S1612Mentor Twp.Mentor Twp
  A. V. JennisonMinnie WatersWPneumoniaMentor
Walker Jane124112F 1906Jan30W93612Mentor Twp.Ireland
 retired RileyNot knownWOld AgeMentor

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