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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Willoughby Village and
Township Concluded
Bascom, Earle G.118218M 1904Aug.20M2410 WilloughbyAllegany Co., Ohio
 Book-keeper  WConsumptionWilloughby, O.
Blinkey, August118219M 1905Jan.9M713 WilloughbyGermany
 Farmer  WCancerWilloughby, O.
Eben, Eugene118220M 1904Nov.27M47  WilloughbyErie, Pa.
 Painter  WAlcoholismWilloughby, O.
Marshall William118221M 1904Nov.24M78  WilloughbyNot known
 Farmer  WGastritisWilloughby, O.
Provo Phillip J.118222M 1904Nov.19M4979WilloughbyCleveland O.
 Engineer  WHepatitisWilloughby, O.
Stiles Joseph H.118223M 1904Oct.14S 3 Wakeman O.Willoughby
    WHeart DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Davis Mary C.118224F 1904Sept18M585 WilloughbyWilloughby
 Housekeeper  CDiabetisWilloughby, O.
Elliott Julia A.118225F 1904Oct.30W755 WilloughbyCourtlandles N.Y.
 Housekeeper  COld AgeWilloughby, O.
Hills, Anna J.118226F 1904Sept.27M326 WilloughbyWilloughby
 Housekeeper  CParalysisWilloughby, O.
Stiles, Nellie M.118227F 1904Sept.4M42  WilloughbyLegonia Ind.
 Housekeeper  CHeart DiseaseWilloughby, O.
White Lucy A.118228F 1904Sept.6W6572Sioux City, IowaWilloughby
 Housekeeper  CBrights DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Record of Deaths, for year ending Mch 31, Probate Court, Lake County, O. 1906.
Concord Township1906 
 June 21 
Close Charles1201M 1905  M70  ConcordUnknown
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseConcord
Harvey Joseph1202M 1906Apr.6W88117ConcordSutton, N.H.
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcord
Wit William1203M 1905Sept.17S203ConcordCleveland, O.
 Farmer  WDiarrhoeaConcord
Babcock Lydia A.1204F 1906Mch.26W81107ConcordConcord
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcord
Drake Cynthia1205F 1906Mch.22M72414ConcordMadison, O.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaConcord
Haywood Rosetta1206F 1906Mch.6M4425ConcordHampden
 Farmer  WConsumptionConcord
Fairport Township
Forekash Steve1207M 1905Apr.28M46  FairportAustria-Hungary
 Laborer  WAppendicitisFairport
Hakkala Martte H.1208M 1905Mch.14S 16FairportFairport
Heinmaki Antti 1209M 1905July27M45  FairportFinland
Herttua Matti12010M 1905Dec17M38  FairportFinland
Johnson Suly F.12011M 1905Sept14S 17FairportFairport
  John Johnson WConvulsions * 
Kalanchie E.12012M 1905Apr.1S 4 FairportFairport
  J. Kalanchie WIndigestion 
Koczath Steve12013M 1905May28S   FairportFairport
  Andrew Koczath WStill-born 
Kovoot John12014M 1905July19S  3FairportFairport
  John Kovoot WSepticaemia 
Kongus Alexander12015M 1905July29M23  FairportFinland
 LaborerHermon KongusMary RinttieWKilled by cars 
Kozack Adam12016M 1905Nov.15S   FairportFairport
  Joe Kozack WStill-born 
Kochis Frank12017M 1905Mov.5S 3 FairportFairport
  Frank Kochis WWhooping Cough 
Kekki Matti12018M 1905June5S 1 FairportFairport
    WCholera Infantum 
Katila Jennie M12019M 1905Sept7S26 FairportFairport
    WHeart Failure 
Maltes Nilo12020M 1905Aug.14S16 FairportFairport
    WHeart Trouble 
Mugvary Sigmond12021M 1905Sept27M27  FairportAustria-Hungary
 LaborerSugvary Sigmond * WKilled Car 
Pohto L. J.12022M 1905July14S 4 FairportFairport
  John Pohto WConvulsions 
Panola Gus12023M 1905Aug.23M53  FairportFinland
Suonio L. H.12024M 1905Jul14  13FairportFairport
Seronen Archie12025M 1905Sept13S39 FairportFairport
  Alex Seronen WWhooping Cough 
Tanttari John12026M 1905Mar.7M50  FairportFinland
Tamppari John 12027M 1905Mar17S19  FairportFinland
    WInflammation of brain 
Ungvary Sigmond12028M 1905Mar.21S 8 FairportFinland
  Sigmond Ungvary WExhaustion 
Vhonsh Aray12029M 1905June12  7 FairportFairport
  Steve Vhonsh WCholera Infantum 
Veseherrer Ernest12030M 1905Aug.12S 4 FairportFairport
  Ernest VeseherrerElla HilmerWCholera Infantum 
Tillkren Wm.12031M 1905July18M46  FairportFinland
Wallari Jaakan *12032M 1905Apr.30S 5 FairportFairport
  Jacob R. Waltari * WIndigestion 
Huhtanen Chas.12033M 1906Feb21S   FairportFairport
    WStill Born 
Brainard Mary A.12034F 1905Oct.26S  19FairportFairport
Craig Mrs. Wm.12035F 1905Nov.25W85  FairportIreland
    WOld Age 
Hecistia Susie12036F 1905Mar.25S16 FairportFinland
Hietumaki Lulia12037F 1905Nov.26S 1 FairportFinland
Hakkanen Eria12038F 1905Dec18  2 FairportFinland

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