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Volume 2, Pages 114-117

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Painesville City and1905 
Township Concluded30-May 
Weston Nancy Jane114148F 1904July31M52525PainesvillePa.
 House-wife  WHeart FailurePainesville
Fowler, Gertrude114149F 1904May19S198 PainesvilleBoston, O.
 -  WDrowningPainesville
Arviealus, Eric114150M 1904May28M32  PainesvilleSweden
Bunker Solomon C.114151M 1905Jan14M85129PainesvilleGorham, N.Y.
    WOld AgePainesville
Brown John P.114152M 1904Apr.14S35227BuffaloPainesville
Castle Douglas114153M 1904May20W71  PainesvillePainesville
Coyle, John114154M 1904Apr.19W80  PainesvilleIreland
    WOld AgePainesville
Carey Thomas114155M 1905Feb.6W99  Painesville 
    WOld AgePainesville
Ellers Samuel114156M 1904Aug20W78  Painesville 
    WOld AgePainesville
Erms, Chester114157M 1904Dec.7W42  Painesville 
Hart William A.114158M 1904Aug19S  7PainesvillePainesville
    WBrain InflamationPainesville
Merrill O. H.114159M 1904Dec3M746 PainesvilleAntioch, Eng.
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville
Murphy Joseph114160M 1904Oct.27S28328Woodville,Ill.Painesville
 R. R. Fireman  WAccidentalPainesville
Park B. A.114161M 1904Apr.21M6395PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville
Perry, W. J.114162M 1904Aug16M30 24PainesvilleMichigan
 Laborer  WAccidentalPainesville
Reed, Charles114163M 1905Mch14S 14PainesvillePainesville
Van Valkenburg S.114164M 1905Jan.16W74326PainesvilleYork State
Breed Flora E.114165F 1904June2S   PainesvilleTitusville, Pa.
Chadwick Ruth114166F 1904June17M26  Painesville 
    WChild BirthPainesville
Ferris Olive Cornelia114167F 1905Jan.24S   PainesvilleMentor
Jacobs Ethel Irene114168F 1905Jan.17M * 54Painesville 
    WBrain InflamationPainesville
Kaminski Martha114169F 1904Nov.26S21818PainesvilleWisconsin
Leland Maud114170F 1904Oct8M44  Painesville 
Myers Susanna J.114171F 1904Dec.20W-  PainesvilleNot Known
Marshall Roxanna C.114172F 1904Sept.18W94215PainesvilleColbrook, Mass.
    WOld AgePainesville
Newton Sara J.114173F 1905Jan20M681127PainesvilleLong Island
Ryan Mary114174F 1904July1S546 PainesvilleCanada
Sullivan Mary J.114175F 1904Apr.7S12 10PainesvillePainesville
    WRheumatic FeverPainesville
Warn Rebecca C.114176F 1904Oct.23M602 PainesvilleEngland
Perry Village
Birnig Frederick W.114177M 1904June5M73825PerryBaden, Germany
 Farmer  WApoplexyPerry, Ohio
Bennett Paul L.114178M 1904June 1313S 3 PerryPerry
 None  WPneumoniaPerry, Ohio
Carpenter Oweyermager114179M 1904Sep.24S16 HuntsburgChardon
 None  WInflamation of BrainPerry, Ohio
Lockwood Garrett E.114180M 1904May6M5383PerryPerry
 Farmer  WPeritonitisPerry, Ohio
Murphy Morris114181M 1905June5M91  PerryIreland
 Railroader  WOld AgePerry, Ohio
West James114182M 1905Feb.16M7922PerryTidd Eng.
 Farmer  WParalysisPerry, Ohio
Wood B. F.114183M 1905Mrch.10M70 10Perry 
 Farmer  WDisease of HeartPerry, Ohio
Arthur Eleanor C.114184F 1905Mrch4W815 PerryBeaver Dam, Pa.
 Housewife  WOld AgePerry, Ohio
Perry Village Concluded1905 
 May 30 
Killison, Mira M.116185F 1904Apr.19S151116Orangeville O.Denmark
    WTyphoid FeverPerry, Ohio
Perry Eliza C.116186F 1904Apr.22W70  PerryPerry
 Housewife  WConsumptionPerry, Ohio
West Sarah116187F 1904Oct.5M81210 England
 Housewife  WAnaemiaPerry, Ohio
Richmond Village
Valleau, John Sr.116188M 1904Nov.9M67220RichmondLeroy, N.Y.
 Ferryman  WDrowningRichmond
Whitney, George116189M 1904Aug.4S1641RichmondRichmond
Webster W.116190F 1904Aug.17M6335RichmondSaybrook, O.
    WHeart DiseaseRichmond
Young Sarah116191F 1904Aug.6W825 RichmondFairport
    WOld AgeRichmond
Willoughby Village
and Township
Chase Henry116192M 1904July15M5611 WilloughbyMayfield, O.
 Shoemaker  WApoplexyWilloughby, O.
Chambers James116193M 1904July7S28  WilloughbyMentor, O.
 Laborer  WAccidentWilloughby, O.
Excel Benj.116194M 1904Apr.1M83528WilloughbyLondon, Eng.
 Clergyman  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Flyer, Jno.116195M 1905Jan.18M29512WilloughbyCleveland, O.
 Machinist  WTuberculosis of BowelWilloughby, O.
Howe Albert116196M 1904May25M65  WilloughbyRoyalton, O.
 Retired  WChronic NephritisWilloughby, O.
Imm, Welcome Conrad116197M 1905Mch11S 119WilloughbyWilloughby
    WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Lyons Chas. S.116198M 1904July24M50  Willoughby England
 Wood-worker  WCancer of throatWilloughby, O.
Palmitier Stanley B.116199M 1904Aug5S647Ironton, O.Collinwood, O.
    WDrowningWilloughby, O.
Robinson James T.116200M 1905Mch11M4329Deland, Fla.Bedford, O.
 Retired  WTyphoid FeverWilloughby, O.
Todd Percy G.116201M 1904Oct.16S20  WilloughbyToronto, Canada
 Shop boy  WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Smart Samuel116202M 1904Aug20M74625WilloughbyLondon, Eng.
 Retired  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Welch Eseck116203M 1905Jan13M62  WilloughbyAlbany, N.Y.
 Mail carrier  WHeart DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Devoe Maria S.116204F 1904July29W87314WilloughbyEuclid, O.
    WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Foster Rhoda Lucinda116205F 1904June1M7089WilloughbyMunson, O.
 Domestic  WHeart diseaseWilloughby, O.
Haver Anna E.116206F 1905Jan.14S51223Cleveland, O.New York
 Retired  WInsanityWilloughby, O.
Kiley Margaret116207F 1905Feb.25M63313WilloughbyIreland
 Domestic  WHeart DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Mayhew Hannah116208F 1905Jan.21M88814WilloughbyPalmyra, N.Y.
 Retired  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Randall Jane M.116209F 1905Mch.29M70102Eustis, FloridaFrench Creek, N.Y.
 Retired  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Saxton Anna M.116210F 1905Jan2M6711 WilloughbyNew York
 Domestic  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Sharpe Sally116211F 1905Jan22W82  WilloughbyVermont
  Retired  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Osterhaudt Chas. Lewis116212M 1904Apr.30M43  MayfieldLake Co.
 Farmer  WAccidentWilloughby, O.
Seuffert Theodore116213M 1904Apr.5M60  WilloughbyGermany
 Painter  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Schrater Caroline116214F 1905Feb.15M58  WilloughbyGermany
    WCancerWilloughby, O.
Streebing Bertha116215F 1905Mch10M38 12WilloughbyGermany
    WBlood PoisonWilloughby, O.
Atkinson Howard E.116216M 1904June12M48314WilloughbyWilloughby
 Farmer  WCancerWilloughby, O.
Avis William116217M 1905Feb.19M40  WilloughbyEuclid O.
 Farmer  WHomicideWilloughby, O.

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