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Volume 2, Pages 90-93

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Perry Township
Herroon, Andrew90237MMay 29190272W70  Perry, O.Pennsylvania
 Farmer  WInflamation LungsPerry, O.
Hickson, Samuel90238M 190274M84  Perry, O.Vermont
 Carpenter  WOld AgePerry, O.
Manchester, Frank90239M 1902527M33426Perry, O.Perry, O.
 Farmer  WStrangulated HerniaPerry, O.
Salkeld, Amy C.W.90240F 190231M35  Perry, O.Mass.
 House Wife  WConsumptionPerry, O.
Whipple, Mary90241F 1902613M39  Perry, O.Canada
    WBlood PoisonPerry, O.
Concord TownshipMay 27 
Caine, Ann921F 19031223W87  ConcordIsle of Man
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeConcord, O.
Pomeroy, Hilan922F 190398unknown53615ConcordDelaware
    WParalysisConcord, O.
Smith, Bertha B.923F 190417S21 7ConcordDelaware
 Housekeeper  WCancerConcord, O.
Kellogg, E. * 921M 1903920unknown   LeRoy 
 FarmerThis from affidavit filed in files of estate Doc. 4 - Pg 201 WOld AgeLeroy
Leroy Township1 
Brockman, Charles Elisha922M 190342M2746LeroyLeroy
 Laborer  WDrowningCleveland
Baker, George923M 1904219S   LeroyLeroy
Kellogg, Edwin Joseph * 924M 1903920W784 LeroyThompson
 Farmer  WJaundiceLeroy
Allen, Dora C.925F 1903910S421010LeroyMayfield
 Housekeeper  WFever TyphoidCollinwood
Baker, Linnie926F 190376M44 8Newbury, O.Madison
 Housekeeper  WInsanityLeroy
Doncaster, Elizabeth927F 19031118M67712LeroyLeroy
 Housekeeper  WDisease HeartLeroy
Scrivner, Caroline928F 1904117W82317LeroyThompkins, NY.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeLeroy
Sidley, Baby929F 1903713S  3LeroyLeroy
  Sidley, A.M.Atkins, NoraWSudden deathLeroy
Sidley, Baby9210F 1903715S  5LeroyLeroy
  Sidley, A.M.Atkins, NoraWSudden deathLeroy
Taylor, Louise Marie9211F 1903313W64825PainesvilleLeroy
Fisher, Amy S.9212F 1903126W83  MadisonMaine
  These facts deducted from affidavits filed in compliance with section 6395 R.S.O. (files in box marked miscellaneous)" WOld AgeMadison
Madison Precinct A
Hagerton, Joseph9214M 19031010M55  Madison, O.New York
 Farmer  WTyphoid PneumoniaMadison
Haskell, Eli B.9215M 1903104M56216Madison, O.Perry, O.
 Farmer  WTyphoid PneumoniaMadison
Warren, Chas. L.9216M 19031112S68 25Madison, O.Thompson
 Farmer  WLiver TroubleMadison
Colnell, Amanda D.9217F 1904415W86  Madison, O.Ithaca, N.Y.
 Farmers Wife  WOld AgeMadison
Fischer, Eliza9218F 1903426W86  Madison, O.Switzerland
 Farmers Wife  WOld AgeMadison
Gill, Bessie9219F 1904218M24  Madison, O.Sardonia, N.Y.
 Farmers Wife  WBlood PoisonMadison
Sparr, Mary C.9220F 190416M481019Madison, O.Plain, Wayne Co.
 Farmers Wife  WCancerMadison
Wade, Julia9221F 1904227W89318Madison, O.Chatauqua
 Farmers Wife  WOld AgeMadison
Woodworth, Satillu9222F 1904116M77319Madison, O.Madison
 Farmers Wife  WConsumptionMadison
Madison Precinct B
Cole, Joel E.9223M 190436W7563Madison, O.Vermont
 Farmer Allen, RuthWDropsy of chestMadison
Isham, Geo. M.9224M 1903531M7226Madison, O.Madison
 FarmerIsham, LeonardMerriman, HarriettWSuicideMadison
Richmond, D.H.9225M 1903421M5793Madison, O.Madison
 FarmerRichmond, CharlesWare, FideliaWSuicideMadison
Clanahan, Eliza M.9226F 1903424W7741W.R.C. HomeNelsonville
    WOld AgeMadison
Weller, Mary Jane9227F 1902728W5183W.R.C. HomeBoston
    WOld AgeMadison
Tompkins, Margaretta A.9228F 1903812W56725W.R.C. HomePainesville
    W Madison
Shote, Louise H.9229F 1903924W92315W.R.C. HomeBelchertown, Mass.
    WOld AgeMadison
Corydon, Versala C.9230F 190445W75411W.R.C. HomeClinton, N.Y.
    WOld AgeMadison
Gunn, Babe9231F 1903620  111Madison Madison
  Green, RobertEverts, Grace C.WMeaslesMadison
King, Ardelia C.9232F 1904131W791111MadisonMadison
 HousekeeperKorringham, CyrusCrary, Mary W.WEpilepsyMadison
Mentor Precinct A
Ashbury, John9233M 190389 55  Mentor 
 Tramp   Killed by cars 
Carrell, John C.9234M 1903829M52312MentorWilloughby
 Farmer   AnemiaMentor
Case, Absalom9235M 1904225W771112MentorHarpersfield
 Farmer  CHeart Disease 

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