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Volume 2, Pages 82-85

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Ward II - Concluded
Sexton, Maria8293FMay 261902514M73  Painesville, O.England
 None  WOld AgePainesville, O
Stanton, Hattie8294F 1902930S26  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Dressmaker  CTyphoid FeverPainesville, O
Thayer, Mary Ann8295F 1903223M72  Painesville, O.Hampden, O.
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O
Vanhuesen, Lucinda8296F 190291M56  Painesville, O.Bainbridge, O.
    WCatarrahPainesville, O
Whipple, Marian8297F 19021024M52  Painesville, O.Perry, O.
    WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O
Searl, Julia8298F 1903125W77  Painesville, O.Unknown
    WGangrenePainesville, O
Rosa, Maria L.8299F 1903211W74  Painesville, O.Unknown
    WDropsyPainesville, O
Ward III.
Casement, David Wells82100M 1902614S23321San Jose, Costa Rica, Central Am.Painesville, O.
 Civil Engineer  WAccidentPainesville, O.
Campbell, Chas. C.82101M 1902612M70517Painesville, O.Maison, N.J.
 Farmer  WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Durby, Wm.82102M 190267S332 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Slater  CTuberculosisPainesville, O.
Fenton, Arthur E.82103M 19021024M59521Caselton, N.D.Bristol, O.
 Farmer  WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.
Melton, Hubert F.82104M 1902529M405 Kingsley, O.Chardon, O.
 R.R. Engineer  WR. R. AccidentPainesville, O.
Mabley, Richard C.82105M 1903112S 8 Painesville, O.Akron, O.
 None  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Newman, Spencer82106M 190282S115 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 None  CTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.
Pool, Ezra82107M 1902818M77  Painesville, O.unknown
 Farmer  WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Roe, David A.82108M 190313M76  Painesville, O.Ellsworth
 Blacksmith  WApoplexyPainesville, O.
Austin, Flora A.82109F 1902511M47   New York
 None  WConsumption of bowelsPainesville, O.
Grenough, Mary82110F 1902519W54   Germany
 None  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Hawley, Sophronia A.82111F 190327M679  Belle Center, O.
 None  WTuberculosisPainesville, O.
Harmon, Sylvania82112F 19021111W80   unknown
 None  WCancerPainesville, O.
Lane, Agnes82113F 1902727W63   unknown
 Housekeeper  WCancerPainesville, O.
Moodey, Margaret82114F 19021122M52519 Iron Ridge, Wis.
 Housekeeper  WCancerPainesville, O.
Munson, Ruby V.82115F 1902419S1814 Painesville
    WMengitisPainesville, O.
Munson, Pauline M.82116F 1903427S 523 Painesville
    WMengitisPainesville, O.
Smith, Electa C.82117F 190319W8119 New Jersey
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Smith, Frances M.82118F 1903316M52118 Austinburg, O.
 Housekeeper  WMalignant TumorPainesville, O.
Ward IV.
Huntington, H.G.82119M 19021219M76Sep3Painesville, O.Painesville
 Carpenter  WParalysisPainesville, O.
Keeler, Elliott P.82120M 19021126M50May30Chagrin Falls, O.Michigan
 Insurance Agt.  WSuicidePainesville, O.
Lepley, Charlie82121M 1902625M25May14Painesville, O.Berea, O.
 Conductor  WAccidentPainesville, O.
Lynch, Peter82122M 190345S-Apl5 Painesville
    WNot knownPainesville, O.
McCarthy, Walter J.82123M 1903218S May24  
    WConvulsionsPainesville, O.
Murphy, James82124M 1902111S4Nov1  
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Tabor, Burton J.82125M 19021019M29Dec2  
    WMengitisPainesville, O.
Wilcox, Chas. A.82126M 19021215M52Feb24 Fairport, O.
 Farmer  WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Ward IV - Concluded.
Armsey, Roanne84127F 1902107S12  Painesville, O.Connelsville, Pa.
  Geo. ArmseyFannie ReitzelWPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Johnson, Alice R.84128F 1903311S2  Painesville, O.Mich.
  J.R. JohnsonMary A. OrdenWPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Lynch, Rose84129F 190345S 45Painesville, O.Painesville
  Thomas LynchMargaret MorrisonWnot knownPainesville, O.
Lynch, Mary M.84130F 1903218S 818Painesville, O.Painesville
  John LynchMargaret MurphyWPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Ritteri, Lena84131F 190368S19  Painesville, O.Finland
 Servantnot knownnot knownWSuffocationPainesville, O.
Spaulding, Ellen84132F 1902612M61  Painesville, O.New York State
  Stephen W. RalphLucy BlissWCancerPainesville, O.
Taylor, Mrs. Martha84133F 19021023W65  Painesville, O.-
  not unknownnot knownWPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Painesville Township
Richmond Village
Aho, Alford84134M 1902616Sunknown  Painesville, O.Unknown
 ~~  WHurt by carsPainesville, O.
Baines, Edward84135M 1902515S19518Painesville, O.Cleveland, O.
 Teamster  WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Barnes, Sam'l. N.84136M 1903315M73  Painesville, O.Thompson, O.
 farmer  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Benedict, Charles84137M 190277M42812Painesville, O.Painesville
 Machinist  WComplicationsPainesville, O.
Billington, L.K.O.84138M 1903327W6423Painesville, O.N.Y. State
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Breed, F.84139M 1902915W807 Painesville, O.Penn.
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Cobb, Anson84140M 1902824W60  Painesville, O. 
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Dickenson, Geo. C.84141M 19021218S60  Painesville, O.Painesville
 none  WSuicidePainesville, O.
Duncan, Leonard84142M 1903115M78  Painesville, O.Painesville
 none  WOld AgeRichmond, O.
Gordon, R.H.84143M 190331M68  Painesville, O. 
 farmer  WBrights DiseasePainesville, O.
McCaslin, J.M.84144M 19021019M6465Painesville, O.Penn.
 farmer  WHeart FailurePainesville, O.
Sinclair, Lew84145M 190249M311027Painesville, O.Painesville
    WR.R. AccidentPainesville, O.
Welch, Mark84146M 190242M763 Painesville, O. 
 farmer  WHeart DiseasePainesville, O.
Wood, A.C.84147M 1902108S70  Painesville, O.Sy
    WBrights DiseasePainesville, O.
Austin, Phebe84148F 1902523W95  Painesville, O.Syracuse, N.Y.
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Chambers, Ann B.84149F 1902629W84  Painesville, O. 
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Freer, Mary84150F 190219 [sic]14S80  Painesville, O.Painesville
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Harrison, Nellie84151F 1903125M 621Richmond, O.Fairport, O.
    WPneumoniaRichmond, O.
McCarthy, -84152F 1902826S53  Painesville, O.Ireland
    WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.
Rineheart, M.E.84153F 1903119S5527Painesville, O.Painesville
    WDiabeticPainesville, O.
Tucker, Edith84154F 1903115S18915Painesville, O.Huntsburg, O.
    WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Shepard, Josephine84155F 1903129 53  Painesville, O.Painesville
    WDropseyPainesville, O.
Fairport Village.
Andrews, Joseph84156M 1902123S11  Fairport, O.Fairport
    WRaclietisFairport, O.
Bakka, Weikko84157M 1902519S2  Fairport, O.Fairport
    WPneumoniaFairport, O.
Bolosh, John84158M 1902719S 1 Fairport, O.Fairport
    WStill BornFairport, O.
Blunkvist, John84159M 19021024S 5 Fairport, O.Fairport
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Bobal, Joseph84160M 1903325S 14 Fairport, O.Fairport
    WAcute HephritisFairport, O.

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