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Volume 2, Pages 74-77

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Madison - Continued.
 Jun 19 
Manly, Margaret74224F 1902Mch10W54  Madison, O.unknown
 none  WPoisonMadison, O.
McMackin, Susan74225F 1901Aug26M46  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 Housewife  WConsumption BowelsMadison, O.
Patten, Rebecca T.74226F 1901Aug4W68  Madison, O.Penn.
 W.R.C. Home  WRheumatismMadison, O.
Pike, Sarah J.74227F 1901Apl.26M46  Madison, O.Penn
 Housewife  WCancerMadison, O.
Turney, Cora M.74228F 1901Apl.11S24  Thomasville, Ga.Madison, O.
 Student  WHeartMadison, O.
Wanemacker, Helen74229F 1901Aug12S  23Madison, O.Ohio
 -  WBrain diseaseMadison, O.
Warrick, Morgeanna74230F 1901Oct.11W55  Madison, O.New York
 Housewife  WGall stoneMadison, O.
Wheeler, Mary A.74231F 1902Jan19W76  Madison, O.Conn.
 Housewife  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Winchester, Esther74232F 1902Feb6M65  Madison, O.New York
 Housewife  WGall stoneMadison, O.
Wilder, Mary L.74233F 1902Feb5W88  Madison, O.unknown
 Housewife  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Wood, Irene H.74234F 1901May24W75  Madison, O.Ohio
 Housewife  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Woodworth, Sally A.74235F 1901Nov16M63  Madison, O.Perry, O.
 Housewife  WHeart diseaseMadison, O.
Willoughby-WestMay 26 
Flick, Joseph B.761M 190316M37  Cleveland, O.Cleveland, O.
 Farmer  WCancerWilloughby, O.
Harris, Eleakin K.762M 1902928M42  Willoughby, O.Nova Scotia
 Real Estate Merchant  WAccidentWilloughby, O.
Yates, Elizabeth763F 190327M42  Willoughby, O.Ganesville, O.
 Housekeeper  WUryelitisWilloughby, O.
Precinct "B"
Barber, Alonzo P.764M 190288W83  Willoughby, O.Mass.
 Retired  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Brown, Eltran A.765M 1903323M73  Willoughby, O.Willoughby
 Farmer  WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Northcote, William766M 1902118M61  Willoughby, O.England
 Laborer  WUlcers of StomachWilloughby, O.
Metcalf, Preston A.767M 1902810M88  Willoughby, O.New Hamphsire
 Farmer  WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Zeigler, Frank768M 1902420M479 ClevelandGermany
 Farmer  WCancerWilloughby, O.
Carroll, Eliza A.769F 1903215W78810Willoughby, O.New York
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionWilloughby, O.
Fowler, Maria7610F 19021125W86  Willoughby, O.New York
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Garfat, Emma I.7611F 1903330S3810 Willoughby, O.Ontario
 Nurse  WBrights DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Hastings, Ruth7612F 1902118S76  Willoughby, O.Mass.
 Housekeeper  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Peters, Elizabeth7613F 1903222M75  Willoughby, O.Germany
 Housekeeper  WAsthmaWilloughby, O.
Phelps, Mary C.7614F 1902521W73  Willoughby, O.Willoughby
 Housekeeper  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Waterbury, Orinda7615F 1903128W819 Willoughby, O.New York
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Precinct "A"
Campbell, Hileman7616M 1902615S18 12Vassar, MichTuscira, Mich
 FarmerJ.N. CampbellNancy Van LuverWAccidentWilloughby, O.
Hopkins, Charles7617M 19021113M711613Willoughby, O.Groton, NY
 FarmerDaniel HopkinsPolly ClarkWHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Kidward, Raymond A.7618M 1902415S201127Willoughby, O.Willoughby
 PainterEdward KidwardHattie GarrettWConsumptionWilloughby, O.
Rutland, John, Sr.7619M 1903328M70  Willoughby, O.Kent, Eng.
 BrickmakerJohn RutlandMary CortrasWHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Wilson, Sidney V.7620M 1903214M79329Willoughby, O.Norway, N.Y.
 MerchantLeonard WilsonPolley WinegarWPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Barnes, Laura7621F 1902116S7116Cleveland, O.Beaver,Pa.
 NoneJohn BarnesStella SouthwardWPeritonitisWilloughby, O.
Dingee, Caroline7622F 1903217W5795Willoughby, O.Willoughby
 HousekeeperWm. CovertPhylis BaldwinWMarasmusWilloughby, O.
Hadlock, Louise7623F 190311W641127Willoughby, O.Kirtland, O.
 HousekeeperIsaac AlvordySarah BuffingtonWWAtrophy of HeartKirtland, O
Maloney, Julia7624F 19021224S32318Willoughby, O.Canada
 HousekeeperWm. MaloneyElizabeth KelleyWHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Robison, Mary Alvira7625F 1902818S 617Willoughby, O.Willoughby, O.
 NoneCharles RobisonSarah FreemanWWhooping CoughWilloughby, O.
Wilson, Hepzibah Smart7626F 1903310W6986Indianapolis, Ind.Orange, N.J.
 HousekeeperSamuel SmartMary WelshWDysenteryWilloughby, O.
Mentor-Precinct "A"
Brooks, Andros7627M 1903121W861122Mentor, O.Colebrook, N.Y.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMentor, Ohio
Coates, Franklin A.7628M 1903122M69619Mentor, O.Fredora, N.Y.
 Vet. Surgeon  WUlcers of StomachMentor, Ohio
Curtis, Preserved H.7629M 1902528M6434Mentor, O.Ohio
 Farmer  WConsumptionMentor, Ohio

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