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Volume 2, Pages 70-73

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Kirtland Township
Brown, Lorenzo70151M 1901Apl29W83224Kirtland, O.Herkimer, N.Y.
 Merchant  WCongestive lungsKirtland, O.
Ely, Albert W.70152M 1902Mch9S20710Kirtland, O.Kirtland, O.
 none  WConsumptionKirtland, O.
Harris, Job70153M 1901Dec24M822 Kirtland, O.N.Y.
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtland, O.
Hunkin, William70154M 1902Feb19M3724 Kirtland, O.England
 Farmer  WHeart FailureKirtland, O.
French, Oscar70155M 1901Nov24M74 2Kirtland, O.Bennington
 Farmer  WHeart FailureKirtland, O.
Harris, Harriet70156F 1901Sept14M79 19Kirtland, O.Mentor, O.
 Farmer  WOld AgeKirtland, O.
Donley, Ruby70157F 1902Mch8W55 5Kirtland, O.Montville, O.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaKirtland, O.
Lamos, Lillie70158F 1901Oct12M64312Kirtland, O.-
 Farmer  W-Kirtland, O.
Metcalf, Elversa70159F 1901Apl.27M784 Kirtland, O.N.H.
 Farmer  WApoplexyKirtland, O.
Parks, Lucretia70160F 1901Sept6M581 Kirtland, O.Kirtland, O.
 Farmer  WCancerKirtland, O.
Rice, Lydia70161F 1902Jan11W699 Kirtland, O.Newbury, O.
 Farmer  WGangreneKirtland, O.
Mentor Township
Andrews, Oliver70162M 1901Dec26W751023Mentor, O.New York
 Farmer  WAtrophyMentor, O.
Andrews, Joseph W.70163M 1901Sept24S2518Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
 -  WCongestion BrainMentor, O.
Baker, Nelson E.70164M 1902Mch1M86  Mentor, O.Adrian, N.Y.
 Farmer  WInflamation BrainMentor, O.
Brooks, Earl K.70165M 1901May15S3104Mentor, O.Kirtland, O.
    WIntersussecption BowelsMentor, O.
Clark, William W.70166M 1901Dec8M741120Mentor, O.New York
 Farmer  WPneumoniaMentor, O.
Harrington, Frankie A. *70167M ---    Mentor, O. 
 -  W-Mentor, O.
Hill, Lloyd W.70168M 1901Sept29S 1114Mentor, O.Madison, O.
    WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Lapham, Guy70169M 1901Apl.21M761026Erie, Pa.Concord, O.
 Engineer  WDrowningMentor, O.
Mott, Chas.70170M 1902Mch24S 114Mentor, O.Ashtabula, O.
    WCongestion of lungsMentor, O.
Snell, Hannibal70171M 1901May29M65121Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Tanswell, Robert70172M 1901Sept12M70512Mentor, O.England
 Farmer  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Whaley, Harry70173M 1901May17M29  Mentor, O.Franklin, Pa.
 Moulder  WR.R. AccidentMentor, O.
Andrews, Belle R.70174F 1901Sept3S 3 Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
    WConvulsionsMentor, O.
Brooks, Ida May70175F 1901Apl.11S12620Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
    WScarlet FeverMentor, O.
Dolivar, Dolly70176F 1901Oct-W83  Mentor, O.Penn.
 House wife  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Daniels, Jane Ann70177F 1901Aug26W76  Mentor, O.New York
 House wife  WOld AgeMentor, O.
Doing, Hannah70178F 1902Feb16W80 12Mentor, O.-
 House wife  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Harrington, Frankie A. *70179F 1902Jan31W70  Mentor, O.Leroy, N.Y.
 Missionary  WConsumptionMentor, O.
Ingersoll, Celia A.70180F 1902Feb25M6828Mentor, O.Mass.
 House wife  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Millard, Mary70181F 1902Feb-M52  Mentor, O.Ohio
 House wife  WConsumptionMentor, O.
Northcote, Susan70182F 1901Oct3M57  Mentor, O.Illinois
 House wife  WBrain DiseaseMentor, O.
Richmond, Eveline70183F 1901July-W84  Mentor, O.New York
 House wife  WOld AgeMentor, O.
Sweet, Nora Cecil70184F 1901Apl.14S 528Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
    WSpinal mengitisMentor, O.
Sweet, Ruth70185F 1901Oct18M45  Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
 Housewife  WBrights' DiseaseMentor, O.
Toole, Baby70186F 1901May10S  17Mentor, O.Munson, O.
    WSmall poxMentor, O.
Wardner, Mary70187F 1901Sept2M731112Mentor, O.Albion, N.Y.
 Housewife  WHeart DiseaseMentor, O.
Wilcox, Florence70188F 1901June10S  19Mentor, O.Mentor, O.
    WUnknownMentor, O.
Woodruff, Alice70189F 1901Oct18M45  Mentor, O.Illinois
 Housewife  WCancer of stomachMentor, O.
Concord Township
Austin, Addison A.72190MJun 191902Jan1M599 Cleveland, O.Montville, O.
 Farmer  WHeart failureConcord, O.
Brown, Hozea F.72191M 1901Nov9W70710Cleveland, O.Concord, O.
 Farmer  WDropsyConcord, O.
Morse, Abner P.72192M 1901Aug21M81  Cleveland, O.Concord, O.
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcord, O.
Manley, Ovid72193M 1902Jan18W69618Cleveland, O.Concord, O.
 Farmer  WParalysisConcord, O.
Pease, George M.72194M 1901Dec25W34 12Cleveland, O.Penn.
 Wood Turner  WTyphoid feverConcord, O.
Thayer, Betsey E.72195F 1901Apl11W6714Cleveland, O.Concord, O.
 Housewife  WPneumoniaConcord, O.
Perry Township
Hill, Wm. E.72196M 1901Oct23S 923Perry, O.Perry, O.
 None  WStricture BowelsPerry, O.
Rouse, Calvin72197M 1902Feb3W971128Perry, O.N.Y.
 Farmer  WOld agePerry, O.
Keener, Gertrude72198F 1901Oct20M30  Perry, O.Painesville, O
 Housewife  WChild birthPerry, O.
Lockwood, Pauline E.72199F 1901Oct15S169Perry, O.Perry, O.
    WStricture BowelsPerry, O.
Lapham, Helen R.72200F 1901Jan19S 315Perry, O.Perry, O.
    WCongestion lungsPerry, O.
Madison Township -
and Village -
Clark, Harley B.72201M 1901Sept21S15  Madison, O.Hudson, O.
 Student  WLeukaemiaMadison, O.
Chaffee, Ezra72202M 1901Oct.13M74  Madison, O.Penn
 Farmer  WInsanityMadison, O.
French, Albert72203M 1901Apl.13M58  Madison, O.Amboy, O.
 Railroader  WTyphoid feverMadison, O.
Hockin, Ozso.72204M 1901Aug6M55  Madison, O.Perry, O.
 Merchant  WDropsy (heart)Madison, O.
Hodgenney, Freddie G.72205M 1901Apl.26S12  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 none  WHeartMadison, O.
Kirrick, Thomas72206M 1901Jan29M72  Madison, O.Isle of Man
 Farmer  WAbcess BrainMadison, O.
Miller, Roger S.72207M 1901July1M69  Madison, O.New York
 Farmer  WDropsy (abdomen)Madison, O.
Olds,Eli72208M 1902Feb23W83  Madison, O.New York
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Sawdey, I.S.72209M 1901Aug28M82  Madison, O.New York
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Smead, Chas. R.72210M 1901Aug24M65  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 Carpenter  WCancerMadison, O.
Stratton, Franklin H.72211M 1902Jan30M73  Madison, O.Jefferson, O.
 Farmer  WKilled by carsMadison, O.
Swetland, Salmon72212M 1901June15W80  Madison, O.Bristol, O.
 Farmer  WParalysisMadison, O.
Wagner, John O.72213M 1901Nov27S1  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 none  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Abbot, Julie E.72214F 1901June29S 6 Madison, O.Madison, O.
    WConvulsionsMadison, O.
Bacon, Charlotte72215F 1902Feb19S65  Madison, O.Hartsgrove, O.
    WRheumatismMadison, O.
DeForrest,Julia72216F 1902Mch16W93  Madison, O.New Jersey
    WOld AgeMadison, O.
Donahue, Rose72217F 1901Dec8M31  Madison, O.Thompson, O.
 Housewife  WConsumption BowelsMadison, O.
Feidler, Adelia72218F 1901Jan7W54  Madison, O.N.Y.
 Housewife  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Fink, Louisa72219F 1901July6S58  Madison, O.N.Y.
    WAtrophyMadison, O.
Gilbert, Mary72220F 1902Mch11M66  Madison, O.Penn.
 Housewife  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Hardy, Mary A.72221F 1901Apl.5W93  Madison, O.Penn
    WOld AgeMadison, O.
Hill, Cornelia72222F 1901June16M61  Madison, O.N.Y.
 Housewife  WCancerMadison, O.
Leach, Betsey A.72223F 1902Feb.7W85  Madison, O.Conn.
 Housewife  WApoplexyMadison, O.

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