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Lake County, Ohio Death Records
Volume 2, Pages 62-65

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Township & Village1902 
Allhouse, Albert621MJun 191901May20unknown50  Painesville, O.New York.
 -  WConsumption-
Benjamin, John M.622M 1901Apl.25M76  Painesville, O.New York.
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Burke, Patrick 623M 1901Sept-M84  Painesville, O.Ireland
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Bobol, George624M 1901Sept3S  14Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
Bodar, John625M 1901Dec27S24  Fairport, O.Hungary
 Laborer  WunknownFairport,
Berger, Lewis Geo.626M 1901Sept12S 11 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
Colgrove, Harry B.627M 1902Jan19S 17 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WTyphoid feverPainesville, O.
Clapp, Chas. P.628M 1902Feb.28W83  Painesville, O.New York.
    WOld agePainesville, O.
Cating, Barning629M 1901June8unknown75  Painesville, O.New York.
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Canfield, Henry6210M 1901Oct-M59  Painesville, O.Penn.
    WStricturePainesville, O.
Cheney, J.T.6211M 1901Oct16M71  Painesville, O.Vermont
 Manufacturer  WunknownPainesville, O.
Colwall, J.T.6212M 1901May3M82  Painesville, O.Perry, O.
 Laborer  WunknownPainesville, O.
Chamberlain, J.O.6213M 1901Nov12M54  Painesville, O.-
 Farmer  WBright's DiseasePainesville, O.
Durfey, Chas.6214M 1901Aug2M39  Cleveland, O.E. Cleveland, O.
 Patrolman  WCancerPainesville, O.
Fish, John6215M 1901Sept13unknown23  --
    WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Graves, Syrennus6216M 1901June3W44  Warren, O.Leroy, O.
 Salesman  WHeart failurePainesville, O.
Griswold, Hiram6217M 1901Nov5M74  Painesville, O.New York.
 Shoemaker  WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Granger, Ira D.6218M 1901June4M42  Painesville, O.New York.
 Farmer  WSunstrokePainesville, O.
Greenough, Jacob6219M 1901June20M74  Painesville, O.New York.
 Laborer  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Gaffney, Patrick H.6220M 1901July24M70  Cleveland, O.Ireland
 Laborer  WInsanityPainesville, O.
Hickok, Simeon C.6221M 1901Oct M84  Painesville, O.Vermont
 Carpenter  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Huntington, Edwin6222M 1902Mch29W72  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Attorney  WParalysisPainesville, O.
Harris, A.J.6223M 1901Aug9M38  Fairport, O.Virginia
 Telegraph operator  WHeart failureFairport, O.
Jackson, John6224M 1901Nov21S16  Fairport, O.Finland
 Laborer  WGun shot woundFairport, O.
Joki, Anuti6225M 1901Aug24S17  Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WPeritonitisFairport, O.
Johnson, Andrew6226M 1901July9M38  Fairport, O.Finland
 Laborer  WConsumptionFairport, O.
Johnson, Chas.6227M 1902Mch26 60  Painesville, O.-
 -  WAsthmaPainesville, O.
Katila, Wm.6228M 1902Jan.26S 8 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
 -  WMengitisFairport, O.
Lervey, Arthur6229M 1901Oct2S 1 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
 -  WCholera InfantumFairport, O.
Luke, John6230M 1902Feb.24W33  Fairport, O.Finland
 Laborer  WHeart failureFairport, O.
Lefisto, John6231M 1902Feb.18S 17 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
 -  WExhaustionFairport, O.
Lamunyam, Jaig6232M 1901Nov30S16  Cleveland, O.Painesville, O.
 -  WTyphoid feverPainesville, O.
Lynch, James Joseph6233M 1901July29S1  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 -  WCongestion BrainPainesville, O.
Murphy, Patrick6234M 1901Dec3M73  Painesville, O.Ireland
    WParalysisPainesville, O.
Mullen, Cornelius E.6235M 1901Oct30M34  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WDiabetisPainesville, O.
Mather, Frank6236M 1901Dec20W92  Painesville, O.Mass.
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Murray, James6237M 1901Oct26 70  Painesville, O.-
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Martin, John6238M 1901Aug.7M38  Painesville, O.Hungary
 Laborer  WAccidentFairport, O.
Nortumen, Jacob6239M 1902Mch23 24  Painesville, O.-
    WDropsyPainesville, O.
O'Herron, Dan. J.6240M 1901Jan12S33  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Plumber  WAccidentPainesville, O.
O'Herron, Edward6241M 1902Mch30M68  Painesville, O.Ireland
 Farmer  WInflammation bladderPainesville, O.
Pohto, Jacob6442M19021902Feb.9S  5Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Pentock, Frank6443MJun 191901Aug25S 8 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WCholera InfantumFairport, O.
Rautia, Erneli6444M 1901July2S24  Fairport, O.Finland
    WPhthisisFairport, O.
Ryder, Zerah6445M 1902Mch15W81  Painesville, O.Painesville
 Mechanic  WHeart failurePainesville, O.
Riker, Jacob M.6446M 1901Oct31W73  Painesville, O.New York.
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville, O.
Smith, John6447M 1901Apl.6 70  Painesville, O.-
    WCancerPainesville, O.
Skinner, Roy H.6448M 1901Nov.14M36  Painesville, O.Ohio
 Book keeper  WTyphoid pneumoniaPainesville, O.
Schofield, Chas.6449M 1902Mch-S56  Painesville, O.Ohio
    WSuisidePainesville, O.
Stage, Stephen K.6450M 1901Dec8M69  Painesville, O.Ohio
    WParalysisPainesville, O.
Stolf, Otto6451M 1901Oct14unknownunknown  Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WAccidentFairport, O.
Tuuri, John A.6452M 1901Nov20S  3Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Uden, Wm.6453M 1901June14 84  Painesville, O.-
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Vares, Steve6454M 1901Mch14 40  Painesville, O.-
    WAccidentPainesville, O.
Wallenburg, John6455M 1901Nov23M39  Fairport, O.Finland
 Laborer  WCerebrospinal mengitisFairport, O.
Wallenburg, Henry Albert6456M 1901May11S 2 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WPthisisFairport, O.
Willman, -6457M 1902Feb.2S  14Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WPneumoniaFairport, O.
Williams, Clark6458M 1901Oct10M61  Painesville, O.New York.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Whitney, Mary G.6459M 1901Nov1S20  Painesville, O.Chardon, O.
 Student  WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.
Whitney, Eugene D.6460M 1901Nov4S32  Painesville, O.Burton, O.
 Doctor  WTyphoid feverPainesville, O.
Alvord, Margaret6461F 1902Feb.7M82  Painesville, O.New Jersey
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Brooks, Caroline C.6462F 1902Mch1S79  Painesville, O.New York.
    WDropsyPainesville, O.
Bixler, Beatrice6463F 1901Dec9S7  Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WAppedicitisFairport, O.
Connors, Mabel V.6464F 1901Sept4S 6 Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WIndigestionFairport, O.
Churchward, Mary6465F 1901June18M79  Painesville, O.New York.
    WunknownFairport, O.
Chapman, Catherine6466F 1901Oct27M   Painesville, O.Maryland
    WPeritonitisPainesville, O.
Clark, Joycey6467F 1901Apl.15W86  Painesville, O.Penn.
    WCancerPainesville, O.
Colgrove, Nancy N.6468F 1901June12M35  Painesville, O.New York.
    WHeart diseasePainesville, O.
Carnegie, Lois6469F 1901May9M32  Painesville, O.Chardon, O.
    WStomachPainesville, O.
Chesney, Eliza M.6470F 1901Dec.7W83  Painesville, O.Parkman, O.
    WParalysisPainesville, O.
Condon, Alice J.6471F 1901Oct.30S28  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
 Teacher  WHeart failurePainesville, O.
Downing, Elizabeth A.6472F 1902Mch11M58  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WDiabetisPainesville, O.
Daugherty, Margaret6473F 1902Feb.24S25  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WBrain FeverPainesville, O.
Dyer, Alfaretta6474F 1902Jan26M49  Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WHeartPainesville, O.
Griffin, Maria6475F 1901July15S 5 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WCholera InfantumPainesville, O.
Hickok, Emma6476F 1902Mch16W79  Painesville, O.Ohio
    WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Harvey, Mary B.6477F 1902Mch.12S47  Painesville, O.Massilon, O.
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Hough, Lottie Maud6478F 1901May4S 8 Painesville, O.Painesville, O.
    WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Karnjuh, Marie6479F 1901June17S  6Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Kannasto, Babe6480F 1901June17S  17Fairport, O.Fairport, O.
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Klippi, Hedvig Helma6481F 1901May18M32  Fairport, O.Finland
 Housewife  WConsumptionFairport, O.
Kannasto, Mrs. Isaac6482F 1901July16M30  Fairport, O.Finland
 Housewife  WConsumptionFairport, O.

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