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Volume 2, Pages 50-53

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Painesville June 21 
Praski, Wm.5037M 1901213S7  Fairport OFairport
    WPneumoniaFairport, O.
Riker, Geo. L5038M 1900827M70  Fairport ON. Y.
    WHeart DiseaseFairport, O.
Rayle, James5039M 19001119M29  PainesvilleWooster, O
 Grocer  WGangreen of BowelsPainesville
Sherman, Alex H.5040M 1900Oct3M71  PainesvilleSaybrook, O
 Farmer  WInf. Of BladderPainesville
Simmons, Wm.5041M 1900813M61  PainesvilleMass.
 Carpenter  WTyphoidPainesville
Saarempa, John5042M 190075M32  Fairport Finland
Severance, Chandler5043M 1901222M79  PainesvilleMass.
 Farmer  WLaGrippePainesville
Tuuri, Baby5044M 1901224S  7FairportFairport
Talcota, Stephen5045M 1900828S 10 FairportFairport
Turney, Alonzo B.5046M 1900929M83  PainesvillePerry
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville
Trulson, Claus5047M 1901211M65  PainesvilleNorway
 Sailor  WBowel DiseasePainesville
Vasberg, Charles A.5048M 190098M61  PainesvilleMich.
 Sailor  WCongestive ChillPainesville
Wood, Alonzo N.5049M 1900126M47  PainesvilleProvidence, R.I.
 Carpenter  WBrights' DiseasePainesville
Wilkes, Fred'k.5050M 1901121W87  FloridaEngland
 Manufacturer  WPneumoniaPainesville
Wiidgrun, Mio H.5051M 19001122S1616FairportFairport
Youdath, Steve5052M 19012-S 2 FairportFairport
Zulbal, John5053M 1900827S 4 FairportFairport
    WCholera InfantumFairport
Arnold, Sarah5054F 1901521M75  PainesvilleLockport N.Y.
 Housewife  WBrights' DiseasePainesville
Amidon, Sylvania J.5055F 19001217M40  PainesvilleLeroy
 Housewife  WCancerPainesville
Allen, Mira5056F 1900616W82  PainesvillePainesville
    WOld AgePainesville
Belden, Ruth5057F 190148S  3PainesvillePainesville
  Burr T. BeldenMay PooleWHeart FailurePainesville
Bohall, Armanda5058F 190048S75  PainesvilleFreedonia, N.Y.
 Housewife  WHeart FailurePainesville
Burridge, Sarah5059F 1901325M76  PainesvillePerry
 Housewife  WPneumoniaPainesville
Brink, Mary5060F 1901126W78  PainesvillePa.
 Housewife  WPneumoniaPainesville
Babcock, Martha A.5061F 190158S17  PainesvillePainesville
    WTyphoid FeverPainesville
Babcock, Emma L.5062F 1900720S12  PainesvillePainesville
Barkalin, Emma M.5063F 190096S 11 FairportFairport
    WCholera Inf.Fairport, O.
Clapp, Lizzie5064F 1900516S  1FairportFairport
    WFrom BirthFairport, O.
Condon, Mary J.5065F 190051S34  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WGastric FeverPainesville
Clayton, Harriet5066F 190125S78  PainesvillePa.
 Housewife  WOld AgePainesville
Carrigan, Edith5067F 1900513M29  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WTyphoid FeverPainesville
Densmore, Eliza A.5068F 190136M57  PainesvilleLeroy
 Housewife  WLiver ComplaintPainesville
Egert. -5069F 19001020W93  PainesvilleGermany
    WOld AgePainesville
Fillippi, Seina5070F 1900610S 9 FairportFairport
    WInf. BowelsFairport, O.
Glenn, Ellen5071F 1900101M48  PainesvilleIreland
 Housekeeper  WStomach TroubleFairport, O.
Harrison, Eunice5072F 190113W75  PainesvilleGeauga Co. O
 Tayloress  WTyphoidPainesville
Hungati, Florence Rees5073F 1900626M42  PainesvilleOhio
 Housekeeper  WInf. Of BowelsPainesville
Higgins, Mary5074F 19001026 *S80  Painesville-
    WOld AgePainesville
Impponen, Ida5075F 1900926S23  Fairport-
Jacobs, Elizabeth5076F 190087M62  PainesvillePainesville
 Housewife  WParalysisPainesville
Johnston, Catherine5077F 1900815M67  FairportMentor
Jemima, Alma5078F 1900816S 3 FairportFairport
    WCholera InfantumFairport
Record of Deaths, for the year ending March 31st, Probate Court, Lake County, O. 189 .
 June 21 
Ames, Harry C.5279M 19001211S11  PainesvillePainesville
 -  WPneumoniaPainesville
Brigham, Jay Clinton5280M 190129S11  PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WDiptheriaPainesville
Brick, John5281M 190081M67  PainesvilleIreland
 Farmer  WHeart TroublePainesville
Burbee, Ernest5282M 190076M37  PainesvillePenn.
 Painter  WConsumptionPainesville
Bone, Albert5283M 190032M23  ClevelandCanada
 Laborer  WSmall poxPainesville
Brick, John Sr.5284M 1900818W72  PainesvilleIreland
 Farmer  WOld AgePainesville
Chapman, Jackson5285M 190085W67  FairportFairport
    WHeart failureFairport, O.
Comosko, Baby5286M 1900719S  1FairportFairport
    WStill BornFairport, O.
Condon, Thomas P.5287M 190061S24  PainesvillePainesville
 Ice Dealer  WGastric FeverPainesville, O.
Carrigan, -5288M 1900811S 6 PainesvillePainesville
  Michael CarriganEdith CrofootWBowel ComplaintPainesville, O.
Coade, James5289M 1901215S60  PainesvillePainesville
    WParalysisPainesville, O.
Dockery, -5290M 1901119S  10PainesvillePainesville
    WSpasmsPainesville, O.
Davis, Wm. W.5291M 190124S48  PainesvillePainesville
 Carpenter  WAccidentPainesville, O.
Dodge, Collins5292M 190134W78  PainesvillePainesville
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Fredabaugh, Stephen A. *5293M 1900528M61  PainesvillePainesville
 Sailor  WHeart TroublePainesville, O.
Fagan, John5294M 190086S65  PainesvillePainesville
    WDropsyPainesville, O.
Gilchrist, Wm. D.5295M 1901313S28  PainesvilleChardon
 News Dealer  WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Gordon, Wm.5296M 1900924M60  PainesvilleVirginia
 Laborer  CHemoragePainesville, O.
Herrick, George5297M 1900515S73  PainesvilleMiddlefield, Mass.
 Farmer  WAstheniaPainesville, O.
Henderson, Theodore A.5298M 1901313S50  PainesvilleIndiana
 Laborer  WHeart FailurePainesville, O.
Hill, Joseph5299M 190052M85  PainesvillePainesville
    COld AgePainesville, O.
Helmecy, Alex52100M 1901410M39  PainesvillePainesville
    WAccidentFairport, O.
Ingersol, G. S.52101M 1900630W76  PainesvillePainesville
    WOld AgePainesville, O.
Judkins, Edwin52102M 1900620M69  PainesvilleVermont
 Carpenter  WAccidentalPainesville, O.
Klopat, Andrew52103M 19001124M---PainesvilleFairport
    WUnknownFairport, O.
Kelugy, John52104M 190123S  14FairportFairport
    WPneumoniaFairport, O.
Kintosh, Baby52105M 19001015S  2FairportFairport
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Katila, Baby52106M 190063S  1FairportFairport
    WStill BornFairport, O.
Kelley, John Welch52107M 190135M59  PainesvilleMeadville, Pa.
 Carpenter  WHeart TroublePainesville, O.
Kelley, James Walter52108M 190094S11  PainesvillePainesville
    WAccidentalPainesville, O.
Kraft, Carl52109M 190073M53  PainesvilleGermany
 Saloon Keeper  WBrights' DiseasePainesville, O.
Lancaster, Alfred J.52110M 190047S15  PainesvilleIndiana
    WTyphoid FeverPainesville, O.
Lukalnama, Samuel52111M 1900822S21  FairportFairport
    WInflamation BowelsFairport, O.
Luokkola, John52112M 190135S 1 FairportFairport
    WPeritonitisFairport, O.
Landaii, Toivi52113M 1900825S 6 FairportFairport
    WConvulsionsFairport, O.
Mattson, Earnest52114M 190086S 8 FairportFairport
    WCholera InfantumFairport, O.
Maki, Kusta52115M 19001222S  1FairportFairport
    WStill BornFairport, O.
McGlynn, Daniel52116M 1900528S14  PainesvillePainesville
 Rail Road  WStomach TroublePainesville, O.
McCann, Frank52117M 190093W65  Painesville-
    WAccidentalPainesville, O.
Allila, Wm. W.52118M 190022S 9 FairportFairport
    WPneumoniaFairport, O.
Alvey, Alton52119M 1900422S14  PainesvilleIovington, Ga.
    WTyphoid Painesville.
Paine, Albert52120M 190081M72  PainesvillePainesville
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville

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