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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, Lake County, O. 189 .
 34  1900 
 34  May 21 
Concord Township
Fred T. Burr341M 1899Sept2M37 27ConcordConcord, O.
 Farmer  WAccidentConcord, O.
Collister, Thomas342M 1899Dec7S64724ConcordConcord, O.
 Farmer  WParalysisConcord, O.
Castle, John343M 1899Sept14M828 ConcordNew York
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcord, O.
Kellogg, Maynard C.344M 1900Apl.2S23  ConcordConcord, O.
 Farmer  WConsumptionConcord, O.
Campbell, Jennie345F 1900Apl.19M231913ConcordClarion Co. Pa.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionConcord, O.
Prouty, Betsey Ann346F 1900Apl.3W661113ConcordConcord, O.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaConcord, O.
Scott, Sarah W.347F 1900Mar1M53216ConcordConcord, O.
 Housekeeper  WBrights' DiseaseConcord, O.
Kirtland Township
Francis, John Chester348M 1899Aug8M7457KirtlandKirtland, O.
 Farmer  WCancerKirtland, O.
Sleemin, Henry H.349M 1899May5S3815KirtlandCleveland, O.
 Music Teacher  WPneumoniaKirtland, O.
Smith, Guy W.3410M 1899Sept.16M728 KirtlandKirtland, O.
 Farmer  WHeart FailureKirtland, O.
Wisner, Samuel3411M 1900Jan11M76927KirtlandCleveland, O.
 Blacksmith  WValvelour Disease of HeartKirtland, O.
Curtis, Mary Ann3412F 1899July5M74922KirtlandConcord, O.
 Housekeeper  WHeart FailureKirtland, O.
Daniels, Lena Bell3413F 1899Dec11M3077KirtlandKirtland, O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionWilloughby, O.
Greenstreet, Clarissa Ann3414F 1899Nov27M6033KirtlandWilloughby, O.
 Housekeeper  WBrights' DiseaseKirtland, O.
Kobs, Wilhelmina3415F 1900Feb.29M751119KirtlandGermany
 none  WOld AgeKirtland, O.
Lee, Mary 3416F 1899Oct.26M53226KirtlandWatson, N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WProgressive AtrophyKirtland, O.
Losey, Julia3417F 1900Jan.11M55718KirtlandRussel, O.
 Housekeeper  WHeart FailureKirtland, O.
Pierson, Mary W.3418F 1900Mch17W75311KirtlandEagleville, O.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaKirtland, O.
Sanborn, Laura L.3419F 1900Mch14W8577KirtlandGranville, N.Y.
 none  WOld AgeKirtland, O.
Smith, Annis C.3420F 1899July4W7572KirtlandUtica, N.Y.
 none  WApoplexyKirtland, O.
Wells, Eunice B.3421F 1899May31W3862KirtlandMentor, O.
 Clerk  WUterine Tumor.Kirtland, O.
Madison Township
Budington, Ralph3422M 1899Oct.24S171138Nottingham, O.Connecticut
 Telegraph  WBrainMadison, O.
Isham, M. M.3423M 1899July27M77828MadisonMadison
 Farmer  WDropsyMadison, O.
Saxton, John3424M 1899July23M80104MadisonN.Y.
 Farmer  WInfl. BowelsMadison, O.
Skinner, John3425M 1900Jan16M6942No. MadisonN.Y.
 Farmer  WHeartMadison, O.
Walding, H. P.3426M 1899Aug.11W70824MadisonEngland
 Farmer  WAbscessMadison, O.
Baker, Maria3427F 1899July23W8958No. MadisonOhio
 Farmer  WOld AgeNo. Madison, O.
Baster, Louisa T.3428F 1899Apl.17M58922MadisonOhio
 Housekeeper  WHeartMadison, O.
Bane, Carrie3429F 1899Aug29M29827MadisonOhio
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison, O.
Dalrymple, Nellie M.3430F 1899Apl.7W64516MadisonMass.
 Housekeeper  WHeartMadison, O.
Emerson, Martha3431F 1899Nov.14W51416MadisonConn.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison, O.
Frank, Mary Ann3432F 1899Nov.29W73  MadisonGermany
 Farmer  WAbcessNo. Madison, O.
Harman, Parmelia3433F 1900Mch.21M78814MadisonN.Y.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeNo. Madison, O.
Ross, Ada3434F 1899June23M3188MadisonOhio
 Farmer  WChild BirthMadison, O.
Runyan, Minnie3435F 1900Mch.16W361027MadisonWis.
 Housekeeper  WInsanityMadison, O.
Strock, Flora A.3436F 1899Aug.21M36 2MadisonMadison
 Housekeeper  WChild BirthMadison, O.
Trumbull, Almira3437F 1899July29S7074MadisonN.Y.
 Housekeeper  WInsanityMadison, O.
Madison Township
Wakeley, Emeline3638F 1899May21W85521MadisonConn.
 Housewife  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Winchester, Releif3639F 1899Nov.5W86315No. MadisonN. Y.
 Farmer  WCancerNo. Madison, O.
Wood, Margaret P. B.3640F 1899Dec.31W8236MadisonPenn.
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Willoughby Township (East District)
Billson, Frank3641M 1899June7M38  WilloughbyWilloughby
 noneCyrus BillsonFennerWConsumption of BowelsWilloughby, O.
Brown, Bernard3642M 1900Mch.13S  2Willoughby 
 noneGeo. BrownElla MerrimanWHemoridgeWilloughby, O.
Brichford, Saml. L.3643M 1900Jan.20S30320WilloughbyCircleville
 noneGeo. F. BrichfordLouisa HirtWParalysisWilloughby, O.
Clark, Nathan3644M 1899Nov.21M84  WilloughbyWilloughby
 Tailor  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Demery, Elias3645M 1899Aug.9M85  Willoughby 
 Laborer  WApoplexyWilloughby, O.
Dingee, Johnson3646M 1899Oct.25M55  Willoughby 
 Salesman  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Furlong, Edward3647M 1899July16M56  Willoughby 
 Watchman  WHepatitisWilloughby, O.
Gilson, F. W.3648M 1899July30M78223WilloughbyManchester, N.H.
 FarmerJames GilsonLucy ParkerWBrights' DiseaseWilloughby, O.
Graff, Karl3649M 1899Dec.15M39  WilloughbyWilloughby
 none  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Humphrey, John J.3650M 1899Dec.12M75  Willoughby 
 none  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Jennison, Frank3651M 1899Aug.5M49  Willoughby 
 Laborer  WKilled by CarsWilloughby, O.
Metcalf, Myron3652M 1899Aug.20M45  WilloughbyKirtland
 LaborerP. A. MetcalfHaydenWKilled by CarsWilloughby, O.
Miller, Alva C.3653M 1900Mch.17M54  WilloughbyWilloughby
 MusicianDewitt C. Miller WApoplexyWilloughby, O.
Phelps, Samuel W.3654M 1899Apl.29M741 WilloughbyPainesville
 FarmerSamuel W. PhelpsLydia PaineWInflamation of LiverWilloughby, O.
Quigley, Samuel3655M 1900Jan.3M98  WilloughbyTyrone, Ireland
 FarmerWilliam QuigleyJennie FowlerWOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Roper, Rudolph3656M 1900Mch.25W86  Willoughby 
 none  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Sherman, Jacob3657M 1899July11M89  Willoughby 
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Storm, Samuel3658M 1899Nov.2S56  WilloughbyWilloughby
 Laborer  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Steinhoff, A. W.3659M 1900Apl.3M65  Willoughby 
 Laborer  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Viall, J. V.3660M 1899July1W91  Willoughby 
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Watts, Isaac3661M 1900Apl.12W95  Willoughby 
 Farmer  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Waterman, W. G.3662M 1899Oct.3M57  Willoughby 
 none  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Baker, Mrs. M. E.3663F 1899Aug.12W65  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WParalysisWilloughby, O.
Butler, E. A.3664F 1900Apl.6S19  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WExhaustionWilloughby, O.
Carrel, Minnie3665F 1900Jan.2M32  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaWilloughby, O.
Daniels, Mrs. A. S.3666F 1899Dec.11M31  KirtlandKirtland, O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumption Willoughby, O.
Gray, Jane3667F 1899July5S81  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WKidney TroubleWilloughby, O.
Jenkins, Cyrena3668F 1900Mch.3M81  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WCongestion of LungsWilloughby, O.
Moore, Ida, M.3669F 1899Dec.12M40  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Norton, Alice3670F 1899Sep.6M30  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.
Philpot, Susannah3671F 1899Dec.14M72101WilloughbySeneca Co, N.Y.
 HousekeeperJacob TilleySusannah GarrettWCancerWilloughby, O.
Sharp, Mary J.3672F 1899Nov.6S56  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WDropsyWilloughby, O.
Smith, Almira3673F 1899Sept7 89  Willoughby 
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeWilloughby, O.
Storm, Francis A.3674F 1900Jan.20S56  WilloughbyWilloughby
 HousekeeperDaniel Storm WHeart FailureWilloughby, O.

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