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Volume 2, Pages 26-29

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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
Painesville (Continued)
O'Brian, Thom.2674 M1899Dec27M84  Painesville OIreland
    WBronchitisPainesville, O.
Pyle Jesse2675 M1898Apr.27W74  Painesville OHartford Co Md
 Carpenter  WOldage & debilityPainesville, O.
Phillips, Fred G.2676 M1898Oct20S28  Painesville OHamden O
 Musician  WMalarial FeverPainesville, O.
Auinu, Christopher C.2677 M1898Jan19S51  Painesville OKirtland O
 -  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Slocum, Wm.2678 M1898Aug27M67  Painesville OProspect N.Y.
 Carpenter  WPneumoniaPainesville, O.
Streetor, Ruxton2679 M1899Feb1S76  Painesville OPainesville
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville, O.
Sullivan, Edward2680 M1899Feb19W74  Painesville OIreland
 Farmer  WGangreenPainesville, O.
Steele, Horace2681 M1899Sep28W73  Painesville OVermont
 Banker  WOld AgePainesville, O.
Wood, Matthew2682 M1898June12W74  Painesville OPainesville
 Laborer  WAccidentPainesville, O.
Wedge, Francis M.2683 M1898July19M61  Painesville OLeroy O
 Laborer  WMeaslesPainesville, O.
Waldo, Geo.2684 M1898Aug2M57  Painesville OPainesville
 Laborer  WAbcessPainesville, O.
Werd, Erastus2685 M1898Dec2W69  Painesville O-
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville, O.
Aho, Jacob2686 M1898524M67  FairportIreland
    WPneumoniaFairport, O.
Bartish, Andrew2687 M1898520S 120FairportFairport
    WUnknownFairport, O.
Babcock, Geo. F.2688 M18981228W53  Fairport 
    WHaeroptysFairport, O.
Dwyer, Thomas2689 M1898515M73  Painesville OIreland
    WHeart failurePainesville, O.
Esterhouse, Steve2690 M189881 42  FairportFinland
Hilri, Jacob Oscar2691 M1898419S20  FairportFinland
Hacola, Samuel A.2692 M1899113S 2 FairportFinland
    WHeart FailureFairport
Kuki, Wms. Emili2693 M189864S31 FairportFinland
Killinen, Lanuno2694 M1898626S 5 FairportFinland
    WCholera InfantumFairport
Kozack, Joseph Wm.2695 M189884S11 FairportFinland
    WCholera InfantumFairport
Kowash, Charley2696 M189898S 7 FairportFinland
    WCholera InfantumFairport
Karho, Wm. Matti2697 M18981024S16 FairportFinland
    WInflamation BrainFairport
Kaaukanpua, Victor2698 M1899127S11 FairportFinland
Laniar, Henry Anson2699 M1898515W84  FairportFinland
    WHeart failureFairport
Lewis, D. R.26100 M189932W62  FairportFinland
Luther, Ezra26101 M189924M8010 Richmond, ONew York
 Wagonmaker  WOld AgeRichmond, O
Makey, Waina I.26102 M189949S 27Richmond, OOhio
    WInflamation of BowelsRichmond, O
Philip, Alex V.26103 M1898729S 6 Richmond, OOhio
    WCholera InfantumRichmond, O
Pohto, Julian J.26104 M189884S11 Richmond, OOhio
    WCholera InfantumRichmond, O
Polko, Baby26105 M18981124S  8Richmond, OOhio
    WStill BornRichmond, O
Poytosh, Adam26106 M1899112S   Richmond, OOhio
    WStill BornRichmond, O
Pekola, Karlo26107 M1899210S 121Richmond, OOhio
    WInflamation BowelsRichmond, O
Polko, George26108 M18981220S  23Richmond, OOhio
    WUnknownRichmond, O
Rinta, John W26109 M1898423S26 Fairport, O 
Anuitko, Alexander26110 M1899128 39  Fairport, OHungary
    WAppendicitisRichmond, O
Trasti, Benhart R.26111 M1898511S2  Fairport, OFairport O
Wannonpaa, H. E26112 M1898818S  21Fairport, OFairport O
    WCholera InfantumRichmond
Walli, Jacob O.26113 M18981127M28  Fairport, OFinland
Zinmi, George26114 M1898624S   Fairport, OFairport O
    WStill BornRichmond
Jielie, Allen26115 M189946S 7 Painesville OPainesville
    WCholera InfantumRichmond
Arrigan, Julia26116 F1898524M67  Fairport OIreland
Painesville (Continued)
Axtell, Laura S. B.28117 F1898Nov2S36  Painesville OPerry, O.
    WPeritonitisPainesville O
Bayns, Lizzie28118 F1898515S  1Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WPneumoniaFairport O
Bloomquist, Elizabeth28119 F189871S 17Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WUnknownFairport O
Bobal, Helen28120 F1898101S  7Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WPeritonitisFairport O
Bergener, Ida A.28121 F1899319M285 Painesville OChardon O
    WUnknownFairport O
Chanfordy, Marthy28122 F1899319S 11 Fairport OChardon O
    WTumorPainesville O
Green,, Mary A.28123 F1898420W84  Fairport ONew York
    WOld AgePainesville O
Gorton, Martha28124 F189872M48  Fairport OFinland
    WSurgical OperationFairport O
Harmvic, Annie28125 F1898512M39  Fairport OFinland
    WMeningitisFairport O
Kattila, Emni28126 F1899215S 10 Fairport OFinland
    WMeaslesFairport O
Kulburg, Lempi28127 F189871S 2 Fairport OFinland
    WAbraic of BrainFairport O
Larnar, Ester Irene28128 F18981013S 4 Fairport OFinland
    WCholera InfantumFairport O
Pokka, Elizabeth28129 F1898227S  1Richmond, O.Finland
    WExhaustionRichmond, O
Rantilla, Gustave28130 F1899128M52  Fairport, O.Finland
    WPneumoniaFairport O
Sorvisto, Silga28131 F1898813S 8 Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WCholera InfantumFairport O
Schmidt, Maryanna28132 F1899222 50  Richmond, O.Germany
    WHeart DiseaseRichmond, O
Taglosh, Yoln28133 F1899129S 214Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WPneumoniaFairport O
Unu, Ssanna28134 F18981114S13  Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WPneumoniaFairport O
Walli, Sima28135 F1898725S 4 Fairport, O.Fairport O
    WConsumptionFairport O
Walli, Perda28136 F189895M30  Fairport, O.Finland
    WConsumptionFairport O
Waldridge, Bertha28137 F1899320M28  Painesville OAshtabula O
 housekeeper  WLagrippePainesville O
Baker, Martha28138 F189925M36  Painesville OMentor O
    WApoplexyPainesville O
Bain, Margaret28139 F1899125W34  Painesville OSarnsboy, N.J.
    WCancerPainesville O
Buler, Luza28140 F189934W66  Painesville OBaritne, Mass.
    WConsumptionPainesville O
Brend, Hannah Carmelia28141 F1898615M77  Painesville ON. Y. State
    WDigestive TractPainesville O
Broughton, Sarah G.28142 F1899318W82  Painesville OEngland
    WOld AgePainesville O
Bowen, Dianitia A.28143 F1898819W82  Painesville ON. Y. State
    WHeart FailurePainesville O
Callander, Emma M.28144 F1898423M30  Painesville OChardon, O
    WThypoid PnemoniaPainesville O
Coon, Elizabeth28145 F189915W61  Painesville OEngland
    WEpilepsyPainesville O
Curtiss, Ellen P.28146 F18981226M52  Painesville OConcord O
    WApoplexyPainesville O
Cusick, Kittie28147 F18981228S27  Painesville OPainesville O
    WLagrippePainesville O
Farmworth, Charlotte28148 F18981223W50  Painesville OGermany
    WAccidentPainesville O
Fitzgerald, Margaret28149 F189854S 4 Painesville OPainesville O
    WCongestion of lungsPainesville O
Finneran, Margaret28150 F1898929M32  Painesville OPainesville O
    WBrights' DiseasePainesville O
Frost, May J.28152* F1899111M27  Painesville OThompson O
    WLagrippePainesville O
Haywood, Mary M.28153 F189927M74  Painesville OPainesville O
    WHeart TroublePainesville O
Keener, Elizabeth28154 F1899217M66  Painesville OGermany
    WTumorPainesville O
Kleeberger, Anna M.28155 F1898720M39  Painesville OYoungstown, O
    WAnaemiaPainesville O
Lamphier, Phoebe28156 F189852M19  Painesville OMadison O
    WChild BirthPainesville O
McSparren, Elvira28157 F1898814W76  Painesville OMill Creek Pa
    WTuberculosisPainesville O
Marni, Clarinda28158 F1898214W91  Painesville OKents Conn.
    WOld AgePainesville O
Marble, Clarissa28159 F189928S75  Painesville OKirtland, O.
    WApoplexyPainesville O
Phillips, Ella A.28160 F189932M47  Painesville OMadison, O.
    WTumorPainesville O

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