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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of Residence
Record of Deaths, for the year ending March 31st, Probate Court, Lake County, O. 1899.
Madison Township.June 91899 
Benjamin, Levi L.221M 1899Jan.13W75--Madison, O.Ervine, N.Y.
 Carpenter  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Harvey, Hubert M.222M 1899Feb.1M71--Madison, O.Madison Co., N.Y.
 none  WParalysisMadison, O.
Jewell, Ezra A.223M 1899Jan.23M67--Madison, O.Woodbury, Vt.
 none  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Nolan, Paul F.224M 1898Nov.26S 101Madison, O.Madison O
 none  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Parks, James R.225M 1898July2M73101Madison, O.Berton, O
 Carpenter  WBrights DiseaseChardon, O.
Warren, F.226M 1899Feb.21W75--Madison, O.Thompson O
 Farmer  WDiabetesMadison, O.
Spring, Myrtle I.227F 1898Nov.4M  16Madison, O.Madison, O.
 none  WSpinal BifidaMadison, O.
Wagner, Ethel May228F 1899Jan.6M1--Madison, O.Madison, O.
 none  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Bodue, Elizabeth229F 1899Jan.23W82  Madison, O.Knowlton, N.J.
 at the Home  WLagrippeMadison, O.
Boyce, Lucy C.2210F 1898Sep.1M54  Madison, O.Monmouth, Ill
 Housekeeper  WAppendicitisWilloughby, O.
Culp, Lucretta Marie2211F 1899Mar.14M31  Madison, O.Mt. Union, O
 Housekeeper  WAbsess in Brod. Ligament OperationMadison, O.
Carter, Elizabeth2212F 1899Mar.1W85  Madison, O.Chester Co., Pa.
 -  WParalysisMadison, O.
Drepon, Ann M.2213F 1898Sep.11W63  Madison, O.Maumee, O
 -  WBlood PoisonMadison, O.
Deyer, Margaret H.2214F 1899Mar.11W75  Madison, O.Washington Co. Md.
 ---W-Madison, O.
Field, Agnes E.2215F 1898Nov.9M29 6Geneva, O.Unknown
 housekeeper  WInsanityMadison, O.
Fuller, Julia Etta2216F 1899Feb.23M42  Madison, O.Antioch, Ill
 housekeeper  WPneumoniaMadison, O.
Haywood, Emma2217F 1898July27M42  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison, O.
Hickock, Eliza S.2218F 1899*Nov.12M75  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 housekeeper  WConsumptionMadison, O.
Jewell, Amanda M.2219F 1899Jan.17M62  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 home  WHeartMadison, O.
Ludick, Carrie R.2220F 1898Aug4S21  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 -  WInflamation Spinal CordMadison, O.
Olds, Ulilly M.2221F 1899Jan.16M80  Madison, O.Madison, O.
 housekeeper  WOld AgeMadison, O.
Richmond, Libbie2222F 1898Nov.5M46  Madison, O.Royalton O.
 housekeeper  WRheumatismMadison, O.
Stiles, Elizabeth W.2223F 1898July18W81  Madison, O.Ashtabula O
 none  WHerinaMadison, O.
Strobridy *, Betsey2224F 1898July12W84  Madison, O.Homer N.Y.
 none  WGastritisMadison, O.
Curtis, Grove P.2225M 1898825S21326Willoughby, O.Kirtland, O
 Farmer  WDrowningKirtland, O.
Martindale, Pliny2226M 1899124S6767Kirtland, O.Kirtland, O
 Farmer  WConsumptionKirtland, O.
Presley, Lewis2227M 1899219M7327Kirtland, O.Willoughby O
 Farmer  WParalysisKirtland, O.
Sperry, Geri2228M 189933M868 Kirtland, O.Luzerne, N.Y.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaKirtland, O.
Bond, Mary E.2229F 189924S70610Kirtland, O.Werdon, N.Y.
 none  WLaGrippeKirtland, O.
Smith, Hazel Anna2230F 1898910S1 1Kirtland, O.Kirtland, O
 none  WCholera InflantumKirtland, O.
Ashley, R. L.2231M 1899Feb.13M58  Perry - O.Pa..
 Dr  WHeart DiseasePerry, O.
Harley, John2232M 1898Nov.2M63  Perry - O.-
 Framer  WConsumptionPerry, O.
Paden, Glen2233M 1898Nov.21S393Perry - O.Perry, O
 -  WMeaslesPerry, O.
Perry, J. E.2234M 1899Feb.25M66  Perry - O.Perry, O
 Farmer  WBronchitisPerry, O.
Palmer, Roy David2235M 1898June22S4622Perry - O.Madison O
 -  WLock JawPerry, O.
Sharp, A.2236M 1898June6M54  Perry - O.Ohio
 Farmer  WCatarrah of Stomach-
Streater, Paul L.2237M 1899Jan.23S6  Perry - O.Kansas
 -  WRheumatism-
Bowen, Berthena A.2238F 1898May21M61  Perry - O.Perry, O
 housekeeper  WCancerPerry, O.
Perry (Continued)June 291899 
Chisholm, Fresie2439F 1898June7 53  Perry, O.Mich.
 housekeeper  WCatarrah of StomachPerry. O.
Manchester, Hattie E.2440F 1899Jan.25M52  CambridgeN.Y.
 housekeeper  WRheumatismPerry. O.
Abbey, Horace J.2441M 1899215S475Leroy OLeroy, O.
    WLa GrippeLeroy, O
Bedell, Frank B.2442M 1899125M4445Leroy OLeroy, O.
 Teacher  WPneumoniaLeroy, O
Crellin, John2443M 18981027W78712Leroy OIsle of Man
 Farmer  WOld AgeLeroy, O
Olds, Fayette Lee2444M 1898927S251024Leroy OMantua O
 Farmer  WPeritonitisLeroy, O
Quine, James2445M 189928W767 Leroy OIsle of Man
 Farmer  WLa GrippeLeroy, O
Slater, Allen2446M 1899225M73516Leroy ONew York
 Farmer  WPneumoniaLeroy, O
Orton, Nancy M.2447F 1898424M77827Leroy OChardon, O.
 Farmer's wife  WCatarrah StomachPerry, O.
Palmer, Almeda C.2448F 1898411W62724Leroy OPainesville, O
 Farmer's wife  WLa GrippeLeroy, O
Phelps, Eliza E.2449F 1898114M65 25Leroy OLeroy, O.
 Farmer's wife  WCancer of BowelsLeroy, O
Anderson, A.2450M 18981228M7614Concord - O.Concord, O.
 FarmerNoah AndersonElla JordenWOld AgeConcord, O.
Adams, Wade E.2451M 189898S2136Ft Thomas, KyConcord, O.
 Soldier  WTyphoid MalariaConcord, O.
Emerson, Richard2452M 1899324M47227Concord - O.Concord, O.
 Painter  WPneumoniaConcord, O.
Schaughnessy, John2453M 1898816M84  Concord - O.Concord, O.
 Farmer  WScrofulaConcord, O.
Adams, Ida May2454F 1899Mch22S 216Concord - O.Concord, O.
    WPneumoniaConcord, O.
Clapp, Climena2455F 1899Feb.20W81227Concord - O.Massachusetts
 Retired  WDiabetesConcord, O.
Gordon, Ruth Inez2456F 1898Nov.3S15215Concord - O.Concord, O.
 Student  WTyphoid FeverConcord, O.
Gordon, Brooksania2457F 1898Nov.22W72111Concord - O.Concord, O.
 Retired  WHeart FailureConcord, O.
Lemmon, Lovina M.2458F 1899Mar.17M61812Concord - O.Mentor, O
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaConcord, O.
Bidwell, Walter2459M 1898Dec6M56  Painesville O.Madison O
 Farmer  WConsumptionPainesville, O
Bradley, James2460M 1898June26S22  Painesville O.Painesville O
 Laborer  WConsumption 
Brayton, Hobart C.2461M 1898Aug30S67  Painesville O.Leroy, O
 Minister  WConsumptionPainesville, O
Crofoot, Isaac W.2462M 1899Jany30M65  Painesville O.Painesville O
 Merchant  WHeart TroublePainesville, O
Callander, C. E.2463M 1898July1W32  Painesville O.Painesville O
 Tinner  WConsumptionPainesville, O
Clayton, Wm2464M 1898June2W83  Painesville O.Cornelsville Pa
 Merchant  WOld AgePainesville, O
Curtiss, Frank C2465M 1898Aug14M45  Painesville O.Painesville O
 Merchant  WHeart FailurePainesville, O
Drier, John2466M 1899Mar.19S65  Painesville O.Germany
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville, O
Everett, Isaac2467M 1899Feby23M88  Painesville O.-
 Retired  WCancerPainesville, O
Green, W. S.2468M 1899Mch18W81  Painesville O.Ross, N.Y.
 Carpenter  WParalysisPainesville, O
Hall, James R.2469M 1899Jan19W90  Painesville O.New York
 Blacksmith  WOld AgePainesville, O
Kiutosh, Andrew2470M 1898Oct16 30  Painesville O.Finland
 Laborer  WConsumptionPainesville, O
Lee, N. O.2471M 1898June30M66  Painesville O.Rose, N.Y.
 Merchant  WBrights' DiseasePainesville, O
Labill, Carl2472M 1898Dec23S 13 Painesville O.Painesville O
 -  WHeart TroublePainesville, O
McCrone, Raymond2473M 1898Dec17S   Painesville O.Painesville
 -  WMembraneous CroupPainesville, O

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