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Death DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of Residence
Record of Deaths, for the year ending March 31st, Probate Court, Lake County, O. 1897.
Concord Township.
Brown Alva Talus21M 1897111M741024ConcordConcord
 Farmer  WDropsyConcord
Benard Neva Josie22F 189678S434ConcordPerry
 none  WDrowningConcord
Curtiss Eliza23F 189646S691022ConcordMentor
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionConcord
Coddington Mary24F 1896118M25822ConcordPennsylvania
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionConcord
Emerson Lucy25F 1897317M7511ConcordConnecticut
 Housekeeper  WKilled by CarsConcord
Leroy Township
Abbey George Jr.26M 1896July13M661023LeroyNew York
 Farmer  WUlcer of StomachLeroy
McCormick Baby27M 1896Sep.11S   LeroyLeroy
 noneJohn W. McCormickMatilde McKellerWStill-bornLeroy
Orton Frederick28M 1897Jan.7S74725LeroyConnecticut
 Shoemaker  WHeartLeroy
Tear Baby29M 1896Apr.17S   LeroyLeroy
 noneCharles W. TearAlice A. GreenWPremature BirthLeroy
Bartlett Mary E.210F 1896July6M3164LeroyThompson, O.
 Housekeeper  WCancerLeroy
Dille Lucy A.211F 1896Oct.12W6322LeroyEuclid, O.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaCleveland, O.
McCormick Matilda212F 1896Sep.19M3184LeroyCanada
 Housekeeper  WChild BirthLeroy
Tuttle Elizabeth213F 1896Oct.21S7490LeroyColebrook, Con.
 School Teacher  WConsumptionColebrook O.
Tear Baby214F 1896April17    LeroyLeroy
 noneCharles W. TearAlice A. GreenWPremature BirthLeroy
Wethirell Ruth Beebe215F 1897Mar.13W9885LeroyConnecticut
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeLeroy
Perry Township
Northard Samuel216M 1896Oct.9M77  PerryMarshland, Eng.
 Farmer  WHeart DiseasePerry
Ruetenek Otto217M 1896Sept.12S3  PerryPerry
 none  WDiarrhoea 
Vesey Howard218M 1896July5S 8 PerryPerry
 none   Bowel Trouble 
Wilcox R. V.219M 1896Aug.4M514 PerryPerry
 Farmer  WHeart 
Wright C. T.220M 1896Oct.31W77  Perry 
 Farmer  WOld Age 
Woodhead F.221M 1896Nov.19W82  Perry 
 Farmer  WOld Age 
Brainard Mable222F 1896June16S411 PerryPerry
 none  WPneumoniaPerry
Bartlett Ursula223F 1897Apr.20W79  PerryMiddlefield Osego Co. N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePerry
Bowen Anna224F 1896Nov.11S26  Perry 
 none   Consumption 
Clark Harriet225F 1896Nov.14W84  Perrynot known
 none  WOld Age 
Keener Charlotte E.226F 1896Nov.21W602 PerryRichland Co. O.
 Housekeeper  WParalysis 
McAlpine Evlyn227F 1896Sept.19S1  Mechanicsville 
 none  WBowel Trouble 
Reno Ann Eliza228F 1897Feb.15W70  PerrySharon Pa.
 Housekeeper  WHeart 
Shepard Maria Ann229F 1896Aug. W86  PerryNew Foundland
 Housekeeper  WOld Age 
Stevens Clara230F 1896Dec.17S18  Hazen Pa.East Warren, Pa.
 none  WConsumption 
Thompson Carrie B.231F 1896June1M28  PerryPerry
 Housekeeper   Child Birth 
Kirtland Township
Stephen C. Carpenter232M 1896Sept.6W7689Kirtland 
 Farmer  WBright's DiseaseKirtland
Eville233M 1897Feb.18   16KirtlandKirtland
  Edwin EvilleMary BrockwayWPneumoniaKirtland
Joseph Kitts234M 1896May7 891017KirtlandLancashire, Eng.
 Cotton Spinner  WOld AgeKirtland
Kirtland Township
Streebing435M 1897Mch.2S  4KirtlandKirtland
 noneCharles StreebingBertha KobeWConvulsions 
Adna Otis*436M 1896Sept.6M671 Kirtland 
 Farmer   Cancer 
Aluin Willis437M 1896Aug.5S 427KirtlandKirtland
 Farmer   Brain Inflamation 
Hayward --438F 1896May18S  22KirtlandKirtland
 noneWarren HaywardJennie LamosWHeart DiseaseKirtland
Hoose, Sarah M439F 1896Oct.11M46312KirtlandKirtland
 Housekeeper  WTrombus & EmbolusKirtland
Jacobs May Luella440F 1896Dec.19S877KirtlandKirtland
 none   Croup 
Morris Anna M441F 1897Feb.8M7510 KirtlandEngland
 Domestic   Pneumonia 
Morse Isabella G442F 1896June18S60726KirtlandPainesville
 Teacher   Dropsy of the heart 
Metcalf --443F 1896Oct.24    Kirtland 
 noneFrank MetcalfGeorgiana GriffithsWStill-born 
Morse --444F 1897Jan.25  1 Kirtland 
 noneDayton MorseHattie Reed Pneumonia 
Norton Christina S445F 1896May5M28211KirtlandRichland Penn.
 Housekeeper   Consumption 
Presley Vera Alice446F 1897Mch.18S19 KirtlandKirtland
 none   Pneumonia 
Pierson Mary Elizabeth447F 1896Sep.12S34925KirtlandKirtland
 Teacher   Prostration 
Willoughby Township
Eddy Lavina S.448F 1897Jan.26M53  WilloughbyEuclid
 Housekeeper  WInflamation of BrainWilloughby
Ward Matilda449F 1897Feb.16W74 22WilloughbyEngland
 Housekeeper  WGangreneWilloughby
Brown S. W.450M 1896Nov.11M59119WilloughbyWilloughby
 Farmer   ConsumptionWilloughby
Caldwell Joseph451M 1896Oct.23M78  WilloughbyPittsburgh Pa.
 Farmer   Old AgeWilloughby
Crow Michael452M 1897Feb.25M83  WilloughbyIreland
 none   TuberculosisWilloughby
Houliston Wm. A.453M 1896Dec.16M761020WilloughbyEngland
 Farmer   ParalysisWilloughby
Hulseman (not named)454M 1896Sept.25S  5WilloughbyWilloughby
 noneAugust HulsemanAnnie Mishayocki ConvulsionsWilloughby
Jones Chas. Emery455M 1897Apl.1S48  WilloughbyNew Jersey
 Farmer   PneumoniaWilloughby
Langshaw Stephen Jr.456M 1896Dec.17S121028WilloughbyWilloughby
 none   LeukaemiaWilloughby
Morse John H.457M 1897Jan.27W56  WilloughbyBoonville Ind.
 Carpenter   Heart  
McCarty John458M 1897Mch.16M75  WilloughbySomerset Co. Pa.
 Clergyman   Old Age 
Otis Adney*459M 1896Sept.5M67  WilloughbyConcord, O.
 Farmer  WUlcer of Stomach 
Taylor John W.460M 1897Jan.1S30  Hagerman N.Y.Chardon, O.
 Civil Engr.   Consumption 
Thomas Robert C.461M 1897Jan.6M63  WilloughbyAllentown N.J.
 Farmer   R.R. Accident 
Wells Myron F.462M 1896July22W82  WilloughbyBarringon Mass.
 none   Heart 
Andrus Mary463F 1896Sept.30W81  WilloughbyWatertown N.Y.
 none   Dropsy  
Brownell Sarah464F 1897Feb.20W7484WilloughbySt. Lawrence Co. N.Y.
 Housekeeper   Pneumonia 
Burbank Lucinda465F 1897Jan.2W89  WilloughbyOtsego Co. N.Y.
 none   Old Age 
Elliott Anna466F 1897Jan.10S44  WilloughbyWilloughby
 none   ? 
Ferguson Nancy Clark467F 1897Mar.1W70615WilloughbyWickliffe O.
 Housekeeper   Heart 
Farquharson Alice M.468F 1897Jan.2M26315WilloughbyWilloughby
 Housekeeper   Consumption 
Gotham Mary A.469F 1896Oct.31S7055WilloughbyChautauqua N.Y.
 Teacher   Consumption 
Green Harriet A.470F 1896Dec.6W631012WilloughbyHambden, O.
 Housekeeper   Apoplexy 
King Betsey Ann471F 1897Mch.26W801014WilloughbyTucket R.I.
 Housekeeper   Paralysis 
Martin Elizabeth472F 1896Nov.23W76  WilloughbyPa.
 none   Paralysis 
Newton Jane A.473F 1897Mch.7M6988WilloughbyHopkins, N.Y.
 Housekeeper   Pneumonia 
Post Martha474F 1896July11W62  WilloughbySt. Lawrence Co. N.Y.
Roberts Maryette475F 1896July5M62  WilloughbyMiddleburg, Vt.
 Housekeeper   Consumption 
Ryan May J.476F 1896June8M65  Willoughby 
 none   Dropsy 

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