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NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for the year ending March 31st Lake County Ohio 1893
1893June 16
Park, Elizabeth208162189257W8747PerryBoston Mass
 Housewife  WHeart diseasePerryF.E. Barrett
Pomerene, Caroline H.20817218921118M3448PerryPenn
 Housewife  WApoplexyPerry 
Salkeld, Bertha E.2081821893320S19111Perry 
 student  WrheumatismPerry 
Sawdey, Clyde20819218926 S932Perry 
 student  WdiebetusPerry 
Shepard, Olive B.208202189347M5614PerryMontville
 dress maker  Winflammation of tissue of brainPerry 
Shook, L. Curtis2082121892628M31720PerryPa
 clerk  Wstrilute of bowelsPerry 
Sinclair, Myra B.208222189256M4734PerryPerry
 Housewife  WcancerPerry 
Sinclair, Nancy2082321893315W7335PerryN.Y.
 superannantic  Wblood poinsonPerry 
Madison Township
Allen, Stillman2081 1893Mar3S927 MadisonVermont
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadisonLervis Norton
Brew, Ellen M.2082 1892July7S60  N. MadisonIsle of Man
 Housewife  WParalysisN. Madison 
Brewster, Rebecca2083 1892Dec31W898 MadisonVermont
 Housekeeper  WApoplexyMadison 
Brotzman, Pheebe2084 1892Nov20W874 N. MadisonPenn
 Housekeeper  WcancerN. Madison 
Burricott, Adam2085 1892Oct29S8710 N. MadisonFrance
 Farmer  WdropsyN. Madison 
Burke, Michael2086 1893Jan22M62  MadisonIreland
 Farmer   La GrippeMadison 
Cody, Phebe2087 1892July11W9110 MadisonConn
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeMadison 
Clack, Eliza2088 1893Feb28M69  MadisonNew York
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaMadison 
Dayton, Alice2089 1892Sep11M4510 MadisonOhio
 Housekeeper  WconsumptionMadison 
Dayton, Elisha20810 1893Mar5W831114MadisonNew York
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeMadison 
Ensign, Alice20811 1892Dec23S21518MadisonOhio
Fuller, Gracia20812 1893Feb19S1043N. MadisonOhio
    WScarletinaN. Madison 
Griswold, Laura20813 1893Mar2W81818MadisonConn
 Housekeeper  WDropsyMadison 
Hewitt, Marcus T.20814 1893Feb23M471127N. MadisonOhio
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseN. Madison 
Hodges, A.P.20815 1892May28M729 MadisonNew York
 Farmer  WcancerMadison 
Kimball, Sarah D.20816 1892Oct7M62  Madison 
Loomis, Renbeu20817 1892July11M80  N. MadisonConn
 Farmer  WgangreneN. Madison 
McNaughton, Lucy A.20818 1892Aug28M55  MadisonOhio
 Housewife  WLa GrippeMadison 
Newcomb, Horace20819 1892Dec30W78 6MadisonMass
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Norton, Lucinda20820 1892May20W7996MadisonConn
 Housewife  WParalysisN. Madison 
Pease, Lois20821 1892Oct27W88715MadisonConn
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeN. Madison 
Safford, O.T.20822 1892May12M6310 MadisonVermont
 Farmer  WconsumptionMadison 
Warren, Mary A.20823 1892May29W92  MadisonMass
 Housewife  WOld AgeMadison 
Wade, Herman C.20824 1892Oct26M78324N. MadisonConn
 Farmer  WParalysisMadison 
Waterman, James20825 1892July14W557 N. MadisonMadison O.
 Farmer  Wseptic infectionN. Madison 
Wilson, Nathaniel20826 1892Nov19W86110MadisonPenn
 Farmer  WOld AgeMadison 
Wilcox, Richard20827 1892April16M89112MadisonConn
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseMadison 
Whipple, Horatio20828 1892June8M7421MadisonOhio
 Mason  WdropsyMadison 
Mentor Township2081893June 2 
Alvord, Julia A.208151893May22W77710MentorYork State
 Housekeeper  WpneumoniaMentor 
Augier, James M.208251893Jan16M77428MentorNew Hampshire
 Farmer  Wheart diseaseMentor 
Bandle, Mrs. E.J.208351892Dec21W7765MentorMaine
 Housekeeper   pneumoniaMentor 
Callius, James208451893Mar21M633 MentorDublin
 Farmer  WconsumptionMentor 
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for the year ending March 31st Lake County Ohio 1893
Carney, Anthony2101893June 51892Nov10M67  MentorIreland
 Farmer  WInflamation of bowelsMentorW.S. Hopkins
Hodgson, Margaret2106 1893Mar26M6426MentorEngland
 Housekeeper  WDropsyMentorW.S. Hopkins
James, Carrie C.2107 1893Mar29M40  MentorMentor
 Housekeeper  WChild birthMentorW.S. Hopkins
Johnson, Mary2108 1892Oct23M35326MentorThompson
 Housekeeper   ParalysisMentorW.S. Hopkins
Kern, Willaim Emerson2109 1892Sep3S  8MentorMentor
 Baby   ConvulsionsMentorW.S. Hopkins
McAdams, Phebe H.21010 1893Jan25M5225MentorMentor
 Housekeeper  WApoplexyMentorW.S. Hopkins
Malone, Edgar D.21011 1892May12S24312MentorPerry
 Laborer  WConsumptionMentorW.S. Hopkins
Mather, Rebecca21012 1892June4M731012MentorChardon
 Housekeeper  WParalysisMentorW.S. Hopkins
Martin, Edwin21013 1893Jan24S  11MentorMentor
 Baby  WPneumoniaMentorW.S. Hopkins
Maloney, Mary A.21014 1892Sep5S 112MentorMentor
 Baby  WCholera asiaticaMentorW.S. Hopkins
Obrien, A.21015 1893May5M78  MentorIreland
 Laborer  WOld ageMentorW.S. Hopkins
Overy, Sarah21016 1893Jan31S632 MentorEngland
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMentorW.S. Hopkins
Parker, Jane A.21017 1892Sep28M65  MentorVermont
 Housekeeper  WApoplexyMentorW.S. Hopkins
Presley, Mary21018 1892Oct28M28 10MentorEuclid
 Housekeeper  WTyphoid feverMentorW.S. Hopkins
Sawyer, Ann M.21019 1892July19M423 MentorMentor
 Housekeeper  WHeart diseaseMentorW.S. Hopkins
Snell, Frank21020 1892July23M46  MentorMentor
 Farmer  WDropsyMentorW.S. Hopkins
Warren, Anna21021 1892Dec27M71427MentorMentor
 Housekeeper  WCancerMentorW.S. Hopkins
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for the year ending March 31st Lake County Ohio 1894
 2121894June 23 
Concord Township
Bond, Richard D.2121 1893July17M94  ConcordPennsylvania
 Wheelwright  WOld AgeConcordH.L. Manley
Church, Eliza A.2122 1893Oct3M38  ConcordCleveland O.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionConcordH.L. Manley
Curtis, Levi2123 1894Mch25W81  ConcordConnecticut
 Farmer  WPneumoniaConcordH.L. Manley
Codington, Bertha2124 1893May16M66  ConcordEdinburgh N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WAbscessConcordH.L. Manley
Horton, Betsy2125 1894Jan25W90  ConcordHartford Conn.
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeConcordH.L. Manley
Jewell, Laura2126 1893Nov9S64  ConcordConcord
 Housekeeper  WCancerConcordH.L. Manley
Smith, James F.2127 1894Mch8W93  ConcordWaterbury Conn.
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcordH.L. Manley
Tucker, John2128 1893Nov24W66  ConcordConcord
 Farmer  WHeart FailureConcordH.L. Manley
Woodruff, Willis2129 1893Apr5W92  ConcordWinsted Conn.
 Farmer  WOld AgeConcordH.L. Manley
Leroy Township
Batchelor, Lyman S.21210 1893Mch4M861121LeroyConnecticut
 Farmer  WLa gripLeroyW.N. Hulett
Abby, Geo.21211 1894Apr18M871129LeroyEngland
 Farmer  WInflamation of bladder W.N. Hulett
Came, Ross A.21212 1894Apr17M591120LeroyLeroy
 Housekeeper  WParalysis W.N. Hulett
Downing, Emma21213 1893July26M36 18LeroyNorth Hampton
 Housekeeper  WConsumption of bowelsLeroyW.N. Hulett
Warren, Persula21214 1894Jan11M67  LeroyConcord
 Housekeeper  WCancerLeroyW.N. Hulett
Perry Township
Call, Jessie L.21215 1893June26S12726PerryPerry
    WIntuseussception of bowelsPerryE.M. Orcutt
Green, Carrie21216 1894July13M30  PerryPerry
 Housekeeper  WConsumption of bowelsPerryE.M. Orcutt
Kirk, Elizabeth21217 1894Mar8W79  PerryEngland
 Housekeeper  WOld agePerryE.M. Orcutt
Cooper, Calvin21218 1894Jan14W92  PerryUnknown
 Farmer  WOld agePerryE.M. Orcutt
Green, Lucius21219 1894Mar17M65  PerryMadison
 Farmer  WApoplexyPerryE.M. Orcutt
St. John, C.C.21220 1894Jan14M65718PerryAlbany N.Y.
    WLa GrippePerryE.M. Orcutt
West, James Harris21221 1893Nov27S 101PerryPerry
    WHeart DiseasePerryE.M. Orcutt
Madison Township
Basquin, Nettie M.21222 1894Feb23S21110MadisonMadison
 Teacher  WConsumptionMadisonE.C. Miller
Bowen, Jessie21223 1893Sept5S 5 Madison 
    Wcholera InfantumMadisonE.C. Miller
Burdick, Ida M.21224 1894Jan30M17015MadisonPlymouth
 Housewife  WConsumptionMadisonE.C. Miller
Carson, John21225 1893Oct26S   MadisonIreland
 Farmer  WParalysisMadisonE.C. Miller
Crane, Lowell21226 1893June19M81619MadisonMass
 Farmer  WHeart FailureMadisonE.C. Miller
Colby, David21227 1893July30M86220MadisonEnfield N.Y.
 Farmer  WHeart FailureMadisonE.C. Miller
Dayton, Palona A.21228 1894Mch3M7650Madison 
 Housekeeper  WHeart FailureMadisonE.C. Miller
Gale, Titus21229 1894Mch20M63918Madison 
 Cooper  WPneumoniaMadisonE.C. Miller
Hearn, Olive21230 1894Jan1M48327MadisonN.Y.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionMadisonE.C. Miller
Hendry, William21231 1894Jan3S8636MadisonHarpersfield
 Merchant  WLung FeverMadisonE.C. Miller
Karne, Martha21232 1893Oct26S80815MadisonIreland
 Housekeeper  WInflamation of StomachMadisonE.C. Miller
Keener, Charles L.21233 1893May2M651023MadisonGermany
 Undertaker  WIntussusception of bowelsMadisonE.C. Miller
Kimball, Addison21234 1893Dec23S8754MadisonN.H.
 Carpenter  WOld AgeMadisonE.C. Miller

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