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NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for the year ending March 31st, 1893 Lake County Ohio 1893
Canley, John20489June 11893Feb8S249 PainesvilleIreland
 Telegraph Op.  WInflammation of spinal cordPainesvilleJ.M. Benjamin
Flynn, Michiel20490 1893Feb21M58  Painesville O.Ireland
 Laborer  WParalysis  
Huntoon, A.J.20491 1892July26W686 Painesville O.Concord O.
 Farmer  WParalysisPainesville O 
Hayes, John W.20492 1893Feb10M565 Painesville O.Ireland
 Engineer  WRheumatismPainesville O 
May, Joel M.20493 1892Aug15M71  Painesville O.Erie Pa
 Farmer  WcancerPainesville O 
Melton Wm H.20494 1892Aug27S1 3Painesville O.Painesville O.
 none  WCholera InfantumPainesville O 
Murphy, Nicholas20495 1892Nov14S29 Painesville O.Painesville O.
 none  WBurnedPainesville O 
Woodruff, Willis Jr.20496 1892Feb15M56  Cleveland O.Concord O.
 Railroad work  WR.R. accidentPainesville O 
Babcock, Mary A.20497 1893Apr20W78  Fairport O.unknown
 Housekeeper  WSenile marasmusFairport 
Bolles, Rhoda E.20498 1893Mar8W651 Painesville O.Brunswick O.
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaFairport 
Carnagia, Ruby R.20499 1892Nov5S20  Painesville O.Painesville O.
 School girl  WTyphoid feverPainesville O 
Flynn, Lizzie204100 1892May22S9  Painesville O.Leroy O.
 School girl  WRheumatismPainesville O 
Goldsmith, Alma204101 1893Feb17M281 Painesville O.Leroy O.
 Housekeeper  WconsumptionPainesville O 
Haugh, Ellen204102 1893Feb16S 1 Painesville O.Painesville O.
 none   Heart failurePainesville O 
Howard, Mary204103 1893Mar30M201120Richmond O.Fairport O.
 Housekeeper  WconsumptionRichmond O. 
Howard, Elva204104 1892Sept7S13 Richmond O.Lorain Co. O
 none  WconsumptionRichmond O. 
Kirby, Susan204105 1893Jan8W56  Painesville O.Ireland
 Housekeeper  WcancerPainesville O 
Lynch, Ellen204106 1893Mar22S 310Painesville O.Painesville O.
 none  WMarnasmusPainesville O 
Mullaney, Catherine204107 1893Mar23W60  Painesville O.Ireland
 Housekeeper  WLocomotor ataxiaPainesville O 
McMurphy, Caroline204108 1892Aug7S68  Painesville O.Perry O.
 clerk  WDropsyPainesville O 
Schram, Anne D.204109 1892Oct4W76  PainesvilleNew York State
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePainesville O 
Willoughby Township
Marion L. King2041June 21893Feb21M69  Willoughby O.New York
 Housekeeper  WParalysisWilloughby Lake Co. O.A.H. Tarbell
Armstrong, Lewis2042 1892Oct14W73310Willoughby VilAco Nand [?]
 shoemaker  WLa GrippeWilloughby Vil.Geo. S. Eddy
Baldwin, Cecil B.2043 1892Oct7S264Willoughby VilWilloughby Vil
    WMarasmusWilloughby Vil. 
Barnes, Willie2044 1892June30S5 2Painesville O.Willoughby Vil
    WDiptheriaWilloughby Vil. 
Ellen, Benjamin2045 1892July5M47320Willoughby VilEngland
 Merchant  WMarasmusWilloughby Vil. 
Edwards M. Luther2046 1892Aug11M321121Willoughby VilCanfield O
 Merchant  WTyphoid FeverWilloughby Vil. 
Grover, Joseph N.2047 1892Aug14M8014Willoughby TpNew York
 Farmer  WDisease of heart  
Gray, Lafayette2048 1892Sep7M56327Willoughby VillageFreedom O.
 Wagon maker   Bright's Disease  
Hurd, Alvin R.2049 1892June13W69624Cleveland O.Willoughby O
 Merchant  WParalysis  
Pears, Robert20410 1892Nov29M62513Willoughby VilEngland
 Farmer  WBlood Poison Pyae  
St. John, Thomas C.20411 1892July15M51224Willoughby O.Willoughby O
 none  WLocomoter Ataxia  
Yaxley, Richard20412 1893Mch30W8483Willoughby TpEngland
 Gunsmith  WParalysisWilloughby Tp. 
Clark, Laura B.20413 1893Jan10S101 Willoughby VillageWilloughby Vil
 Student  WDiptheriaWilloughby Vil. 
Crobaugh, Maryette20414 1893Mch22M584 Willoughby VillageWilloughby Vil
 Housekeeper  WParalysis  
Gray, Nellie E. (or Roper)20415 1893Jan15M2856Willoughby VillageFlint Mich
 Housekeeper  Wconsumption  
Toorney, Anna20416 1892Aug31M20820Painesville O.Flint Mich
 Housekeeper  Wconsumption  
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for the year ending March 31st, 1893 Lake County Ohio 1893
Kirtland Township206 June 2d. 
Bidlake, Calvin2061 1892Dec17M70314KirtlandAllegahny N.Y.
 Farmer  WApoplexyKirtlandF.S. Allen
Donley, George H.2062 1893Mar19M53819KirtlandCanada
 Farmer  WGastritisKirtlandF.S. Allen
Gilmore, R.H.2063 1892May21W74415KirtlandChester Geauga Co. O.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaKirtlandF.S. Allen
Hobart, Joshua2064 1892Apr13M8296KirtlandHebron N.H.
 Carpenter  WBlood PoisoningKirtlandF.S. Allen
Otis, Sophia M.2065 1892Oct17S17317KirtlandKirtland
 Housekeeper  WPneumoniaKirtlandF.S. Allen
Plaisted, Roy C.2066 1892Aug29S222 KirtlandChardon Geauga Co.
 Farmer  WIntussusception of bowelsKirtlandF.S. Allen
Rand, Susan2067 1892Oct3M68228KirtlandOnondaga Co. N.Y.
 Housekeeper  WGangrene senileKirtlandF.S. Allen
Tuller, Cora2068 1892Apr22S11022KirtlandKirtland
    Wcroup F.S. Allen
Concord Township206 1893 
Anderson, Winnie V.2061June 2.1892411M331123ConcordHampden
 Housekeeper  WBrights DeseaseConcordH.L. Manley
Irvin, Anna B.2062 1892109S22622ConcordTitusville Pa.
 Housekeeper  WConsumptionSand Springs IoH.L. Manley
Loomis, Orlin2063 189282W5940ConcordLeroy
 Carpenter  WMiliaryConcordH.L. Manley
Laphan, Eddie2064 1892610M1370ConcordLeroy
    WDrowningConcordH.L. Manley
Manley, Seth2065 189315M7462ConcordChitterton Vt.
 Farmer  WPneumoniaConcordH.L. Manley
Spalding, Maria2066 189322W88422MentorCanada East
 Housekeeper  WOld AgeConcordH.L. Manley
Thayer, Jared2067 1892620M6458ConcordRome N.Y.
 Farmer  WcancerConcordH.L. Manley
Wright, Normie A.2068 1893226M46721ConcordLeroy
 Carpenter  WLa GrippeConcordH.L. Manley
Leroy Township
Corvis, Elenor2061 1893Jan9M621 Le RoyIsle Man
 Farming  WApoplexyLeroyDavid Davis
Jepson, Henry2062 1892Oct15W63  Le RoyEngland
 Farming  WLa GrippeLeroyDavid Davis
Mason, Hiram2063 1892Dec22M711122Le RoyPerry
 Farming  WHeart DiseaseLeroyDavid Davis
Stockwell, Harriet2064 1892July19W69812Le RoyMass
 Farming  WParalysisLeroyDavid Davis
Wright, James2065 1893Mar1W901116Le RoyColumbian Co. O.
 Farming  WCongestion of LungsLeroyDavid Davis
Perry Township
Bennett, Zora P.2061 189261M7374PerryN.Y.
 Farmer  WHeartPerryF.E. Barrett
Clemens, Matilda2062 1892610M23  PerryPenn
 Housewife  WPoisonPerryF.E. Barrett
Colwell, Carrol A.2063 1893121S838PerryPerry
 Student  WDiabetusPerryF.E. Barrett
Crawford, Charlotte2064 1892101W7664PerryVt.
 Tailoress  WFracturePerryF.E. Barrett
De Courcey, Anson2065 1892328W763 PerryN.Y.
 Painter  WDropsy of HeartPerryF.E. Barrett
Enos, Geo. W.2066 189268M56321PerryN.Y.
 Farmer  WPut. ConsumptionPerryF.E. Barrett
Garner Earl S.2067 18921227S9 18Lane *Lane
 Student  WCroupPerryF.E. Barrett
Hopkins, Angeline E.2068 189326W7810 PerryN.Y.
 H. Keeper  WConsumptionPerryF.E. Barrett
Hawkins, Franklin H.2069 1892822W7786PerryVt.
 Farmer  WCancerPerryF.E. Barrett
Kirk, Job B.20610 1893125M8438PerryEngland
 Farmer  WOld AgePerryF.E. Barrett
Lucas, Grace C.20611 189245S3819PerryPerry
 infant  WscarletinaPerryF.E. Barrett
Manchester, Walter20612 18927 S21815PerryMich
 brakeman  W PerryF.E. Barrett
Mansel, Joe20613 1893320S 2 PerryPerry
 infant  WsuffocationPerryF.E. Barrett
Murphy, John20614 18921223S1943ConneautPerry
 brakeman  W______PerryF.E. Barrett
Murphy, Mary A.20615 189345S204 PerryPerry
 housekeeper  WInflamation of covering of brainPerryF.E. Barrett

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