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Volume 1, Pages 188-191

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for year ending March 31st Lake County, Ohio 1892
 188 1892 
Painesville Township188 June 10         
Alderman, Roy E.1881June 1092Mch3 145 Painesville
    WAccidentPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Andrews, Isaac H.1882June 1091June8M346 Duluth, MNPainesville
 Sailing Master  WApoplexyPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Anderson, Eddie1883June 1091Dec27S1034PainesvilleSweden
    WHeart diseasePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Armesy, Jacob H.1884June 1091Oct20 10  Connelsville PaNewburg, VA
  Armsey, Geo E. WCroupPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Averill, John W.1885June 1091Dec3W73  RichmondN.Y. State
 Farmer  WCongestive chillsRichmondA. G. Smith
Barto, Francis1886June 1092Feb7M90  PainesvilleL. Island
 Housekeeper  WOld AgePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Baldwin, Catherine1887June 1091Nov4M48  PainesvilleIreland
 Housekeeper  WunknownPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Benedict, F.M.1888June 1091Oct S23  PainesvillePainesville
 Machinist  WRheumatism of heartPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Borden, Wm1889June 1091June29M40  Painesville 
     SuicidePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Billington, Anna A.18810June 1092Apl1S  17PainesvillePainesville
    WJaundicePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Brewer, Elizabeth18811June 1092Mch10M23  PainesvilleWayne Co. O
    WLa GrippePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Burdick, Heartwell18812June 1091June15S17  PainesvilleMentor
    WHeart failurePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Carroll, Ida M.18813June 1092Feb6M365 PainesvilleConcord O
     consumptionPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Carroll, May Isabel18814June 1091Sep5M255 PainesvillePainesville
    WTyphoid feverPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Carver, Walis18815June 1092Jan22M66  PainesvilleChardon
 Farmer  WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Coyl, Eliza18816June 1092Jan23M65  PainesvilleIreland
    WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Cook, Andrew J.18817June 1092Jan28M675 PainesvilleN. York
 shoemaker  WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Coltris, Geo. E.18818June 1092Mar7M444 PainesvillePerry O.
 Drayman  WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Cunningham, Wm J.18819June 1092Feb15S19  PainesvilleCleveland
 R.R.  WconsumptionPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Davis18820June 1091Dec S20  Painesville 
 Brakeman R.R.  WKilled by carsPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Davidson, John18821June 1092Mar7S208 PainesvilleMentor
 Brakeman  WAccidentPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Dockry, Thos. J.18822June 1091June15S 6 PainesvillePainesville
    WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Duncan, Saml. S.18823June 1092Jan1S22  PainesvillePainesville
 Lab  WAccidentPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Dunson, Libbie18824June 1091Aug18S50  Fairport 
    WcancerFairportA. G. Smith
Fern, Mary M.18825June 1092Mar14M53  PainesvillePainesville
    WunknownPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Foss, Albert18826June 1091Aug22S 922PainesvillePainesville
    Wcholera infantumPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Forguson, Imogene S.18827June 1092 *Feb27M411 PainesvillePainesville
    WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Grover, Alonzo18828June 1091Aug25M647 PainesvilleWilloughby
 Mechanic  WDropsyPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Hedderman, Ellen M.18829June 1091Sep21S49 PainesvillePainesville
    WCongestionPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Hammond, Lucinda18830June 1091Oct13W77  PainesvilleVA
    Col.TumorClevelandA. G. Smith
Hickok, Molly A.18831June 1092Mch5S3111 PainesvillePainesville
    WconsumptionPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Husiton, Typhena C. *18832June 1092Jan14M67  PainesvilleNew Hampshire
    WLa GrippePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Jones, Elizabeth18833June 1091Nov13M73  PainesvilleGeneva O.
    WHeart failurePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Kenner, Carl Louis18834June 1092Jan20  7 PainesvillePainesville
    WCongestionPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Kirby, Henry J.18835June 1092Feb21M56  PainesvilleIreland
 lab  WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Kilcawley, Anna18836June 1091Oct25S44  PainesvilleIreland
    WLa GrippePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Kinnear, Wm H.18837June 1091Dec31M61  FairportBuffalo N.Y.
 Ship smith  WRheumatismFairportA. G. Smith
Mather, Clarissa F.18838June 1092Feb24M80 6PainesvilleMass.
    WOld AgePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Martin, L.W.18839June 1091May21M715 PainesvilleVermont
 merchant  WLocomotor AtaxiaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Mead, Anna18840June 1091Aug5M666 PainesvilleN.Y.
    WParalysisPainesvilleA. G. Smith
McLean, Edith18841June 1092Mar11M317 PainesvilleChardon
    W2 consumptionPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Morrell, Jno S.18842June 1092Feb28M73  PainesvilleMaine
 mason  WPneumoniaPainesvilleA. G. Smith
Morrell, Saml. B.18843June 1092Feb3M88  PainesvilleMaine
 cooper  WLa GrippePainesvilleA. G. Smith
Record of Deaths, Probate Court for year ending March 31st Lake County, Ohio 1892
 190 1892 
Mitchell, Sally T.19044June 1192Jan13W80  PainesvilleMass
 Housekeeper  Wold agePainesvilleA.G. Smith
McQuinn, Bessie19045 91Aug13  9 PainesvillePainesville
    WInflamn BowelsPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Neuman, Eliza19046 92Mar W89  PainesvilleGermany
    Wold agePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Nottingham, Henry19047 92Mar7M7411 ClevelandN.Y.
 R.R. Supt.  WHeart failurePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Palmer, Willard E.19048 91Oct10S21  PainesvillePainesville
 lab  WaccidentPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Palmer, Lorinda19049 92Jan18W73  PainesvilleVt.
    Wliver troublePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Parrish, Mariette19050 92Mar12S10610FairportFairport
    WfeverPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Pettingill, Wm19051 91Nov29M62  PainesvilleEngland
 Nurseryman  WDropsyPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Riley, Bridget E.19052 91Dec23W404 PainesvilleIreland
    Wnervs prostrationPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Roberts, Bessie19053 91Nov16S85 PainesvillePa.
    WdiptheriaPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Rosa, Geo E.19054 91July21S119 PainesvillePainesville
    WTetanusPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Roy, Chas. F.19055 92Feb18S357 PainesvillePainesville
 Telegrapher  WCatarrh of stomachPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Reynolds, Mary J.19056 91Nov28M66  PainesvilleN.Y.
 Housekeeper  Wnot reported A.G. Smith
Simpson, Richard L.19057 91Sep6M42  FairportGermany
 lab  WDropsyPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Skinner, Hazel M.19058 91Sep24S 49PainesvillePainesville
    WLa GrippePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Skinner, David19059 92Feb10 70  PainesvilleIsle of Man
 carpenter  WLa GrippePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Skinner, Wm L.19060 92Feb1M68  PainesvilleIsle of Man
 carpenter  WLa GrippePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Stankope, Chas. W.19061 91Oct7W70  PainesvilleMass
 carpenter  WParalysisPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Todd, Percival E.19062 92Mch26  320PainesvillePainesville
    WcongestionPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Townsley, Hannah19063 91Sep17W90  PainesvilleIreland
 Housekeeper  Wold agePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Vorce, Corel M.19064 92Jan23S14922PainesvilleConcord
    WPneumoniaPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Ward, Matilda19065 91May10M59  PainesvilleN. York
 Housekeeper  WChronic RheumatismPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Wass, Cassandra19066 91Aug22W78  PainesvilleEngland
 Housekeeper  WRheumatismPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Weisen, Baby19067 91Oct27   4FairportFairport
  Wieder, C.F. *Wieder, Nettie L. *WStrangulationPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Wieder, Carl19068 91June2   1PainesvillePainesville
  Wieder, C.F.Wieder, Nettie L.WStrangulationPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Wilson, Stephen19069 92Feb19M78  PainesvilleN.Y.
 farmer  WLa GrippePainesvilleA.G. Smith
Woodruff, Willis Jr.19070 92Mar M5311 ClevelandConcord O.
 R.R.  WR.R. accidentPainesvilleA.G. Smith
Mentor Township
Aldrich, Maria C.1901 92Feb5W8748MentorNew York
 farmer's wife *  WLa GrippeMentorW.S. Hopkins
Brooks, Fannie1902 92Mar22M72  MentorYork State
 farmer *  WHeart diseaseMentorW.S. Hopkins
Brooks, Wesley1903 91Nov20M41  MentorMentor
 farmer *  WcancerMentorW.S. Hopkins
Crawford, Josiah1904 92Feb18M79321MentorVermont
 farmer *  WLa GrippeMentorW.S. Hopkins
Conklin, Ira1905 92April15M74  MentorYork State
 farmer *  WLa GrippeMentorW.S. Hopkins
Gilbert, Warren L.1906 92April8M62 22MentorOhio
 farmer *  WparalysisMentorW.S. Hopkins
Larned, Eustus1907 91Sep5M78  MentorYork State
 farmer *  WDropsyMentorW.S. Hopkins
McNally, Rosell1908 92May6S3110MentorMentor
    WConsumptionMentorW.S. Hopkins
Oneil, Julia1909 92Mar2S 11 MentorMentor
    WWormsMentorW.S. Hopkins
Oneil, David19010 92May12S617MentorMentor
    WInflamation bowelsMentorW.S. Hopkins
Parker, Marina19011 91Aug11M63 7MentorYork State
 farmer  WLa GrippeMentorW.S. Hopkins
Richmond, Philander19012 91Sep26M78  MentorMass
 farmer  WKidneyMentorW.S. Hopkins
Snell, Charles19013 91Jun14S21  MentorMentor
 farmer  WAccidentMentorW.S. Hopkins
Whitney, Samuel F.19014 92Feb2M61122FloridaOhio
 farmer  WHeart diseaseMentorW.S. Hopkins
Warren, Nancy R.19015 91July17M3887MentorOhio
 farmer  WCancerMentorW.S. Hopkins
Warren, Louis G.19016 9_Dec26S627MentorMentor
    WAccidentMentorW.S. Hopkins

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