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Volume 1, Pages 174-179

NamePageNumberDate EnteredDeath DateCond.
AgePlace of DeathPlace of Birth
Cause of DeathPlace of
By Whom
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
Horace Durfy17428 1889Sep12 23  PainesvillePerry
 R. R. Fire m  WAccident  
Samuel Jonnison17429 1889Sep17M83  PainesvilleIreland
 None  WCholera Morbus  
Stage17430 1889Sep18    PainesvillePainesville
 NoneGeorge W. Stage WStill born  
Ada H. DeGraff17431 1889Sep21S 2 PainesvillePainesville
 None  WDiarrhea  
Mary17432 1889Sep17M79  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WExhaustion  
Lucinda Raynor17433 1889Sep21M73  PainesvilleNew York
 Housekeeper  WParalysis  
G. O. Baker17434 1889Sep24 30  FairportU.S.
 Laborer  WAccident  
Grafton17435 1889Sep25  1 PainesvilleGirard Pa
 NoneChauncey GraftonLurcesia GraftonWCholera Inf.  
John Blee17436 1889Sep30W86  PainesvilleIreland
 Drayman  WCancer  
Sarah Chambers17437 1889Oct6W80  PainesvilleIreland
 None  WOld Age  
Sarah Averill17438 1889Oct9M38  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WBrain disease  
Henry Gurley17439 1889Oct10S35  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WAcute Rheumatism  
George S. Ingrim17440 1889Oct9M37  PainesvilleU.S.
 Butcher  WHemmorage  
Mary Pouton17441 1889Oct18M30  FairportFinland
 Housekeeper  WConsumption  
Charles Macaben17442 1889Oct19S34  PainesvilleU.S.
 Laborer  WFracture Skull  
Sarah Mingane17443 1889Oct28S14  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WTyphoid Fever  
Richard Condon17444 1889Oct29S33  PainesvillePainesville
 Teamster  W   
Isaac Stanton17445 1889Nov1M77  PainesvilleW. Va
 Barber  CDropsy of heart  
Rev. Alanson Phelps17446 1889Nov5M77  PainesvilleU.S.
 Clergyman  WHeart Failure  
Perry Bosworth17447 1889Nov19M63  PainesvilleU.S.
 Lawyer  WConsumption  
Christopher Quinn17448 1889Nov21W77  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WCancer  
Hugh M. Brooks17449 1889Nov23 77  RichmondU.S.
 Farmer  WAistes  
Sarah Donahue17450 1889Nov24M46  PainesvilleCanada
 Housekeeper  WPneumonia  
Eli T. Booth17451 1889Dec8M63  PainesvilleEdenburg
 Landlord  WHeart Failure  
George Duncan17452 1889Dec8M60  FairportU.S.
 Carpenter  WAccident  
Sarah A. Shaw17453 1889Dec11M36  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WRheumatism  
Edwin Turney17454 1889Dec15M68  PainesvilleU.S.
 Farmer  WExhaustion  
Lavania Payne17455 1889Dec17S46  PainesvilleU.S.
 Spinster  WMarassmus  
Ida M. Post17456 1889Dec21M30  RichmondPainesville
 Housekeeper  WConsumption  
Sarah Clausen17457 1889Dec29M36  PainesvilleEngland
 Housekeeper  WPart-parturition  
Charlotte A. Smith17458 1889Dec30S42  PainesvillePainesville
 Housekeeper  WConsumption  
A. L. Tinker17459 1890Jany10M68  PainesvilleU.S.
 Lawyer  WHeart Failure  
Robert Pratt17460 1890Jany10M68  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WOld Age  
Burt Glenn17461 1890Jany14S17  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WCongestion lung  
Laura A. Underwood17462 1890Jany16M43  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WExhaustion  
Mary O. Conllen *17463 1890Jany16W53  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WHeart Failure  
George Washington17464 1890Jany18M43  PainesvilleU.S.
 Laborer  CConsumption  
Catharine Naylor17465 1890Jany24W78  PainesvilleEngland
 None  WCancer  
James L. Tabor17466 1890Jany25W48  PainesvilleU.S.
 Liveryman  WBrain disease  
Mary E. Bosworth17467 1890Jany24W82  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WHeart Failure  
Myrza L. Sedgebeer *17468 1890Jany26M67  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WLa Grippe  
Isaac Shattuck17469 1890Jany26M83  PainesvilleNew York
 None  WPneumonia  
Joseph Sedgebeer17470 1890Jany29W89  PainesvilleEngland
 None  WOld Age  
Dolly H. Shattuck17471 1890Jany29W79  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WPneumonia  
Charles Fox17672 1890Jany30W86  PainesvilleU.S.
 Laborer  WUnknown  
Alice Ferron17673 1890Jany30W69  PainesvilleIreland
 Housekeeper  WDropsy  
Lewis Blodgett17674 1890Feb6M77  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WHeart disease  
Roy Wangau17675 1890Feb16S11  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WInanition  
Augustus Pepoon17676 1890Feb19W89  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WOld Age  
James Foss17677 1890Feb21M66  PainesvilleW. Farmington
 Mason  WUnknown  
Thompson Whitatar *17678 1890Feb23M76  PainesvilleU.S.
 Bookkeeper  WPneumonia  
George Miller17679 1890Mar1M53  PainesvilleU.S.
 Clerk  WKidney disease  
Margaret Clough17680 1890Mar9W58  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WUnknown  
Chauncy Morse17681 1890Mar9S80  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WOld Age  
Tracy Glenn17682 1890Mar12S 10 PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WConsumption  
Sophia Hildreth17683 1890Mar12S26  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WConsumption  
R. F. Benedict17684 1890Mar13M84  PainesvilleU.S.
 Shoemaker  WOld Age  
C. R. Stone17685 1890Mar14M71  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WParalysis  
Josephine Yost17686 1890Mar15M34  FairportGermany
 Housekeeper  WPneumonia  
George E. Brydle17687 1890Mar16S1  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WMeasles  
W. H. Smith17688 1890Mar16M   PainesvilleNew York
 Laborer  WAccident  
Martha German17689 1890Mar18W70  PainesvilleIndiana
 Housekeeper  WHeart Failure  
Charles Willard Preston17690 1890Mar20S11  PainesvilleIndiana
 None  WCongs. Brain  
Hiram G. Dean17691 1890Mar23M73  PainesvilleNew York
 Tailor  WConsumption  
Arthur Donahue17692 1890Mar22S 9 PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WCroup  
O. J. Lines17693 1890Mar22M79  PainesvilleConneticut
 None  WHeart disease  
Frank Donahue17694 1890Mar31S4  PainesvillePainesville
 None  WDiptheria  
Caroline Richmond17695 1890Mar29W66  FairportMichgan
 None  WPneumonia  
Robert T. Gregory17696 1890Mar30M79  PainesvilleEngland
 Laborer  WPneumonia  
Jessie Barnes17697 1890Mar31S 916PainesvillePainesville
 NoneCalvin BarnesJennie BarnesWPneumonia  
Ben Odum17698 1889Apr4S 3 PainesvillePainesville
 None  CConsumption  
Mark Conners17699 1889Apr10M58  PainesvilleIreland
 Laborer  WPneumonia  
Fred Lepply176100 1889Apr11M45  FairportFinland
 Laborer  WConsumption  
Aliza J. Barto176101 1889Apr13W71  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WConsumption  
Moses H. Colby176102 1889Apr18M718 PainesvilleU.S.
 Merchant  WHeart Failure  
Louisy Gates176103 1889Apr22M53  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WBlood poison  
Esther H. Morley176104 1889Apr24W91  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WHeart Failure  
Agnes Boalt176105 1889Apr24S216 PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WPneumonia  
Salenia Lum176106 1889May1W66  PainesvilleU.S.
 None  WHeart Failure  
Elizabeth Kinnear176107 1889May2S47  PainesvilleU.S.
 Housekeeper  WCancer  
Mary O. Fala176108 1889May2M306 FairportFinland
 Housekeeper  WChild birth  
Chauncy Morrell176109 1889May3M40  PainesvilleU.S.
 Mason  WConsumption  
Matts Johnson176110 1889May7S30  FairportFinland
 Laborer  WLung Fever  
John Ogola176111 1889May9S  14PainesvilleFairport
 None  WDebility  
Record of Deaths, Probate Court, County, O. 18 .
 178 Recorded
Fay, Deborah R. B.1781 1891Jan15M76522Concord, O.Warigth Mass. *
 Housekeeper  WErysipelasConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Huntoon, William1782 1890May6M6320Concord, O.Concord O.
 Farmer  WAccidentConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Rust, Abigail1783 1890Sept10W76522Concord, O.Concord O.
 Housekeeper  WIndigestionConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Smith, Allen1784 1890Sept8M80218Concord, O.Dighton, Mass
 Artist  WOld AgeConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Trowbridge, Elmer E.1785 1890July19S2893Buffalo N.Y.Solon Cuyahoga O
 Farmer  WConsumptionConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Tyler, Julia A.1786 1890Sept27M58--Concord, O.Mentor O
 Housekeeper  WDropsyConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Winchell, Polly1787 1891Jan30W8305Concord, O.New York
 Housekeeper  WCancerConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Woodruff, Gladys1788 1890Dec30S 1120Concord, O.Concord
 Infant   PneumoniaConcord, O.Clark H. Nye
Arnold, Jane A.1781 1891Mar18M525 LeroyThompson
 Domestic  WDropsyLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Bartlett, Rebecca1782 1891Jan13W5962LeroyEngland
 Domestic  WLiver ComplaintLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Baker, Sharon S.1783 1890May17S148LeroyLe Roy
 Child  WParalysis of brainLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Cone, Edwin1784 91Mar13W85315LeroyConn
 Farmer  WBrain FeverLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Cone, Ann1785 90Oct3S64  LeRoyIse of Man
 Domestic  WDysenterryLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Downing, Phinias1786 90June14M45  LeRoyLe Roy
 Farmer  WMeaslesLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Garrett, George A.1787 90July29S13425LeRoyThompson
 Student  WDrownedLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Potts, S.. J.1788 90May15M53415LeRoyMass
 Farmer  WBasil MeningitisLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Wright, Mary J.1789 91Jan24W481129LeRoyIndiana
 Domestic  WCancerLe RoyD. L. Phelps
Bell, Mary1781 1891Jan19W8623PerryMass
 Superannuated  WpneumoniaPerryFrank E. Barrett
Grout, Ferdinand1782 90Aug5M8013PerryBristol Vt
 shoemaker  Whemorrhage of lungsLaneFrank E. Barrett
Haskell, Eli Bond1783 91Mar8W8268PerryMass
 farmer  WparalysisPerryFrank E. Barrett
Hopkins, Jabez1784 90Oct21M7810 PerryOneida Co N.Y.
 carpenter  WapoplexyPerryFrank E. Barrett
Thompson, Angeline1785 91Mar17W57  PerryOrwell O.
 housekeeper  Wcongestion of lungs & brainPerryFrank E. Barrett
Tooley, Eugenia1786 90Dec17M418 PerryProspect N.Y.
 dressmaker  Wcancer Frank E. Barrett
Wright, Safronia1787 90July20M64622PerryMadison O.
 housewife  WcancerLaneFrank E. Barrett
Wire, Minnie1788 90June9M191020PerryPerry
 housewife  Wblood poisonClevelandFrank E. Barrett
Warren, W. W.1789 90Oct31M6497PainsvilleHambden O
 farmer  WLa GrippePerryFrank E. Barrett
Whitney, Isabel *17810 90Nov26M42  Wrights crossing R.R. South PerryMadison O
 housewife  WR. R. accidentMadisonFrank E. Barrett
Allen, Wheton *1781 1890July31M7715Madison OhioN.Y.
 Farmer  WHeart diseaseMadisonE. E. Miller
Babcock, David1782 90Oct19M7862Madison OhioVt
 Farmer  WLa GrippeMadisonE. E. Miller
Bliss, Reuben1783 90Dec10M70420Madison OhioVt
 Farmer  WApoplexyMadisonE. E. Miller
Colby, Lucinda M.1784 91Jan28MW74420Madison OhioNew Hamp.
 housekeeper  WOld AgeMadisonE. E. Miller
Cook, Benjamin1785 90Nov5MW9413Madison OhioVt
 Merchant  WOld AgeMadisonE. E. Miller
Fellows, F. Franklin1786 90Aug3M629 Madison OhioVt
 Merchant  WSoftening brainMadisonE. E. Miller
Griffin, Nathaniel1787 91Mar28M6798PainesvilleN.Y.
 Farmer  WAccidentMadisonE. E. Miller
Hill, George H.1788 90Dec25M81525Madison New Hamp.
 Farmer  WpneumoniaMadisonE. E. Miller

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